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  • Watch Valve’s Knuckles EV3 Controllers Get Unboxed
    Watch Valve’s Knuckles EV3 Controllers Get Unboxed

    The next iteration of Valve’s Knuckles VR controllers are now arriving on developer’s doorsteps, and Climbey developer Brian Lindenhof is providing his typically dependable first look at them.

    Lindenhof, who also gave us a glimpse of earlier Knuckles controllers being used to play Lone Echo and Fallout 4, yesterday posted the below video unboxing the latest edition of the devices. EV3 isn’t looking like a massive update over the last version of the devices (Lindenhof even describes them as “really close to EV2”), but it is shipping out to many more developers than the last batch.

    Lindehoff goes over the minute changes to the device, summing them up as “good improvements but very minor”. Stick around to see them compared to other VR controllers like Oculus Touch and the Vive wands.

    As for when Knuckles will actually release as a product? We still don’t have much of an idea, sadly, though we wouldn’t bet on it being in 2018.

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  • Echo Combat Hands-On: New Game Mode And New Map Adds Variety
    Echo Combat Hands-On: New Game Mode And New Map Adds Variety

    Echo Combat is the next iteration of the excellent Echo franchise from Ready at Dawn, but instead of being about zero-gravity ultimate frisbee in VR like Echo Arena, Echo Combat is all about shooting. In past demos we’ve seen the Fission map with the Payload-focused game mode, a lot like Overwatch, but at a recent preview event last week we got the chance to check out not only a brand new King of the Hill-style point capture game mode, but a brand new map as well.

    The new map is called Combustion and this Echo Combat variation of King of the Hill has been dubbed Capture Point. I was starting to get worried there would only be the one map and mode when Echo Combat launched, but thankfully their adding a bit more to the package. You can see gameplay clips down below:

    Just like anything Echo-branded, the concept is simple, but fun to try and master. At the center of the Combustion map there’s a large space known as the Capture Point. Once the zone is active, someone must claim it by hanging out inside until a meter fills. You can only earn points while you own the zone, but you don’t need to stay in the zone to keep control.

    In other words, once you claim it, you can move anywhere in the map and still own the zone until someone from the other team claims it. So it’s a bit like Domination from Destiny, but just a single point instead of three.

    Matches are still two teams of three and you’ve got the same assortment of weapons and abilities to pick from, but the strategies are much different this time around. For example, once you own the zone, do you all camp out at it and just defend it at all cost, or do you send one or two teammates out hunting for the other team to try and disrupt them? Since no one needs to sit inside the zone, you could leave it exposed as bait, then ambush them while they’re eager to try and grab it.

    Oculus has stated that “even more content” is expected following the game’s launch, so maybe that means more game modes and maps to come. I’d also love to see each of these two maps tweaked just enough to support either game mode to give even more variety to what’s already there.

    When we did our break down of Space Junkies and Echo Combat we noted a preference for Echo Combat due to the excellent movement mechanics, wonderful polish, and satisfying gameplay. Now with even more variety in terms of game modes, Ready at Dawn’s competitive shootout is looking better than ever. Make sure and check out our past livestream for more footage of the original Fission Payload map’s gameplay.

    Echo Combat is currently slated for release on November 15th exclusive for Oculus Rift and will be accessed from the Echo VR portal in the same lobby as Echo Arena. The next Open Beta starts today, September 26th,

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  • Predator-Esque VR Shooter Primordian Gets Four New Levels, Much More Coming
    Predator-Esque VR Shooter Primordian Gets Four New Levels, Much More Coming

    Well the most recent Predator film might have been a bit of a disappointment but the good news is you can forget all about it with a healthy dose of new Primordian content.

    Developer Stonepunk Studios this month launched the first four levels of the second part of its hugely enjoyable VR first-person shooter (FPS), which launched in Early Access at the beginning of the year. As the trailer below shows, they include new environments and enemies as well as a new whip weapon which frankly looks brilliant. There should be a good few hours’ worth of single-player content to the game, now.

    From here, the developer is planning to add weekly updates to the game that include new levels, leading into a third and final part.

    Speaking with UploadVR, Stonepunk’s Jason Morris thanked the community for its feedback thus far. “It’s super important to me to make sure everyone who has spent that time to bring up anything, that it is addressed,” he said. “It’s a huge help to know how it actually feels to someone else in VR compared to what I “hope” they will feel. I appreciate that anyone would take time away from playing a game to talk about it.”

    One area some players mention is the sword combat, which Morris says can be divisive. Personally, I’ve always found it to be one of Primordian’s pain points; it can look cool but simply tapping an enemy on the arm with a sword to make their arm fly off is a little distracting. Morris says he may head back to polish this once the larger game is done.

    “Many hours are spent on removing things rather than adding, to find that sweet spot of avoiding the thought process,” he explained. “So that’s why I did without many things like reloading weapons with hand movements or anything complex that involves hand gestures. It’s just my personal opinion but I don’t think we are there yet with the technology, and I find that the moment I have the think about a hand gesture or action that is not seamless and instant in a fast action scenario, it starts pulling me out of the precious immersion that only VR can deliver so well.”

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  • Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Comes To PSVR Next Week
    Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Comes To PSVR Next Week

    PSVR gets another shot at replacing your table tennis table next week.

    10Ants Hill’s Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR is set to launch on Sony’s headset on October 2nd. The game has been available on other platforms, including Oculus and SteamVR (where it holds a very positive rating) since late last year, but arrives on Sony’s headset with full support for the PlayStation Move controllers. Check out the trailer below.

    Is it just me or is there a robotic version of Mass Effect’s Krogan in there? Anyway, the game’s going to launch with its single-player mode intact, which features four cups and 16 AI opponents to take on. The multiplayer mode that’s in the other versions won’t feature straight away, but 10Ants says it’s working on adding it in.

    Racket Fury will be $19.99 at launch. Hopefully it tops PSVR’s other table tennis effort, the relatively weak VR Ping Pong.

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