• Five Marvel Studios VR Experiences We Want From The Void
    Five Marvel Studios VR Experiences We Want From The Void

    Location-based VR experience maker The Void shared some exciting news last week. Not only is it working on a Wreck it Ralph VR experience to release later this year, but it’s also promised something new in collaboration with Marvel Studios in 2019.

    Consider us interested.

    Next year is a big one for Marvel Studios, as it debuts Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and rounds out over 10 years of movie making with the final installment in the Avengers saga, so there’s plenty of possibilities for a great VR experience. We put our heads together and came up with a few possible ideas.

    Captain Marvel Tie-In

    The first of the two most obvious choices is a tie-in with the first Marvel film to arrive next year, Captain Marvel. The MCU’s first female-led solo film is already highly anticipated and a major tie-in to introduce us to its cosmic cast of characters might be just what the doctor ordered. We already know that Captain Marvel will be part of an elite space force at the start of the movie; perhaps players could be a part of her squad?

    This would give us the chance to experience some of the MCU’s most fantastic sights as well as meet virtual renditions of characters like Guardians of the Galaxy baddie Ronin. Plus the army of shape-shifting Skrulls that are set to appear as antagonists in the film make for perfect minions to do virtual combat with.

    Avengers 4 Tie-In

    Of course, if this VR experience is tying-into a newly-released Marvel film then the smart money is on it linking up with Avengers 4. As if the hype surrounding Infinity War wasn’t already high enough, its ending has left fans begging for clues as to what the untitled fourth Avengers film will entail. How cool would it be to get a glimpse of the film, which brings together practically every hero in the MCU to date, in VR for the first time?

    Not to mention the raw intimidation that would come from staring down a baddie like Josh Brolin’s Thanos, who has proved to be pretty unstoppable thus far. If The Void gave players the chance to pick from any one of the MCU’s heroes to control in a dramatic, high-production showdown with Thanos, this could be one of VR’s most exciting experiences thus far.

    Ant-Man & The Wasp Heist

    Ant-Man’s second outing might have already come and gone but I have to admit his size-altering powers make both him and new partner-in-sort-of-crime Wasp an ideal fit for a memorable VR experience. I could easily see the latest film’s mad car chase, in people become giants and Pez containers knock over baddies, making for the perfect VR piece.

    Perhaps given that Scott and Hope’s powers are based on their suits and not supernatural, we could all feasibly strap into our own shrinking devices and explore the MCU from an entirely new angle. A S.H.I.E.L.D. stealth mission in which you sneak around an iconic Marvel location would be sure to get people in through the door.

    Dr. Strange’s Magical Adventure


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  • Breath Tech Is A VR Puzzle Game That Uses Your Breath
    Breath Tech Is A VR Puzzle Game That Uses Your Breath

    Hope you’ve got some mints at the ready; this new VR game uses your breath as an integral mechanic.

    Breath Tech from indie developer Brett Jackson (best known for his 2016 VR adventure, Dimensional) is an intriguing little experiment for the Oculus Rift. It’s a short puzzle game that uses the microphone embedded in the Rift to detect the sound of your breath, which then materializes in the virtual world. You’ll use it to solve escape room-style puzzles, blowing out candles, pushing a ball around a maze and even making bubbles when submerged underwater. Check it out in the trailer below.

    “I want to encourage other developers to investigate using breath detection and for manufacturers to consider adding low-cost breath sensors in future generation HMDs,” Jackson told UploadVR in an email.

    “The more that we represent a user’s physicality in the virtual world the more natural it feels. You’ve experienced it with your hands or seeing your shadow / reflection move with you,” Jackson wrote in a developer blog. “It’s the same with your breath, but breath is less visual than the former examples so you are less likely to question the accuracy of the representation.”

    Could this be the first step to seeing better breath-detection technology integrated into future VR headsets? For now, Breath Tech is available to download for free on Oculus Home. There’s also a Vive version available here although Jackson notes that the Rift’s microphone is better suited to the experience.

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  • Jurassic World VR Is Dave & Buster’s Biggest Launch Ever
    Jurassic World VR Is Dave & Buster’s Biggest Launch Ever

    The location-based Jurassic World VR Expedition appears to have been a hit for arcade chain Dave & Buster’s.

