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  • Paperville Panic Brings Chaotic Firefighting To VR Next Week
    Paperville Panic Brings Chaotic Firefighting To VR Next Week

    There can only be a few disadvantages to living and in an adorable paper-crafted world like Paperville Panics’ but fire is definitely a big one. So big in fact that if I were a young parent living there I’d be looking to get my kids out no matter how good the school system is. Luckily this fragile town has a savior at hand – you.

    Developer Ultimerse this month announced that the full release of its chaotic VR firefighting game will be lighting up on September 20th. The game has been in Early Access since late last year, tasking players with making their way through many of Paperville’s buildings, extinguishing fires and saving its residents. It’s got a full single-player campaign complete with boss battles, too.

    Check out the trailer above, which offers a lovely mix of picturesque city exploring and, uh, people burning alive. We haven’t played the game for ourselves yet but we’re definitely drawn to its brand of quirky humor.

    Look out for Paperville Panic on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets. There’s no sign of a PSVR edition yet, sadly.

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  • Everybody’s Golf VR Revealed Exclusively For PSVR
    Everybody’s Golf VR Revealed Exclusively For PSVR

    Sony’s Everybody’s Golf series is finally coming to PSVR.

    A spin-off of the Sony Japan/Clap Hands-developed series, Everybody’s Golf VR, was announced during the company’s pre-Tokyo Game Show (TGS) livestream this morning. From the looks of it, the game trades in the series’ usual cartoonish characters for a more realistic caddy that will accompany you across the course as you swing clubs with the help of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

    It’s also the first time you’ll play the game from a first-person perspective. Your caddy will feed you information like course and wind conditions while virtual info boards will fill you in on the type of club you’re using.

    For now Everybody’s Golf VR is slated to arrive in Japan at least sometime next year and only supports one player, though we’d love to see a local multiplayer mode that had people switching the headset around too. It’s exclusive to PSVR.

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  • Dark Souls Dev’s Deracine Hits PSVR In November
    Dark Souls Dev’s Deracine Hits PSVR In November

    We now know when From Software’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) exclusive, Deracine, will be with us.

    Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2018 livestream confirmed a November 11th release date for the game, though that’s only confirmed for Japan right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to confirm the western release soon too.

    Deracine looks to be a big departure for From, which is best known for games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. It’s a story-driven adventure in which the player controls a spirit that explores the halls of a boarding school. It’s a game that looks like it’s based on interactions rather than the intense action that From is known for.

    Other than that, we really don’t know much about it, though we’re excited to see more.

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  • Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Coming To PSVR
    Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Coming To PSVR

    The world of Kingdom Hearts is coming to Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR).

    A Kingdom Hearts VR experience was announced for the headset during Sony’s pre-TGS PlayStation livestream today. A brief trailer introduced the app, which looked like it had players wielding a Move controller to realistically use Sora’s iconic keyblade. Kingdom Hearts mixes iconic Disney franchises with Final Fantasy characters.

    No other information about the game was released at the time but we have to imagine we’ll find out more as we approach the launch of Kingdom Hearts III in the next few months.

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  • Facebook And Universal Integrate AR Into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Discs
    Facebook And Universal Integrate AR Into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Discs

    Facebook and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment have partnered to integrate an augmented reality experience into retail promotions for the movie disc launch of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

    The hit summer movie is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD services soon, so the two companies are creating shareable dinosaurs in augmented reality for the in-store and in-home materials for the movie.

    The AR experiences featuring different dinosaurs from the film will debut on September 18, timed to the film’s North American home entertainment launch before rolling out around the world.

    The largest retail effort of its kind for both partners, this is also the first integrated AR experience across the Facebook family of apps — specifically Facebook and Messenger.

    “Just as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom expertly transports viewers into an immersive world of discovery and wonder, the new AR offerings in-store and in-home serve to effectively extend that excitement and innovation to our global home entertainment release,” said Hilary Hoffman, an executive vice president at Universal. “We are thrilled to have a world-class partner in Facebook to help power these engaging AR experiences and are sure they will captivate and delight Jurassic fans of all ages.”

    On the day of the release, participating retailers across 18 countries will showcase, for a limited time, the film’s in-store displays that will include instructions on how to trigger an AR experience that bring the displays to life. Shoppers scan a special QR code to launch the shareable AR effect that places the ferocious Indoraptor directly in their path, providing them with an up-close encounter with one of the newest dinosaurs from the Jurassic franchise.

    In the U.S. alone, this experience spans more than 17,000 stores across multiple national retail and grocery chains.

    The in-home experience can be activated off of a collectible insert within the product packaging using the Messenger camera. The experience unveils an interactive, baby version of the film’s Velociraptor hero, Blue. The animated Baby Blue can be placed in any environment, and images and video of her behaving curiously, playfully, and aggressively can be captured and shared with friends.

    Both the in-store and in-home experiences are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Users should utilize the latest version of the Facebook and Messenger apps.

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has generated nearly $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office to date.

    This post by Dean Takahashi originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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