• GIVEAWAY: Win Rebellion’s New VR Game, Arca’s Path, On Steam
    GIVEAWAY: Win Rebellion’s New VR Game, Arca’s Path, On Steam

    Put your Perplexus down; there’s an all-new type of marble maze heading your way this Christmas.

    Arca’s Path, the first full VR game from Dream Reality Interactive (and published by Battlezone developer Rebellion) is set to launch on almost every headset under the sun tomorrow, but we’re giving you the opportunity to win one of ten copies for your Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows VR headset via Steam.

    Win A Copy Of Arca’s Path On Rift/Vive/Windows VR!

    For those that don’t know, Arca’s Path is an intriguing new VR game in which you follow a young girl on her journey across a futuristic wasteland as she hops into her own sort of virtual reality and steers a ball through a maze. It’s a blend of both relaxing gameplay dotted with more demanding challenges, and its hands-free control system makes it an ideal way to introduce others to the wonders of VR. We’ll have our full review of the game when it launches on December 4th so check back soon.

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  • Hands-On: War Dust Mostly Delivers On Its Ambitious ‘Battlefield In VR’ FPS Promise
    Hands-On: War Dust Mostly Delivers On Its Ambitious ‘Battlefield In VR’ FPS Promise

    The best VR experiences are always the ones that really make you take a step back, pick your jaw up off the floor, and think about what you just experienced. Whether it’s emotional and moving moments in Dear Angelica, the sheer sense of pure immersion in Lone Echo, or an epic feeling of grandiose presence during set piece moments in The Gallery, VR is pure magic when done well and hyper-polished to a glimmering sheen.

    But that doesn’t mean it can’t be janky, rough, and nearly broken while still retaining the core of what it means to be fun along the way too. War Dust falls into this chaotic and unrefined second category of VR experiences. War Dust is a massive-scale VR shooter that pits two teams of 32 players against one another. Similar to Conquest game modes in Battlefield, you’re tasked with taking and holding control points spread across a massive map with access to jets, helicopters, tanks, and more. It’s utterly incredible that it works as well as it does.

    Watch 64-Player VR FPS Like Battlefield VR from UploadVR on
    For every expertly modeled and balanced bullet you shoot in Epic Games’ Robo Recall, there’s a tank glitching through a mountain or an avatar falling through the map in War Dust. And I love it.

    Growing up as a teenager during the early days of 3D gaming on the N64 and PS1, I’m used to games being janky. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that it can foster a more charming, approachable aesthetic at times. War Dust is an early access VR shooter in development by Raptor Labs, the same team behind Stand Out: VR Battle Royal, Deus Vult, The Art of Fight, and IrreVRsible. Three out of their five VR games, including War Dust, are waffling around in the pits of Early Access game development with no end in sight.

    War Dust has a ton of issues, but it’s so earnestly ambitious and throws caution to the wind to deliver its vision, it’s hard not to love it. There just isn’t any other VR game out there that lets me fly a jet over a war zone, shoot missiles at real players, eject out and parachute down to a control point, shoot a rocket launcher at a tank, gun down some enemies, manually reload my gun with my hands, and then duck down behind a rock for cover while I wait for backup to arrive. All while I’m surrounded by dozens of other real players.

    Well, sort of. All of that is possible and it has happened to me, but you’re not always surrounded by real players. Similar to Stand Out: VR Battle Royale and Pavlov VR, War Dust will fill matches with bots if there aren’t enough players. Honestly, this doesn’t bother me. I’d rather have a full match than an empty one and frankly, there just aren’t enough people with VR headsets to sustain a game like this on actual human body count alone.

    Visually it looks about

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  • New VR Experience Simulates What It’s Like To Have Poor Color Vision
    New VR Experience Simulates What It’s Like To Have Poor Color Vision

    In 2016, Czech VR developer Jan Horský set out with his company iNFINITE Production to use VR as a tool for empathy — to let people see how it would feel to be in the shoes of someone else. Given that one of VR’s strengths is as a visual tool, he decided to focus on vision-related differences in how people see the world. They considered conditions like nearsightedness, but the limited resolution of current VR made that impractical.

