• Beat Saber PSVR Bundle On The Way With Borderlands 2 VR
    Beat Saber PSVR Bundle On The Way With Borderlands 2 VR

    It looks like one of PSVR’s most popular new games is soon to be bundled with Sony’s headset.

    Best Buy has listed a new bundle (now confirmed by Sony) for the VR headset that includes two Move controllers and two of its latest games: Beat Saber and Borderlands 2 VR. The bundle costs $349.99 and is set to arrive on December 14th, the very same day that Borderlands 2 itself is due to launch.

    It’s not quite the steal that PSVR was during Black Friday weekend (you could get a headset, Moves, Creed and Superhot for $249.99) but its certainly the next best thing heading into the holiday season. Beat Saber is a brilliantly addictive rhythm action game that has taken the platform by storm since its release last week. Borderlands 2, meanwhile is set to offer the entire original game in VR albeit without any kind of co-op play.

    It’s a pretty great move on Sony’s part; a Beat Saber bundle might be the most attractive thing going in the current VR market. Beat Saber requires two Move controllers to play whereas Borderlands 2 supports both the motion controllers and the DualShock 4.

    It’s not entirely clear if this is an official PSVR bundle or something Best Buy has put together itself, though both games will be bundled as redeemable vouchers to download rather than physical copies.

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  • Beat Saber PSVR Livestream – Expert Only Block Slashing
    Beat Saber PSVR Livestream – Expert Only Block Slashing

    Beat Saber recently launched on PSVR! The viral sensation VR rhythm game that tasks you with slicing neon blocks to the beat of the music with electrified sabers is now out on Sony’s flagship VR device. This version of the game includes five all-new tracks, a new campaign mode, practice mode, new modifiers, and more that aren’t on the PC version yet. You can read our full review right here or watch footage of all the new songs played on Expert difficulty right here.

    We’ll be playing Beat Saber on PSVR using a standard PS4 and two PS Move controllers. We’re starting any minute now, right around 4:00PM PT and we’ll aim to last for around forty five minutes or so. We’ll be livestreaming directly to the UploadVR Twitch page where you can interact with us directly and chat among yourselves. Streaming is something we’re going to double down on doing more often very soon so you should get in on the ground floor of our Twitch community early! You can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up:

    Watch live video from UploadVR on

    You can see our most recent archived streams over on the UploadVR YouTube channel right here. There’s lots of good stuff there!

    Let us know which games or discussions you want us to livestream next and don’t forget to follow the Twitch channel and sign up for notifications.

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  • Spider-Man Gets The Web AR Treatment With Into The Spider-Verse AR
    Spider-Man Gets The Web AR Treatment With Into The Spider-Verse AR

    Today, Sony Pictures is bringing the wall-crawling heroics of Spider-Man to modern mobile devices around the world in a free web AR experience. In collaboration with 8th Wall, Trigger, and Amazon Web Services, the Spider-Verse Web AR Experience lets users interact with Spider-Man in AR, take pictures, and share them to social media. Since it’s all web-based (multiple puns intended throughout this article) no downloads are needed.

    As you can assume from the name, the Spider-Verse Web AR Experience is based on the upcoming animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which the young Miles Morales version of the web-slinger meets Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, and multiple other incarnations of the titular hero.

    “The Spider-Verse Web AR Experience demonstrates how established brands can dramatically enrich their customer experiences and better engage with their fans,” said Erik Murphy- Chutorian, CEO at 8th Wall in a prepared statement. “Augmented reality allows consumers to dive deeper into the worlds of their favorite products and characters. Sony Pictures has deepened and enriched the Spider-Man experience with the innovative work they’ve produced with Trigger and 8th Wall, and powered by AWS. It’s the perfect example of how AR for the web is the best new medium for brands to make their content come to life while increasing the accessibility and interactivity of their stories.”

    It’s a simple promotional app designed to garner buzz and excitement for the film and that’s about it. Functionally it works pretty much just like Google’s ARCore Playground features on the Pixel line of smartphones. You can see an image of Spider-Man standing in the hallway of my home up above.

    To check out the feature for yourself, visit this official website from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile-based device with a camera. Into The Spider-Verse opens in theaters on December 14th.

