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  • VIDEO: See Networked Multiplayer With Magic Leap One
    VIDEO: See Networked Multiplayer With Magic Leap One

    Impressive videos posted this week show one of the best demonstration yet for why Magic Leap calls its technology mixed reality.

    One 45-second clip posted by JJ Castillo shows several Magic Leap One users connecting for a networked multiplayer game despite each of them being in different physical locations. One of the folks in that group is Steve Lukas, whose startup Across Realities developed an approach to let iPhone, Android, HoloLens, Vive, Rift and other devices all talk to one another, resulting in content and avatar positions represented in the same shared space.

    Multiplayer @MagicLeap Test from last night w/ @slukas @andres and @tramirez89 #Dev #MagicLeapOne

    — JJ Castillo (@JJCastilloVR) September 6, 2018

    This approach results in a kind of blending of realities that’s not really been this easy to do before. The video shows a player in a room visited by simplistic avatars of Magic Leap One players who are physically elsewhere in the world. They were able to play a simple game shooting at targets together while still able to see and interact with people who are in the same physical room as well. Each player sees the room they are actually in combined with the same relative positioning of digital targets and avatars.

    A group of creators including @JJCastilloVR @tramirez89 @andres @slukas @Aidan_Wolf @_LucasRizzotto have been posting a series of videos in recent weeks showing how they’ve been using Magic Leap One Creator Edition. While we will still call Magic Leap One an Augmented Reality (AR) headset for clarity, some recent videos have shown how the device can be used in combination with VR headsets to mix or blend realities in potentially powerful new ways.

    first experiments with the #MagicLeapOne 😄 position sync with #Vive #AR #VR #HTCVive #madewithunity #magicleap

    — mechpilot (@mechpil0t) September 4, 2018

    The things we’re seeing in these videos are mostly hacks built late at night and not an indication this sort of functionality will be supported broadly in current generation hardware. Still, these demos provide a preview of the types of things that will be possible when realities can be mixed more easily. Soon, folks without headsets will be able to see the view from their phones that people wearing AR and VR headsets see. That’s a powerful thing and tests like this one provide a glimpse of that possible future.

    Keep checking back with UploadVR because we’ll keep watching closely for new developments with this approach to AR and VR.

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  • Firewall Zero Hour is PlayStation VR’s Top Game in August And there are still some old titles hanging in there.
  • Magic Leap Taps Andy Serkis For ‘Orc-Like’ Motion Capture Character

    The Oscar nominated actors performance-capture studio partners with Magic Leap to bring fresh content to their MR platform. With credits including legendary franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars, Andy Serkis has proven himself a legend within the world of motion capture technology. Now the celebrated actor, director

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  • Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Review – Inelegant VR Support For A Cult Classic
    Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Review – Inelegant VR Support For A Cult Classic

    This should be a dream come true. Jumping into the cockpit of Jehuty for the first time, dashing across the battlefield and unleashing a fury of homing lasers should be about as powerful as VR can get. And it sometimes is; Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner’s VR port does have the ability to completely lose you in its zany anime world of flying war machines and interstellar warfare. But, as the years tick on from the cult classic’s 2003 release, some of its rougher edges are harder to forgive, especially inside a headset.

    To Konami’s credit, it’s stuffed all of the original game into VR and developed a thoughtful new perspective for it. The 2nd Runner’s VR support doesn’t allow you to embody just Jehuty but protagonist Dingo too, slipping you into his life-supported shell for the full Megazord treatment. Whereas the original game is in third-person (and can still be played that way without the headset), you now watch the action unfold from your future-windshield. A helpful holographic projection still shows your mech’s movements, but you’ll see all the sword swings and energy blasts up close.

    In the right moments, this is as exciting as you’d imagine it to be. Slamming into the side of an enemy mech as you thrust your sword towards them then smashing them into the wall behind with the help of your Gauntlet subweapon brings Gundam-style destruction to life with enormous payoff. For the first time, you’re an armchair general that’s in the heat of the battle, directly feeding off of the satisfaction that comes with targetting hundreds of enemies with lasers and then watching them all go up in smoke.

    Boss encounters are frequent, and their singular focus in turn makes them a highlight. It’s here that ZoE is at its most concentrated and thus most concise, allowing you to truly appreciate the simple thrills of locking swords with another giant mech or double-down on specific tactics rather than simply firing on all cylinders and hoping for the best. For a devoted fan, there’s enough of these instances to make it worth revisiting the game from an all-new angle.

