• Marvel Powers United VR Update Will Add New Objectives And Enemies
    Marvel Powers United VR Update Will Add New Objectives And Enemies

    On the official Sanzaru Discord channel yesterday, the Marvel Powers United VR developer detailed a forthcoming second update that will target larger gameplay enhancements and improvements, such as new objectives and enemies on missions to add variety.

    Previously, the first patch mostly focused on an assortment of bug fixes and minor tweaks and was available within weeks of the game’s launch. In our review we noted an assortment of issues with the game, some of which may be fixed in the upcoming second patch.

    The second update is slated for October and the full notes are as follows:

    Upcoming Patch 2 – October TBD

    Gameplay: Ongoing tuning.
    Gameplay: New system for supporting random primary objectives.
    Gameplay: New objective type – this can appear on any map.
    – A new objective type appears in a random location. While it is active:
    > Lockjaw can’t summon power cells.
    > Heroes can’t earn or use their ultimate abilities.
    > Heroes can’t be revived.
    Gameplay: Up to 2 bosses during shield generator phase.
    Gameplay: New enemy type that rushes players and objectives and explodes for massive damage.
    Gameplay: New enemy turret type that spawns randomly and targets players/objectives.
    Gameplay: New spawners & setups for new objectives & AI classes.
    Gameplay: Expanding the range of boss ultimates with each occurrence.
    Gameplay: Display points for secondary objective targets.
    Usability: Speed up opening loot crates.
    Usability: Need visible timer after players confirm match.
    Improvement: On the comic cover, mirror player inputs to hero counterparts.
    Improvement: On the comic cover, add single player position.
    Bug: Hulk pouncing an A.I.M. Hunter & performing a grab & throw immediately drops/snaps the player to the ground with no fades.
    Bug: In Prologue, player should be able to grab Captain Marvel’s hand with shield in opposite hand.

    Random primary objectives, a new objective type, new enemies, and more boss variety all sound like great additions. In the Discord message Sanzaru also indicated that they are “working on additional content that we can’t announce at this time” due to a “longer-term schedule than patch 2” so hopefully we find out more about those changes soon.

    Previously, the developer also confirmed that all future DLC will be free, including new characters.

    Don’t forget to check out full guide of how to play every single hero in Marvel Powers United VR right here. Let us know what you think of these upcoming changes down in the comments below!

    h/t: RoadtoVR

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  • Over A Dozen New Sessions Added To Oculus Connect 5, Focused On Storytelling
    Over A Dozen New Sessions Added To Oculus Connect 5, Focused On Storytelling

    Facebook’s annual Oculus VR focused press and developer conference is fast-approaching in its 5th installment as Oculus Connect 5. From September 26 – 27 thousands of panelists, executives, media, and developers will descend on the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

    Now today, over a dozen new sessions have been announced across a wide variety of topics including storytelling, social presence, and diversity. Previously, talks focused on porting content from Rift to Santa Cruz were confirmed, as well as over a dozen other sessions.

    Check the blog post for full descriptions of each session:

    Authentically Us: Providing a Platform for Unrepresented Voices in VR
    Paula Cuneo, Oculus Partner and Strategic Marketing Director; Shannon Scott, US Air Force Veteran; Jesse Ayala, Fovrth Studios Filmmaker; + Jeremiah Allen, Pride Foundation Project Director

    Breaking the Story: Emergent Narrative from Shared Experiences
    Colum Slevin, Oculus Head of Experiences

    Creative Ways to Get More Eyes on Your App
    Caitlin Bigham, Oculus Ecosystems Manager; Peter Howell, Lucifer’s Mask Developer; Tess McCrea Martov Producer; Lucas Rizzotto, Where Thoughts Go Creator

    Developing Different Genres in VR: Learnings from the Edge of Reality
    Martin De Ronde, Force Field Creative Director