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  • The Future Of The Royal Navy’s Combat Systems Is AR

    The Royal Navy is using AR for a futuristic UI that will promote more efficient ship wide communications. One of the most important roles on a warship – or any ship for that matter – is the role of the bridge watch officer. Their job is to ensure the safe and smooth navigation of the

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  • VR Education Upgrades Apollo 11 VR With HD Edition Now with new and even shinier visuals.
  • HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’

    Details include a ‘head mounted display for computer simulated reality.’ According to reports by Dutch website Mobielkopen, Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC has officially filed protection for the phrase “Vive Cosmos” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as several other agencies in both Switzerland and New Zealand. Registered November 15th, 2018

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  • A New Alien VR Game Could Be Announced Next Week
    A New Alien VR Game Could Be Announced Next Week

    It’s very possible that we see a new Alien game announced next week, and we might finally hear if it’s got VR support too.

    The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has begun teasing next week’s show, which takes place on December 6th. The Game Awards always mix in new announcements with the prize-giving and earlier in the month Keighley tweeted the message ‘Worlds Will Change’ along with a teaser image.

    WORLDS // WILL // CHANGE on December 6 #TheGameAwards

    — Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) November 2, 2018

    What’s the got to do with Alien? Well the font and style looks very close to the Weyland-Yutani logo seen in the iconic sci-fi film series, and the big W in the top right corner is reminiscent of it too. More importantly, though, last week 20th Century Fox trademarked the name Alien: Blackout in relation to a videogame. The pieces are starting to come together.

    Now cast your mind back to January 2018. We reported that FoxNext, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox that has done a lot of work in the field of VR already, had acquired Cold Iron Studios and set them working on a new Alien game. At the time, a PR representative highlighted to UploadVR that the developer had experience “across mobile, console, PC and VR.”

    It’s quite possible that we at least find out what this game is next week, then. Whether or not VR support is included is another question. VR veterans will remember that Oculus showcased a demo of Alien: Isolation inside the Rift DK2 headset years back, which modders were able to successfully implement into the full game, but nothing official ever came of it. It’s way past time someone made that right.

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  • HTC Vive Pro McLaren Special Edition Arrives for an Eye Watering $1550 HTC Vive ups the style (and cost) stakes with a new endorsed design.
  • Wiz Khalifa, Jonah Hill, Adam Levine And Leslie Jones Appear In Oculus Go Marketing
    Wiz Khalifa, Jonah Hill, Adam Levine And Leslie Jones Appear In Oculus Go Marketing

    Facebook has enlisted five top celebrities to feature in new video adverts to promote the Oculus Go standalone headset, which starts at $199 and doesn’t require a PC. The theme of the campaign is ‘See It In VR’, and represents Facebook’s first major traditional advertising campaign for VR.

    Wiz Khalifa Virtually Attends His Own Concert

    In Wiz Khalifa’s advert, the rapper uses MelodyVR to watch a 360° video of his own concert. MelodyVR is an app for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR which lets users virtually attend music events such as concerts via immersive 360° video. Some performances are free, but others need to be purchased.

    As well as Wiz, MelodyVR has featured famous artists such as The Chainsmokers, The Pixies, Imagine Dragons, Bebe Rehxa, Post Malone, The Who, and more.

    Jonah Hill & Adam Levine Virtually Watch A Live NBA Game Together

    Actor Jonah Hill & Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine’s advert sees them virtually sitting courtside together to watch an NBA game. The app they’re using is Oculus Venues, which allows users to socially watch 180° “dome” streams of concerts, comedy nights, and sports events. Adam Levine and Jonah Hill met in Junior High and have been close friends ever since, so their humorous rapport in the video may not be entirely acted.

    The NBA games are provided via a partnership with VR streaming company NextVR. Interestingly, the fact that we can see their virtual eyes likely means they’re using a preview of the new ‘immersive avatars’ update coming in future to Oculus Avatars.

    Oculus Venues has been the subject of some community backlash due to the fact that it requires a Facebook account to use.

    Awkwafina Watches ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ From A Hammock

    Awkwafina’s advert is much shorter than the others, highlighting a more basic use case of the Oculus Go – a portable home cinema. The rapper and now actress sits comfortably in a hammock chair while watching The Handmaid’s Tale via Hulu VR. If you’re a subscriber, the app lets you watch the whole Hulu library of content on a huge virtual screen from anywhere, similar to the Netflix VR app.

    Unlike Netflix however, Hulu’s VR app lets you watch socially with Oculus friends, but this wasn’t shown in this advert.

    Leslie Jones Watches ‘The Shape of Water’ IN A BATHTUB

    Finally we come to perhaps the strangest advert we’ve seen in a long time – Leslie Jones in a bathtub watching the Oscar winning film ‘The Shape of Water’. But it gets weirder- the award winning comedian reaches out to grab, and pretends to kiss, the sea creature from the film. Yup. The app used to rent films on the Go is Oculus Video – though this service was recently removed from the higher end Oculus Rift.