    The installation, which is featured at over 100 locations worldwide, is now the biggest game launch in the company’s history according to CEO Brian Jenkins, as reported by Variety. During the company’s Q2 earnings call last week, in which it reported $319.2 million in revenue, Jenkins noted that response to the experience had been “strong”, which “bodes well for future game releases on this platform.”

    He also confirmed that the company plans to launch a second VR experience later this year as well as add second Jurassic World installations to pre-existing locations. “The plan is to build a library of VR content that allow us to capitalize on this opportunity for years to come,” he said.

    Developed by The Virtual Reality Company, Jurassic World VR Expedition straps up to four users into an HTC Vive and seats them in a moving pod. They use a single Vive controller to interact with the dinosaur-filled world around them. We really enjoyed the experience when we tried it out for ourselves back in June, though we suspect there’s one major factor playing into its success: the $5 ticket.

    At that price, the experience is far cheaper than rival experiences like The Void’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire (which costs about $30 per user), which are admittedly more ambitious attractions. Perhaps other companies should be taking note of Dave & Buster’s success, then.

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  • This VR Chair Fights Simulation Sickness At The Cost Of Hand Controls
    This VR Chair Fights Simulation Sickness At The Cost Of Hand Controls

    Texas-based Cambrian thinks it has the solution to VR simulator sickness, though we’re not so sure.

    The company this month unveiled the final prototype of what it calls the VR Chair, which isn’t really a chair at all. It’s more like a support that the user leans into, complete with armrests that house buttons for controlling games. More importantly, though, you can apply force to the armrests to move your virtual body forward and backward in any given VR game. The company says that this method of movement creates a much more natural sensation for your brain, eliminating motion sickness.

    There’s also slight rotation based on the direction the user is looking to give the sensation of turning. Check the chair out in the video below.

    While the VR Chair certainly does seem like it could combat motion sickness to some degree (we haven’t tried it out for ourselves), we do have some reservations about the design. Firstly, the static armrests seem to take away true hand-control in VR, meaning you’re essentially sacrificing one major (and often mandatory) component of many VR experiences for this potential solution. The chair does allow you to put the rests to one aside and use motion controllers with the rotation mechanic, but then you’re losing the motion sickness reducing element that you’d buy it for in the first place.

    Not to mention that the chair is recognized as a standard gamepad like an Xbox controller, which many VR games don’t support. Tellingly the video only uses footage from Psytec Games’ Windlands and Croteam’s Serious Sam VR ports, all of which include traditional gamepad support. Cambrian does say you could use one armrest for movement and one hand for motion control, but do you know many gamepad-supporting VR games that allow you to play with one motion controller and had of another pad? Whatsmore, do you have space for a gaming peripheral roughly the side of an exercise bike in your home?

    The chair is at least meant to support Rift, Vive, Windows VR and PSVR and we could see it having better use on the latter device, where gamepad-only titles like Resident Evil 7 and The Persistence could be enhanced.

    Cambrian hasn’t detailed a wider rollout for the VR Chair, including details like price, just yet.

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  • VR Vehicle Card Battler Vroom Kaboom Finally Gets Cockpit View
    VR Vehicle Card Battler Vroom Kaboom Finally Gets Cockpit View

    Ratloop Games’ Vroom Kaboom is a weird one. It’s a vehicular card-battling game in which two players nominate different war machines to gradually wear down their opponent’s defenses… with VR support. Not something you hear every day, is it? The latest update for the game does introduce some more familiar elements, though.

    Namely, the game now has a cockpit view option. Previously Vroom Kaboom could only be played from a third-person perspective, giving you an entire view of the battlefield. For players that want a more immersive experience, though, you can now hop into the driver’s seat either in or out of VR. This was one of the biggest requests we saw following the game’s launch last month so it’s great to see the developers taking note of what the community wants.

    Check the video below to see the new view in action.

    Meanwhile, there’s a handful of other improvements to the game. Firstly there’s a better tutorial, which is designed to streamline information to get new players into games as soon as possible. There’s also a new option to steer vehicles with your keyboard or mouse and there have been adjustments made to enemy AI so that you can have better solo-matches (though the game is largely intended to be played in multiplayer).

    Vroom Kaboom is available now on PC and PS4 with optional support for the Rift, Vive and PSVR headsets. It’s a free-to-play game in which you can purchase more vehicles, or just pick up the deluxe edition from the go for a more complete experience.

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