    But when they tried colorblindness they realized current VR systems could simulate what it is like to live with poor color vision. So they contacted colorblind people, both friends and online, and asked what they thought people should know about the condition, and how this could be portrayed in VR.

    Experience: Colorblindness was the result. It’s available for free on the Oculus Rift Store as well as Steam, and Viveport.

    The experience shows four kinds of colorblindness — red-green, blue-yellow, and two types of total colorblindness. There’s a robotic companion that somewhat resembles the character from Oculus’ First Contact Rift tutorial guiding you through the app and the different types of poor color vision as well as how it works on a biological level. Most importantly, you get a glimpse of what it looks like to see the world this way. You can see different flowers in a garden, browse fruit in a grocery store, and view paintings in a museum.

    By letting us experience life as another VR has the potential to be a powerful empathy amplifier. I learned a lot from this experience and I hope more like it are made for other conditions and life experiences.

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  • Arca’s Path Arrives Tomorrow so VRFocus Went Behind-the-Scenes at Dream Reality Interactive Arca's Path will be the studios' debut VR title.
  • Nvidia Reveals Titan RTX GPU With VirtualLink Port
    Nvidia Reveals Titan RTX GPU With VirtualLink Port

    Nvidia today announced its most powerful GPU yet, the beastly (literally) Titan RTX or, as it likes to call it, the T-Rex.

    The Titan range of Nvidia cards has traditionally eschewed cost concerns in favor of raw power, surpassing its line of GeForce GPUs. The same is true of this latest addition, which arrives following the launch of the RTX 2000 line earlier this year.

    Titan RTX using Nvidia’s Turing architecture and offers what a press release calls “130 teraflops of deep learning performance” as well as “11 GigaRays of ray-tracing performance”. The latter is a feature Nvidia widely touted with the launch of the RTX 2080 card earlier this year, bringing increased lighting effects to environments in games like Battlefield V. We’ve also seen ray-tracing used to render a Star Wars set with photorealism.

    Elsewhere, the Titan RTX features 24GB of GDDR6 memory with 672GB of bandwidth per second. Though a press release largely cites use-cases like data science workflows and AI research for the Titan RTX, Nvidia did confirm the card also features the new VirtualLink port that’s also seen in the 2000 series. This new display port is designed for “next-gen VR headsets” which will only need one wire to connect to PCs.

    The Titan RTX is due to arrive later this month in both the US and Europe for the jaw-dropping price of $2,499. Outside of the professional market, then, this is likely to be reserved only for the VR enthusiasts with the deepest pockets, then.

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  • NVIDIA Unveils Ray-Tracing Powerhouse TITAN RTX All this performance comes at a hefty price.
  • VR Anime Spice And Wolf Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal
    VR Anime Spice And Wolf Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal

    Reaction to SpicyTales’ Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its new VR anime, Spice and Wolf, has been incredibly strong.

    The experience, which comes from the developers of Project LUX, has already surpassed its $70,487 goal, currently sitting at $91,566 at the time of writing. The campaign started back on November 25th and still has 40 days to go having already reached early stretch goals.

    Spice and Wolf is based upon a light novel series originally published back in 2006. In it, a merchant named Kraft befriends a wolf-deity named Holo and the two travel the world together. This VR adaptation isn’t a game so much as an experience that puts you right in the middle of the world. You’ll interact with characters first-hand as they make eye-contact with you. Think about what SpicyTales first did with the well-polished Project LUX and you’ll be on the right track.

    The Kickstarter campaign’s reward tiers start at around $26, which offers a digital copy of the experience across any one of its release platforms. Those include Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and HTC Vive, though the developer also says that PSVR and Oculus Quest versions are on the way, they might just take a bit longer (and are not included in the backer tiers). Tiers go all the way up to the $3,500 mark, which offers an original short movie that can be viewed in VR too.

