• Community Download: Do You Think Magic Leap Lives Up To The Hype?
    Community Download: Do You Think Magic Leap Lives Up To The Hype?

    Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

    Look, I’m sorry. I could sit here and write out a bunch of excuses for why I didn’t post a Community Download topic at the start of this week like usual, but I’d just be lying to you and myself. The honest truth is that I am a human and I made a mistake: I forgot.

    But it’s okay — you know why? Because waiting until near the end of the week is paying off. On Monday morning I’d have been hard-pressed to find a good, topical discussion point but now on Thursday, the day after the inaugural Leap Con event from Magic Leap, we have lots to talk about.

    In addition to a slew of game announcements and reveals, such as Angry Birds, Invaders, Star Wars: Project Porg, Insomniac’s Seedling, and more, Magic Leap also discussed their road map for the next few months and revealed details on their AR social experience, Avatar Chat.

    Regardless of whether or not you’ve had the chance to try a Magic Leap One yet (you can read our initial impressions here) you still likely have some thoughts after Leap Con yesterday. So, the question at hand is this: Do you think, from what you’ve seen, Magic Leap lives up to the hype? Does it seem like the company is going to deliver on their multi-billion dollar promises? Why or why not?

    Have at it! Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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  • Arizona Sunshine Giveaway Livestream: Zombies, Guns, And Blood
    Arizona Sunshine Giveaway Livestream: Zombies, Guns, And Blood

    We decided it’s time things got a little bit spooky up in here since it’s October. For today’s livestream we’re cracking open Arizona Sunshine, the excellent VR zombie shooter from Vertigo Games and we’re setting out into the desert in co-op. I’ll be joined by my IRL brother-in-law as we fight off the zombie hordes together.

    We’ll be playing Arizona Sunshine on PSVRs using two PS Aim Controllers. For the giveaway though, all codes are for Steam, either Rift, Vive, or Windows VR. We have 5 codes for the base game on Steam and 5 codes for the Dead Man DLC on Steam. We’re starting any minute now, right around 3:00PM PT and we’ll aim to last for around an hour or so. We’ll be livestreaming directly to the UploadVR Facebook page and uploading to YouTube afterwards. Either way, you can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up:

    Embedded livestream coming soon

    You can see our most recent archived streams over on the UploadVR Facebook Gaming portal right here. There’s lots of good stuff there!

    Let us know which games or discussions you want us to livestream next. Comment with feedback down below!

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  • Goosebumps’ Slappy The Ventriloquist Dummy Brought To Life Using AR

    R.L. Stine’s iconic series makes its way to augmented reality for the first time.   If you’re familiar with R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, then you no doubt know of the evil that awaits you after uttering the phrase, “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molanu Karrano”. Combined, these six words have the power to bring to life Slappy, an odd-looking

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  • Hands-On: Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders Is A Showcase Of Magic Leap’s Triumphs And Troubles
    Hands-On: Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders Is A Showcase Of Magic Leap’s Triumphs And Troubles

    I stood in awe five meters across the room from a portal which had opened up from the floor to the top of the wall. Robots were pouring out into the room — Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders — and I was firing shot after shot with my ray gun trying to stop them.

    I believed the room really did have this giant opening in it, and as long as I stayed where I was five meters away the illusion was practically complete.

    A portal in your home.

    But I didn’t want to stay far away. I wanted to see up close through this doorway into another realm beyond. To approach the portal, however, is to strip away the magic of Magic Leap One with each step forward. My own curiosity was placed in direct opposition to the basic capabilities of the headset.

    I’ve come to know a similar feeling incredibly well drawing guardian and chaperone boundaries in my room over the last two years. Unlike the Magic Leap situation, however, too much curiosity in a properly set up Rift or Vive merely gives you a visual reminder that you’ve gone too far out of your play area and need to return. I will take that nudge, however, over the feeling of frustration I felt at seeing the digital world of Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders stripped away with each passing step. Of course, I also moved more quickly and confidently throughout the room in AR than I generally do in a wired VR headset. Still, I would call the larger annoyance the overall frustration of seeing a virtual world you are interested in stripped away as you want to investigate further. Others might never be bothered by this problem but for me it is a constant reminder.

    At its best, Magic Leap One impressively augments the world around you and gives you digital characters that are responsive and interesting enough to draw your attention. Dr. G does this incredibly well — a true showcase to developers about how to take advantage of Magic Leap’s hardware. But at the same time the experience is also a showcase to me about how often the AR illusion might be broken by standard behavior. I’d hoped that the limited field of view of Magic Leap One could be ignored with compelling content, but I found that compelling content just drew me to behave in such a way that I noticed the limitations more. I wanted to get closer to that portal so I could see further into the digital world and get a better angle on the robots. Leaning in, however, shrinks the view into the world like a closing shutter. Perhaps over a lot of time this feeling goes away, and I can get comfortable interacting with digital content in Magic Leap in a way that doesn’t bother me — but for me this problem was a distracting frustration throughout my demo time with Dr. G. Others might rarely notice it.