    At the same time, it’s hard to deny that something’s been lost in the transition to VR. It’s the perspective, no doubt; ZoE just wasn’t designed to be a first-person game, and that means its arsenal of attacks and enemy encounters weren’t either. Sword swipes don’t carry the same kind of weight that comes from the traditional view, for example, and Jehuty’s slender agility just can’t be communicated as effectively when you can’t see it moving in mid-air. Above all else, Zone of the Enders is about style, and much of that flair is lost when you’re watching from behind the steering wheel.

    Bigger battles that pad out the space between boss fights can also be dizzying. The game’s generous lock-on system might be a necessity but it’s also one of the VR port’s greatest weaknesses, constantly spinning you round to face new threats or even just

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  • Review: Symphonics Loads of options in a very bare bone style.
  • Firewall Takes The Top Spot In US August PS Store Charts
    Firewall Takes The Top Spot In US August PS Store Charts

    August’s PlayStation Store charts are in and, unsurprisingly, First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour reigns supreme, at least in the US.

    The 4 vs 4 multiplayer shooter, which is exclusive to Sony’s headset, came in at the top spot in the US iteration of the charts. Firewall has been on a lot of PSVR owner’s wishlists for a long time so we always thought it’d perform well, though the game’s late month release (August 28th) does make it slightly more impressive. It also helps that it’s, y’know, really good.

    These charts only represent what’s sold on the PS Store itself and doesn’t include boxed copies. Firewall also came in a physical bundle with the Aim controller, which represents the best way to play the game, and came in 11th in the UK software physical charts earlier this week.

    Over in the EU First Contact didn’t quite finish first. Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality took the No. 1 and 2 spots respectively, which is no doubt down to a Summer Sale that discounted both games. Firewall came in third and the usuals like Superhot and Job Simulator filled out the top 10.

    Back in the US, Survios’ Electronauts, one of the other big PSVR launches of the month, managed to reached the eight spot and was only sold digitally, it didn’t appear in the EU charts.

    We’re expected the Firewall train to keep on chugging in September, though big releases like Creed: Rise to Glory will no doubt put up a fair fight. What do you think is going to come out on top?

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  • You Can Now Play Solo on Carly and the Reaperman A new Solo Player Mode has been introduced to cooperative puzzle-platformer Carly and the Reaperman.
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  • Report Suggests AR and VR Will Be Mainstream Within 3 Years A report from Capgemini suggests that rising use of VR and AR in business will lead to immersive technologies joining the mainstream.
  • Tactical VR Shooter Zero Killed Sets Sights For Rift And Vive On Sept. 26
    Tactical VR Shooter Zero Killed Sets Sights For Rift And Vive On Sept. 26

    If you don’t have a PSVR but do have a Rift or Vive, then chances are you’re a bit tired of hearing about Firewall Zero Hour. The PSVR-exclusive shooter has dominated the VR world for the past week with its excellent pacing, tactical gameplay, and thriving multiplayer community. But in just three weeks a new VR shooter by the name of Zero Killed will be on the block and it’s hitting both Rift and  Vive first.

    Zero Killed is being described by developer Ignibit as a “one-of-a-kind mix of Rainbow Six Siege’s tactical gameplay, Counter-Strike’s engaging PvP multiplayer, and SWAT 4’s rich choice of equipment and gadgets,” which is admittedly a lot to take in. See it in action in the gameplay trailer below:

    Zero Killed will feature 10 different characters that will each have their own specific loadout, gadget, and perk to make them feel and play differently. Similar to Firewall, Zero Killed will also feature 4v4 tactical multiplayer gameplay, but unlike Firewall it’s aiming to launch with four game modes: Data Steal, Domination, hunt, and Tournament across three maps.

    In addition to full, smooth locomotion, players will also be able to climb and slide across levels using “motion sickness-free technology” according to the developers. There is a heavy focus on environmental and object interaction, realistic recoil and weapon behaviors, as well as destructible environments. If done well, all of these features (such as blowing doors off hinges or destroying cover points) could help to keep the limited map selection feeling fresh.

    We haven’t had the chance to play it for ourselves yet, but that should be changing very soon as we’re expecting to have a look at the game as early as next week. Stay tuned with us for more details as its Rift and Vive launch on September 26th draws ever closer. There is still no date set for the PSVR version.

    In the meantime, you can join the Closed Beta, which starts on September 17th, by signing up right here and reading up on the official site and Steam page for more details.

    Let us know what you think of the game down in the comments below!

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