    SpicyTales currently estimates the game will arrive in May 2019 on those initial platforms.

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  • Starbreeze Files for Reconstruction as CEO Announces Departure Sales of Overkill’s The Walking Dead have not been as expected.
  • Tvori’s Christmas Competition Lets You Use VR To Win Amazon Vouchers
    Tvori’s Christmas Competition Lets You Use VR To Win Amazon Vouchers

    Dreading the inevitable assault on your wallet this Christmas? Want to save some cash for yourself instead of spending it all on *ugh* other people? We couldn’t agree more but fortunately there’s a way out of all of it. You just need a little practice with Tvori.

    The VR animation app is running a Christmas competition with Amazon vouchers up for grabs. All you need to do is create your own video using the VR tool that, in the developer’s own words, reflects “the spirit of the wonderful Christmas season”. You have to shoot your videos with Tvori’s in-app camera tool and footage can’t be any less than 5 seconds.

    Submissions are open from now until December 16th at 11pm PT. First place will be awarded a $100 voucher whilst second and third will get $60 and $40 respectively. If you’re looking for some inspiration then head on over to Tvori’s official competition page to see some examples and find out how to get to grips with the kit.

    Full disclosure – I’m going to be a judge on the competition alongside the likes of Tipatat Chennavasin, General Partner at The Venture Reality Fund, Mike Morris, Storyboard Artist and Revisionist on DuckTales at Disney ABC Television Group and Estella Tse, Virtual Reality Artist and Designer, Artist in Residence with Google and Adobe. You might not be intimidated by me but these three are all way smarter and more important than I am so you better be on top form.

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  • Awesome Sci-Fi Puzzle Adventure Red Matter Confirmed for PlayStation VR It'll arrive this week for European gamers.
  • StarVR Creator Starbreeze Loses CEO, Files For Reconstruction
    StarVR Creator Starbreeze Loses CEO, Files For Reconstruction

    It’s not looking good for StarVR creator and VR publisher/developer, Starbreeze.

    The Sweden-based company today announced that it had filed for ‘reconstruction’ with the Stockholm District Court. That’s basically Sweden’s way of filing for administration. In a press release, the company stated this was due to “a shortage of liquidity”, also confirming that CEO Bo Andersson was resigning from his post and the Board of Directors. Employees will continue to be paid during this period but “no payments can be made to suppliers for services or goods relating to the period prior to the date of filing for reconstruction.”

    Starbreeze attributes a lot of these issues to the poor sales for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, a recent first-person shooter for PC and consoles that seemingly failed to find an audience. The company has since thrown out financial targets for Q4 2018 and 2020.

    That said, it’s also a sign that the company’s extended efforts in VR in recent years have also come up short. In recent years Starbreeze published a John Wick VR game and integrated Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support into its multiplayer heist shooter, Payday 2. It also funded and published location-based VR experiences like The Raft and Ape-X which have gone on display at VR arcades like the newly-opened VR Park in a Dubai mall, which we visited earlier this year.

    These location-based experiences also ran on StarVR, a headset Starbreeze itself created for arcades and other such installations. Starbreeze eventually span StarVR out into its own company and, back in 2017 Acer became its majority investor. This left Starbreeze with around a third of StarVR and freed the company of its “remaining capital commitment” of $7.5 million. StarVR One is now available to pre-order as a $3,200 developer kit.

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  • Mid-air Touch Technology Specialist Ultrahaptics Secures £35m Investment The funding will be used to further develop and commercialise its haptic technology.
  • PSVR Winners At Sony’s PlayStation Awards Are Not What We Expected
    PSVR Winners At Sony’s PlayStation Awards Are Not What We Expected

    Sony has just announced the winners of the 2018 PlayStation Awards in Japan, and the list of VR titles raises an eyebrow.

    Bethesda’s Skyrim VR, Aquire’s No Heroes Allowed VR! and Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport all took home prizes in this category. Before you start asking where Astro Bot is, take note that these aren’t selected on quality but instead simply recognize the best-selling PSVR games in Asia region in the past year. That would explain why one of PSVR’s biggest games, Skyrim, made it onto the list despite releasing in 2017 and why No Heroes Allowed, a series better known in Japan, also thrived.