    Of course, the obvious safety issues of using electronics strapped to your face in a bathtub shouldn’t be ignored. While Facebook did add a ‘Please do not attempt at home’, you have to wonder if this is a flaw in the

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  • Virtual Desktop Is Coming To Oculus Go & Gear VR This Thursday
    Virtual Desktop Is Coming To Oculus Go & Gear VR This Thursday

    Virtual Desktop, the app which lets you view your PC’s monitor inside VR, is launching for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR this Thursday.

    The app will be priced at $9.99 and will also be an Oculus Quest launch title when that headset launches next year.

    Virtual Desktop was released for PC VR in 2016. It was created by a single developer, Guy Godin. The new mobile VR version of Virtual Desktop is a little more complex than the original. Since an Oculus Go or Gear VR isn’t connected to your PC, your desktop’s view has to be streamed over WiFi. When you first launch the app, you’ll be prompted to download the streamer service onto your PC. You can do this for as many PCs as you like.

    The app lets you access everything on your PC. You can watch movies, browse the web, or play games. The VR controller will act as the mouse pointer, but the app also supports Bluetooth mice, keyboards, and even gamepads – they’ll all work just as if they were connected to the PC. That means you can type on your PC or play games from anywhere in your home.

    Unlike most VR apps, Virtual Desktop was written natively in C# using OpenGL and the Oculus SDK. Godin claims that this achieves better performance and longer battery life than if he had used a game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine, because those have unnecessary overhead. While this was only important while gaming in the PC version, for mobile VR this could be the app’s unique selling point over competitors like BigScreen, since battery life is crucial on mobile devices. Our initial tests show that over two hours of streaming is possible on Oculus Go.

    Virtual Desktop has been one of the most anticipated app launches for Oculus Go. A reliable, high quality and low latency desktop streaming app has felt missing from the Oculus Store. On Thursday, you’ll finally be able to merge the power of your PC with the portability of mobile VR.

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  • This Amazing Sonic the Hedgehog AR App Uses An Tattoo As A Controller
    This Amazing Sonic the Hedgehog AR App Uses An Tattoo As A Controller

    Get ready for the best thing you’ll see in AR this week and maybe even this year.

    Developer Olo Sabandija recently took to Twitter to share this absolutely amazing AR rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog. The app projects the blue bombshell and his iconic Green Hill Zone environment into the real world as if they were there to be reached out and played with.

    Here’s a direct from the screen version of my AR tat

    — Olo Sabandija (@olomerol) November 19, 2018

    But that’s not even the coolest bit. That tattoo of the NES controller on Sabandija’s arm? That actually acts as the controller in the game. You can see him imitating pressing one of the buttons on his arm, which in turn causes Sonic to jump. Holy heck.

    Sabandija revealed that he’d built this in Unity and that, in reality, Sonic can only jump in this demo. Obviously it’d be a little hard to play a full platformer with just one hand but, still, it’s quite a thing to look at. The developer had originally planned to do something with id Software classic, Doom, but settled on Sonic.

    In fact, we’re so impressed we won’t even mention that slightly teeth-grinding fact that this is a NES controller being used to play a classic Sega game. Whoops.

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  • PlayStation VR MOBA Dark Eclipse Adds New Characters and Ranked Mode in 2.0 Update The MOBA is free to download for all PlayStation VR users.
  • PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Adds In Ranked Mode And More
    PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Adds In Ranked Mode And More

    Sunsoft is ready to build on the solid foundations it laid out earlier this year with free-to-play PSVR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Dark Eclipse.

    The developer this month announced a 2.0 update for the game that’s set to introduce some major new elements such as a Ranked Mode, a global leaderboard and more. The former will mean that players of a similar skill level will now be matched up online rather than you taking your chances with a hardened vet. Winning matches will help you climb a global leaderboard which will in turn pit you against more experienced players. Getting a Gold ranking on the boards will net you an exclusive skin.

    Meanwhile there’s also going to be three more heroes added to the game. These include a tank character named Destrophe that can stun enemies, a highly mobile assassin named Dosmelda and a carry class named Zahina. The game itself is free to download and jump into so these updates will also be delivered at no extra cost.

    We thought Dark Eclipse had some issues but was ultimately worth a look for players looking for something new in the genre. With some of these new additions that remains the case.

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