• VR/AR Centre RLab Opens At Brooklyn Navy Yard RLAB will be located at Building 22 of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, supporting start-ups and new talent in VR and AR.
  • Preview: Scraper: First Strike Wearing is cyberpunk inspiration on its sleeve, this VR shooter has a great deal of promise.
  • Celebrate Halloween Right With Four New VR Experiences From Horror Studio Dark Corner

    The leading providers of horror-based VR offer yet another selection of terrifying experiences guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys binge-watching scary movies during the Halloween season, might I recommend upgrading your seasonal routine with a new series of frightening virtual reality experiences provided by the

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  • Visit The Haunted Graveyard For Its Stellar Performances
    Visit The Haunted Graveyard For Its Stellar Performances

    Startup Holospark deployed 32 Optitrack cameras to capture the body movements of performers along with helmets for facial capture. The result of the effort is a cast of digital characters that invaded my personal space and maintained continuous eye contact in ways only a very dedicated cast member would at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

    Reproducing the general feel of that iconic attraction is no easy feat — the floating candlesticks, echoey voices and memorable music — but Holospark achieved that goal with The Haunted Graveyard. The $10 world opened for Rift and Vive owners earlier this month and Holospark is also offering it at VR arcades.

    Holospark took a gamble in launching its first VR title, The Impossible Travel Agency, in late 2016. While we found the reactivity they baked into that world to be both subtle and relaxing, the Fantasia-like experience was dropped onto an unfeeling Steam mob interested in only one thing — hours of gameplay.

    The Haunted Graveyard arrives two years later and Holospark is showing two years of maturity in its VR design. The better reviews on Steam for this experience give me hope that folks buying VR software are starting to learn they need to speak up when a world is as rich and surprising as this one, even if it’s only designed to last a few minutes.

    Some incredible titles like Accounting+ and Virtual Virtual Reality are hardly games at all, yet they provide deep entertainment packing layer upon layer into a world waiting to be discovered by a mind that is inquisitive, playful and cautious. That last characteristic is the one The Haunted Graveyard manipulates so well, luring the visitor along a spooky path with interaction points along the way carefully staged for maximum…intimidation.

    I’m reluctant to spoil more about The Haunted Graveyard (there’s a highlights video below which does that) except to say it is readily apparent the care and craft Holospark took to breathe life into three characters you’ll encounter in the graveyard — building on work Holospark did last year with its striking Seance demo. Each of these characters in the graveyard left an indelible mark on not just the person wearing the headset, but also family simply watching the world mirrored on a 2D screen.

    One note I will add is that traversing through The Haunted Graveyard is accomplished with an arm-swinger mechanic. You swing your arms in the real world to “walk” in the virtual one. There’s also a field of view restriction feature included by default for added comfort. I can understand why Holospark went with arm-swinger — it helps you remember the actual trip through the graveyard as opposed to, say, a teleporter system that would destroy a sense of continuity to snap between locations. If you’re scared in The Haunted Graveyard there’s a desire to go faster with this mechanism, but there are also forced stops in the narrative where a person might try to keep moving their arms to no avail. It might create some discomfort for a small percentage of folks,

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  • Terrifying VR Horror Syren Dated for PlayStation VR Release Both installments will be bundled together.
  • HTC Boss Claims Rockstar Games ‘Not Done’ With VR
    HTC Boss Claims Rockstar Games ‘Not Done’ With VR

    Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 developer Rockstar Games isn’t yet finished with VR, according to HTC.

    Speaking with UploadVR, Joel Breton, GM of Vive Studios, talked about how early work from developers like Bethesda, Ubisoft and Rockstar had paved the way to bring more companies into the VR ecosystem. “So now everybody is out there building VR, unfortunately, it’s just not public yet,” he said. “So all of the third parties are working on VR now.”

    Turning his attention to Rockstar specifically, Breton praised the work the company did on last year’s L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. “That one, that was lovingly handcrafted,” he said. “They went through everything, every art asset, every animation. Any part of the game that didn’t work, they cut from the VR experience so things that ended up in those seven cases that are in the VR version, those were very very selectively chosen. They figured that would work.”

    HTC worked with Rockstar to launch L.A. Noire first on HTC Vive before it came to Oculus Rift last year. Indeed, we were big fans of the experience and how it tailored many of its mechanics to fit headsets.

    “So, you know, they’re not done either,” Breton said of Rockstar’s work in VR. “So we’re very very supportive of these studios both on the hardware side and the software side and the optimization side.”