    It is a little strange to see Gran Turismo Sport on the list, though. Fans will know that Polyphony’s 2017 racing sim only offered barebones, optional PSVR support compared to the rest of the game that could be played on a flat screen. It’s a shame to see the game take a spot that could have been given to a dedicated VR game, though we don’t know if Sony is judging this based upon how many people played GT Sport’s VR mode or otherwise.

    Still, with Sony getting so many great games onto PSVR in recent months including the likes of Astro Bot and Firewall, hopefully we’ll see some more VR-angled games winning next year.

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  • Walking In The Company Of Virtual Ghosts

    The interactive VR experience delivers a new spin on Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale. While mince pies may have been out on supermarket shelves since September – spare a thought for those poor store clerks, it’s not truly the Holiday season until companies begin breaking out their annual adaptations of the Charles Dicken’s classic, A

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  • VR Game Releases For December 2018
    VR Game Releases For December 2018

    Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is December’s list. Don’t worry — we’ll continue highlighting the best ones at the end of each week too.

    With the door closed on November, we’ve just been through another great month of VR content. Between Echo Combat, Tetris Effect, and the incredible puzzler Transpose, there were lots of titles to look forward to last month. Now with December upon us, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming down the line next.

    And if you’re a VR game developer planning to release a game soon — let us know! You can get in touch with me directly by emailing or hit all of the editorial team by emailing Please contact us about your upcoming releases so that we can know what you’re working on and include you in release lists!

    Rift, Vive, and Windows VR Game Releases For December 2018

    Palace of the Azure Dragon ($4.99) – December 1st – Vive
    Puzzle Out VR ($5.99) – December 1st – Rift, Vive
    TendyTrainer ($TBD) – December 3rd – Rift
    Flying Aces – Navy Pilot Simulator  ($TBD) – December 3rd – Rift, Vive
    MiniTracks ($TBD) – December 3rd – Vive, Windows VR
    Arca’s Path – December 4th – Rift, Vive, Windwos VR (Read Our Preview)
    Tippy Tree ($TBD) – December 4th – Rift, Vive, Windows VR
    Paradise Checkers ($TBD) – December 5th – Rift
    Jake and the Giant ($TBD) – December 5th – Rift
    VRetired ($TBD) – December 7th – Rift, Vive
    Ball Out ($TBD) – December 7th – Rift, Vive
    The Spy Who Shrunk Me ($TBD) – December 18th – Non-VR Only This Year
    Contractors ($TBD) – December 10th – Rift, Vive, Windows VR
    Virtual Army: Revolution ($TBD, Free Demo Out Now) – December 2018 – Rift, Vive
    Blade & Sorcery ($TBD) – December 2018 – Rift, Vive, Windows VR (Read Our Preview)


    Mobile VR Game Releases For December 2018

    Virtual Desktop for Go ($9.99) – November 30th, but too good not to include) – Oculus Go/Gear VR (Our Full Review)


    PSVR Game Releases For Dovember 2018

    Prison Boss ($TBD) – December 4th (Read Our PC VR Review)
    Rush ($TBD) – December 4th
    Arca’s Path ($TBD) – December 4th (Read Our Preview)
    Red Matter ($TBD) – December 6th
    Gungrave VR ($39.99) – December 11th
    Borderlands 2 VR ($49.99) – December 14th
    Scraper: First Strike – ($TBD) December 18th (Read Our PC VR Review)
    Kingdom Hearts VR ($TBD) – December 2018
    Persona 3 and Persona 5 Dancing – ($59.99/ea or $99.99 bundle) – VR “viewer” mode only
    Dreams Open Beta (Free) – December 2018 (Read Our Coverage)

    As a point of emphasis: reach out to or to let us know about your upcoming VR game releases!

    Editor’s Note: This list will be continuously updated.

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