    The full Dr. G experience launched for free on Magic Leap

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  • Night Terrors: Bloody Mary Is An Ambitious AR Horror Game From The Creator Of Paranormal Activity
    Night Terrors: Bloody Mary Is An Ambitious AR Horror Game From The Creator Of Paranormal Activity

    Virtual reality is an excellent tool for horror game because when you wear a VR headset, it feels like you’re transported to another world. You can look and move around in full 360-degrees, reach out and touch things, and hear every whisper from all directions. But what about AR horror games?

    Instead of transporting you to another world — a place you can easily remind yourself is fake — AR horror games instead invade your real world. Right now with Night Terrors: Bloody Mary from Imprezario Entertainment that’s accomplished by peering through your smartphone as if it’s a window into an alternate version of your world that reveals ghosts, possessed beings, and more, but that’s just the beginning of what’s possible for AR gaming.

    Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is a follow-up to 2016’s Night Terrors: The Beginning. The original app was only about 10 minutes long and the technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Bloody Mary clocks in at almost a full hour of purely terrifying AR immersion.

    Acclaimed film director, producer, and screenwriter, Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity, Insidious), is the executive producer on the project and brings a long history of experience with Hollywood-caliber horror experiences.

    “Throughout my career, I’ve prided myself on storytelling and exploring innovative perspectives to deliver some of the most electrifying moments in film,” said Peli in a prepared statement. “Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is enabling me to work wit ha new creative medium that will bring the narrative to users in t heir own homes, this time through their mobile device. I can think of nothing more horrifying, so I could not be more thrilled to be at the forefront of this emerging entertainment technology.”

    Customized press kit including an addressed letter, skull, and other spooky memorabilia.

    Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is all about the titular urban legend that most everyone is familiar with and aims to bring her haunting ways into your actual home using your phone’s camera, LED light, 360 audio, and other core systems.

    I recently got the chance to speak with Imprezario Entertainment Co-Founders Brett Tomberlin and Bryce Katz about the upcoming release. Tomberlin explained that they wanted to go beyond simple game characters on a screen super-imposed onto a picture of your room because that just isn’t scary.

    “For Night Terrors we filmed real actors that used makeup artists and actual wardrobes,” explained Tomberlin. “This doesn’t feel like Pokemon plastered onto your environment at all — we wanted to really bring it to life.”

    One of the ways they’re doing that is by trying to make it look and feel as realistic as possible. In fact, maybe even a bit too realistic. According to Tomberlin and Katz, Apple originally turned down Bloody Mary because it was “too real” according to who reviewed the app.

    “Some of the fake texts and messages that came through while you’re playing really do seem real,” said Katz. “That was the whole point, but it was too much. They actually established a new rule after we met with them…saying that you can’t replicate

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  • Sennheiser and Magic Leap Reveal AMBEO AR One Spatial Audio Headphones First product from partnership between Sennheiser and Magic Leap for AR audio is unveiled.
  • Magic Leap To Release ‘Avatar Chat’ AR Social App This December
    Magic Leap To Release ‘Avatar Chat’ AR Social App This December

    We’ve used the Magic Leap One a good bit here at UploadVR (you can read Senior Editor Ian Hamilton’s thoughts about it here) even across various new demos, like Angry Birds and Seedling, but everything we’ve tried and seen on the AR device has always been single user. Or in other words, not multiplayer at all. Until now.

    Today, at LEAP Con, Magic Leap showed off their upcoming social AR application called Avatar Chat. The app is expected to release this December and according to the roadmap they showed on-screen during the conference, detailed avatar customization is coming soon as well.

    Since Magic Leap is an AR headset, social features are a bit different than they are in something like a VR headset. You can still see the real world around you, so it’s not complete immersion in a digital space. Instead, the app will display a floating avatar of whoever you’re talking to that mirrors their movements.

    For example, if your friend waves their hand in real-life, then their avatar will mime that to you in your mixed reality space. The glasses themselves can see your eyes and mirror your eye movement to your friend so that’s what your avatar does.

    It’s all really ambitious and impressive in theory, but like anything in the technology world (especially from Magic Leap, to be honest) it’s better to stay skeptical until we try things for ourselves, but it does sound interesting.

    Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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    Professional eSports meets augmented reality in Hado’s ambitious new league. Singapore-based augmented sports provider, HADO,  is officially taking it’s ongoing location-based AR dodgeball experience to the next level with a professional AR eSports league. Consisting of two teams of three, each HADO AR Dodgeball match tasks players with eliminating the opposing team by draining them

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