    This week is obviously a big one for Rockstar with the long-anticipated launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 (which, we might speculatively add, features a first-person view mode), but we’re obviously excited by the idea of another of the developer’s games being ported to headsets, if not something entirely new. Could the studio possibly be working on VR adaptations of either Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead that cherry-pick the best content as with L.A. Noire? Or is that still too much to hope for?

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  • Oculus Patents Wireless Relay and Eye Tracking Tech More ideas find their way out of the R&D department.
  • Onward Adds a Spooky Twist to its Free Weekend The update arrives tomorrow.
  • Gun Club VR Coming Soon to PlayStation VR Practice those shooting skills on a wide selection of ranges.
  • GIVEAWAY: Win A Physical Copy Of VR Shooter Operation Warcade On PSVR
    GIVEAWAY: Win A Physical Copy Of VR Shooter Operation Warcade On PSVR

    Operation Warcade is like an arcade cabinet wave shooter transported into VR. The mechanics are fine, it plays well, and it captures the right tone if these types of shooters are your thing. We’re hosting a giveaway here at UploadVR to send out five physical copies of Operation Warcade on PSVR. All you have to do is enter here or at the widget down below inside this article. Winners will be picked at 4PM PT on Monday, October 29th.

    Winners will be randomly selected. We have five physical copies of Operation Warcade on PSVR to give out. US entries only. Winners will be contacted via email to secure shipping address. Copies will be mailed via UPS.

    For more on the game here is an excerpt from its PSN Store page description:

    “Operation Warcade is a shooter specifically designed for virtual reality, inspired by the late ’80s classic war arcade that now uses the latest technology to convert it into a unique experience. Thanks to the innovative immersion system, you will be able to travel inside the video game whenever you want to experience the adventure in a completely different way, like shooting from a helicopter, from a trench or from inside a tank… because why not? The power is on your side.”

    Winners will be selected at approximately 4PM PT on Monday, October 29th, 2018, and will be notified by email promptly. If you’d rather not click the link above, here is the embedded contest widget:

    GIVEAWAY: Win A Physical Copy Of VR Shooter Operation Warcade On PSVR

    Thanks and good luck!

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  • Spooky VR Horror Syren Finally Hits PSVR Next Month
    Spooky VR Horror Syren Finally Hits PSVR Next Month

    Hammerhead VR’s likable VR horror game, Syren, is finally making its way to console next month.

    The game, which originally debuted on PC VR in early 2017, is coming to Sony’s PSVR on November 6th. It’ll include the entire original game, in which you make your way through an underwater facility avoiding horrific monsters, and the second episode which turns the game into more of a shooter than a scare-fest. You can see the PSVR reveal trailer below.

    We were quite fond of Syren when it launched last year. Whilst admittedly rough around the edges, it had a tense atmosphere and had a decent stab at bringing tried and true mechanics into VR.

    It’s not the only PC VR horror game set to make its way to PSVR soon – earlier this month we reported that the excellent A Chair in a Room: Greenwater was getting revamped for the headset too.

    Last we heard, Hammerhead is now working on a VR crime thriller named Stein, though it’s been some time since we’ve heard from the studio.

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  • TIGA Calls on UK Government to Create a Video Games Investment Fund VGIF would provide funding of between £75,000 GBP and £500,000.
  • SteamVR Home Gets A Candy Emporium For Halloween
    SteamVR Home Gets A Candy Emporium For Halloween

    SteamVR Home has another brand new environment to explore just in time for Halloween, though it’s not quite what you’d expect.

    Valve this week launched the Candy Emporium onto its VR hub, free from the usual spooky holiday decorations. The company wrote in a release blog: “That’s right, it’s perfectly normal – just your regular old candy shop with candy and cupcakes – which just happens to be closed right now… On a perfectly normal dark and stormy night…”

    As always, you can expect some easter eggs to be hidden around the shop as you explore. As with other recent environments, Valve is also releasing this one as an Asset Pack for others to fiddle with. A SteamVR update adds collectibles for the environment, too.

    SteamVR’s Home environments have always made for fun VR getaways before and after jumping into other worlds. As great as it is to see Valve delivering new VR content, though, we’d sure like to find out where those Knuckles controllers are at.

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  • Stanford Study Finds VR Helps People Be More Compassionate Study finds that VR has a lasting effect on empathy compared with 2D or written media.
  • No DLC Included In Borderlands 2 VR At Launch Gearbox Software confirm that on launch on the base game will be included in Borderlands 2 VR.