    The Future of Home for Rift: Developer + Roadmap Updates
    Brandon Dillon, Oculus Rift Product Manager; Lizzy Donahue, Oculus Software Engineer; + Nancy Xiao, Oculus Product Manager

    Medium and Quill for Prototyping
    Speakers TBA

    The Next Generation of Storytelling with Immersive 6DOF Capture
    Brian Cabral, Facebook Engineering Director

    Oculus Avatars: Maximizing Social Presence, Part II
    Mike Howard, Oculus Product Manager

    Oculus Go Content Panel: Success for Mass Market VR
    Tina Tran, Oculus Developer Relations Specialist; Paul Raphaël, Felix & Paul Studios Co-Founder; Anthony Matchett, MelodyVR ounder; + Melissa Swanepoel, FarBridge Producer

    React 360 + Oculus Browser: Uniting the Web with VR
    Andrew Mo, Oculus Mobile Product Manager

    Unlock the Visual Potential of VR Using Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipeline
    Brad Weiers, Unity AR/VR Technical Product Manager

    UX Research in VR
    Tara Franz, Oculus UX Researcher; Brian Espinosa, Oculus Hardware Researcher; James Lin, Oculus Research Scientist 

    VR for Everyone: Lessons for Building Compelling Social VR Experiences
    Mike Booth, Facebook Social VR Creative Director; Cecile Eskenazi, Facebook Product Manager; Mike LeBeau, Facebook Product Manager; Cody Sumter, Facebook Product Manager

    According to our sources, we’re expecting to hear confirmation of a Q1 2019 targeted release date for the upcoming standalone VR headset from Oculus, code-named Santa Cruz. The Grand Finals of VR League Season 2 will also happen at OC5 that week as well.

    Are you going to Oculus Connect this year? We’ll be on the ground covering all the latest from the show! Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • Downward Spiral: Horus Station’s PSVR Version Dated
    Downward Spiral: Horus Station’s PSVR Version Dated

    Last week’s PlayStation Blog suggested that the PSVR port of 3rd Eye Studios’ Downward Spiral: Horus Station would be releasing this week. Well, you actually have to wait just a little while longer.

    Downward Spiral is now arriving on September 18th with full (and optional) support for PSVR. The console version of the game will support the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move controllers and will be released for $19.99 / €14.99 / £14.99.

    The game is a sci-fi adventure in which you find yourself on an abandoned space station orbiting an alien planet. You make your way through the facility in zero gravity, trying to find out what happened to the crew and fighting off mechanical enemies. The game’s got full co-op support (though works great in single-player) and also comes with competitive multiplayer to boot.

    We really, really like Downward Spiral, so we’re actually glad it’s not releasing in the same week as Firewall Zero Hour and other big PSVR titles. The game’s got a great control scheme (which will be implemented for the first time on PSVR unlike on Rift where there’s also Lone Echo) and an unbeatable atmosphere. If you need a break from all the military action in three weeks time you should absolutely pick it up.

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  • Google’s Next VR Spotlight Story Looks Absolutely Gorgeous
    Google’s Next VR Spotlight Story Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

    Google’s Spotlight Story series of gorgeously animated 360-degree videos has produced some of the best-looking experiences you can have inside a VR headset. Its latest entry, Age of Sail, is no exception.

    The trailer for this latest story, which is on display at the Venice Film Festival this week, just dropped. Directed by John Kahrs, who’s best known for his Oscar-winning 2012 animated short, Paperman, the piece tells the story of an old sailor that saves a girl in the middle of the North Atlantic. The two quickly fall out of sorts, with the sailor seeking isolation. It stars Ian McShane and Cathy Ang.

    Visually the piece looks absolutely jaw-dropping, with a beautiful hand-drawn art style that boasts a unique sketchiness to it. We don’t know when it’ll launch on headsets, but it will make its US debut at LA Film Festival’s VR & Immersive Storytelling Showcase on 22nd – 23rd September.

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