• How to run an application in VR mode with a Windows Mixed Reality headset ? Hi,

    I'm trying to make my first app for Windows Mixed Reality headset but I am facing an issue.

    I build the app on Local Machine, but when I run it through the Mixed Reality Portal with the headset, I see the application in a window instead of seeing it in VR mode. (see screenshot in attachments)
    I don't figure out what I did wrong.

    In build settings I have :
    target device : any device
    build type : D3D
    sdk : latest installed
    visual studio version : visual studio 2017
    build and run on :...

    How to run an application in VR mode with a Windows Mixed Reality headset ?
  • GameObject with Rigidbody (mass) disappears when placing it on Ground Plane Stage (using Vuforia) I have a car with a Rigidbody that disappears when I place it on the Ground plane stage in Vuforia, the problem appeared when I added a Rigidbody to the car, otherwise it works fine. It's like the car keeps on falling and doesn't recognize the ground plane as an actual plane, as the car doesn't collide with the ground.

    Any tips? Would be super greatful
  • sharing camera data hi. first, i'm sorry about my english.
    i'm trying to make a program - using vuforia and webrtc in unity for android(like vuforia-chalk).
    i can another device connect and video,audio call(from webRTC), but if i import vuforia, i can't connection other device.
    because vuforia occupies the camera first, so webRTC can not access it.
    So, i'm trying to send camera view(or Texture? or byte array? i don't know it is corrrect ) to webRTC or vuforia.

    here comes the maddness :
    1. how do i camera...

    sharing camera data
  • Shared Spheres Example ARKIT 2.0 Freezing Image Frame Good Evening,

    I was taking a look at the github for shared spheres. I am able to get it to run on an Iphone 7 + (though I can't see the spheres), I'm having lots of freezing issues with the IPad pro 9.7, across all the examples. I've updated to IOS 12 beta 6.

    Also just to confirm this is the project that has the shared sphere example like in the video?

  • HTC Vive Hand Controllers flickering in scene? View attachment 274100 Hi all,

    Has anybody encountered an error where Vive hand controllers appear to be flickering when the scene is run? Could this be an issue with anti-aliasing? Or

    This is how mine are currently appearing:
    View attachment 274078
    I'm using a perspective camera with parameters:
    Clipping Plane Near: 0.01
    Clipping Plane Far: 900000
    Viewport Rect: X=0, Y=0, W=1, H=1
    Culling Mask: Everything.
    Occlusion Culling, Allow HDR, Allow MSA, and Allow Dynamic Resolution...

    HTC Vive Hand Controllers flickering in scene?
  • Material Changer issues Hello everyone, I am having a problem with a material selector menu in unity. I have followed a 3 part tutorial to get where I am at. The problem that I am having is that when I place my pointer over the buttons they are not updating my object with th...
  • Upon Build: The type or namespace name `Vuforia’ could not be found When building for IOS I get the following:

    error CS0246: The type or namespace name `Vuforia' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    Any ideas?
  • Choose or remove detected planes hey guys...I need your help!
    for my bachelor degree I am developing an "Ikea" like app where you can place different objects (some are animated) on different surfaces. so far everything works fine...there's just one thing where I am struggling with! for the plane detection I am using the result type "existing plane" I can place the object on the entire plane/surface. but the problem is...when i detect the first surface (floor) and move the mobile device to detect another surface...

    Choose or remove detected planes
  • Vuforia 7 depth mask is not working Hello, I am using the most basic image tracking for a project. And the depth mask is not working on my device, it is working fine in Editor. Please see the attached image, the object that I am using depth mask shows in black with white grid instead. ...
  • How to do Indoor Map navigation? Hi, I want to make a indoor map(for mall) so that when i open the app I can find the shops inside.It must show friends who are there in the mall.I want to augment models at specific points.How to achieve this.I researched a bit.It says we need beacon...
  • ARFoundation on android + videoplayer I tried out AR Foundation a little by placing a plane with a video player in the SampleScene.
    It worked as expected on iOS, but on Android I faced a problem:

    The video gets rendered through the camera feed, as seen in this video: recording AR Foundation.mp4?dl=0

    Trying to render the background image to a new texture only when a new frame is available has the same result.

    I'm using Unity version 2018.2.2f1
  • [Occipital Structure Sensor] 3D mesh shifts/ deviates from physical object Hello fellow Unity developers! Recently we have been developing Unity applications based on Occipital Structure Sensor. It is a 3D-scanning device that can provide impressive 3D reconstruction of environment and objects. We had used the Unity scenes pr...
  • Creating a new Augmented Reality game while using ARKit Unity3d Plugin from the ground up. Hi All how are you ! Today I am pleased to announce that I’m starting a new video series in my indie game development channel where I’ve created a new “PlayList” dedicated for creating a new Augmented Reality game. This new series doesn’t just start w...
  • Mirror Reflections in VR Hej there,

    I'm currently working on a little VR project that needs to have mirror reflections. I'm using this script: for the reflections.

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using System.Collections;
    4. // This is in fact just the Water script from Pro Standard Assets,
    5. // just with refraction stuff removed.
    7. // Make mirror live-update even when not in play mode
    8. public class MirrorReflection : MonoBehaviour {...
    Mirror Reflections in VR
  • How does Vuforia plane detection work? Hi Everyone, I am currently trying out the Vuforia ground plane feature on my Huawai mate 10 (listed as a supported device on the Vuforia website). One observation I have made is that whenever I tilt my device towards the ground, the plane indicator a...