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  • Transpose Review: A VR Puzzle Game That Bends Reality
    Transpose Review: A VR Puzzle Game That Bends Reality

    It’s refreshing when, two and a half years into the life cycle of consumer VR, I can still come across games that catch me by surprise. Transpose is the type of VR game that can’t really be explained or shown very well, as it needs to be experienced to really be experienced. However, I’m tasked with trying to articulate my time with this otherworldly adventure nevertheless.

    In Transpose you’re an ethereal being with the ability to clone yourself and create Echos. When you create an Echo, that avatar will carry out all of the actions you did — exactly as you did them — like a pre-recorded version of your past self. The trick to Transpose is that solving its 30+ puzzles is all about synchronizing your Echos in the correct order to complete the level. In practice, it feels a bit like Braid meets Portal with all of its time-bending and creative puzzle solving.

    Typically when a game developer shifts gears dramatically and follows up a successful project with something dramatically different, it’s a mixed bag. Vertigo Games knocked it out of the park with gory zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine, but fumbled its execution on MOBA-lite strategy game Skyworld, for example. Coming off of Blasters of the Universe, a bullet-hell action game, Transpose is something decidedly different. In fact, if I had to compare it to anything I’d seen before, it’s most like Form, an excellent VR puzzle title from Charm Games. It’s actually a much better successor than Charms’ own follow up, Twilight Path. Fans of Transpose and Form will likely find a lot to love in Bounce as well.

    I’m reminded of Portal once again in the way that Transpose slowly introduces concepts and builds upon them to establish a deep and robust system. Some of the later levels even involve walking along walls and ceilings, defying gravity, all while replaying Echos to navigate levels and produce increasing complex solutions. Over the course of the entire experience (it took me about six hours total, but you could spend more time in some levels or beat it more quickly) things build quite nicely. It’s quite meaty for a puzzle game.

    The Echo system works extremely well and forces you to really think outside of the box. Not only are you reaching out and interacting with the game world using your hands and full spatial awareness as a VR title, but you’re manipulating time and interacting with both your past and future selves simultaneously. Good luck getting through this one and not having to take a break and scratch your head a few times.

    The premise and game mechanics feel distinctively “made for VR” in a way that many other VR titles do not. Rather than simply porting over a game that could very easily exist on a flat screen with a gamepad, Transpose feels like it only unlocks its true potential because of the immersive medium. In some ways, it’s a meta experience that puts you inside your own head and makes you analyze the

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  • Vive Revealing Enterprise Product News This Thursday
    Vive Revealing Enterprise Product News This Thursday

    We’ll be in attendance this Thursday for an HTC Vive enterprise-related product announcement.

    We don’t know anything more than the silicon valley location of the private press event and the promise of hands-on time with whatever is being announced. We’re curious to see what next steps are planned for Vive products as we’ve been waiting for the United States launch of the Vive Focus, HTC’s standalone headset which comes with a limited 3DoF controller, and to see if the company might be planning any new features or packages for its high-end Vive Pro and the Vive Wireless Adapter.

    Or perhaps something new is in store for Vive?

    We’ve had no hint we’ll see this but we do hope to get to try the 6DoF controllers for the standalone Vive Focus. With Oculus Quest coming in 2019 for only $400, it will be interesting to see if HTC positions its add-on and controllers as an optional feature for certain business applications on the Focus, or if the company has other plans come 2019.

    We’ll plan to bring you the very latest starting around 11 a.m Pacific time on Thursday, right here on UploadVR.

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    The creators of the Omniverse treadmill target VR esports with a new multiplayer location-based arena. Since the launch of its official Kickstarter back in 2014, Virtuix’s omnidirectional treadmill, referred to as the Virtuix Omni, has struggled to find a place in the constantly changing landscape that is the VR industry. As a result, the company

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  • Interview: How Archiact Gave Evasion A Transportive Sci-Fi Art Style
    Interview: How Archiact Gave Evasion A Transportive Sci-Fi Art Style

    Evasion is a sci-fi VR shooter that has a heavy focus on constant movement, lots of enemies and bullets on-screen, and a frantic pace that can be played either solo or with a friend. There are different character classes and a solid amount of content, adding up to a fun, relatively simple, arcade-style shooter. For a game like this, a strong, consistent art style is important not only for immersion, but to sell a vision.

    I don’t think I’d say the visual fidelity rivals any of the top-tier VR titles, but the art direction and art style itself is quite bold and unique. There’s a lot of variety between the various locales and a lot of work was put into establishing the lore for the property.

    Archiact, the developers of Evasion, shared with us an internal interview they hosted with the game’s Art Director, Fran Gaulin. Before working on Evasion, Gaulin worked both outside of the game industry and in the market on some of the biggest properties out there, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Dead Rising.

    You can watch the full interview above for more insights into working in art direction for not only video games, but virutal reality itself as well.

    Make sure to read our full review of Evasion to see what we thought and let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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    Walmart looks to simplify the price checking process with augmented reality. It’s no secret that Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, is actively embracing the full potential of AR and VR to keep them ahead of their competition. The American multinational company has explored cutting edge ideas such as Post Mobile AR for in-store displays of

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