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  • Firewall: Zero Hour Trophies Reward Headshots, Solo Play And More
    Firewall: Zero Hour Trophies Reward Headshots, Solo Play And More

    We wouldn’t normally cover the reveal of some trophies for a PSVR game here on UploadVR but, well, Firewall: Zero Hour seems like a bit of an exception, doesn’t it?

    The list of digital prizes for the PSVR-exclusive shooter has just popped up online, and it makes for an interesting read. Firewall is mainly designed to be played online and there’s no story to speak of, so you won’t need to worry about spoiling any plot. It does look like you’ll need to sharpen your skills if you have any intention of going for the platinum trophy though; one challenge wants you to rack up 500 headsets in public matches, while others ask you to be the last man standing on your team or wipe out the entire enemy team by yourself.

    There are a handful of trophies for those looking to play in solo, though, including winning over 100 single-player matches. That seems like a bit of a grind, especially for those of you that aren’t looking to play in single-player, though you’ll certainly know the maps by the back of your hand if you pull it off.

    The full list is below. Look out for plenty more Firewall coverage on our behalf this week.

    Darkweb Legend
    Unlock all other trophies.

    Win by hacking the laptop in a Solo or Public match.

    Strength in Numbers
    Win a Public CO-OP Training match with all of your teammates alive.

    As a Defender, win a Public Contracts match by killing all 4 members of the attacking team while your entire team is dead.

    In a Solo or Public match, breach an enemy blocked door with C4.

    Too Soon
    In a Public Contracts match, kill a player with their own C4 by shooting it.

    In Public matches, get 200 player revives using the Revive Pistol.

    Win 20 Public CO-OP matches.

    First Blood
    In a Public Contracts match, kill your first enemy player.

    Get 4 confirmed kills in one Public Contracts match.

    Lone Survivor
    Win a Public Contracts match as the only surviving player on your team.

    In a Public Contracts match, revive a friendly player then kill the enemy player that downed them.

    Size Matters
    In a Public Contracts match, get a longshot kill with a pistol.

    No Remorse
    In a Public Contracts match, kill an enemy while they are reviving a downed teammate.

    Training Wheels
    Complete the tutorial.

    Invisible Contractor
    Kill 100 A.I. in Solo or CO-OP Training matches.

    Weapons Master
    Purchase every weapon in the game.

    Purchase all attachments and equipment in the game.

    Win a Public Contracts match without losing a single teammate.

    Deleted Emails
    In Solo or Public matches, steal 15 pieces of Intel.

    Change Your Password
    In Solo or Public matches, steal 50 pieces of Intel.

    Election Data
    In Solo or Public matches, steal 100 pieces of Intel.

    Aim High
    Get 50 headshot kills in Public Contracts matches.

    Between The Eyes
    Get 100 headshot kills in Public Contracts matches.

    On Target
    Get 500 headshot kills in Public Contracts matches.

    In a Public Contracts match, shoot and kill an enemy you can’t see.

    Scotty Neville
    Win 100 Solo matches

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  • VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course
    VR Gets A Degree As London University Launches Specialized Course

    A new degree at the London College of Communication is set to teach students all about the wonderful world of VR.

    The MA Virtual Reality degree kicks off in the 2018 – 2019 academic year at the university and is the first of its kind in Europe let alone the wider UK. The course will place a focus on VR content creation and storytelling, teaching techniques to develop immersive experiences across film, gaming, animation and sound. A new classroom dedicated to VR is being opened for the course, including access to Oculus Rifts, the HTC Vive Pro, mobile VR headsets, motion capture suits, a green screen and PCs running the Unity engine.

    “As more film and media companies experiment with VR content, we’re seeing increased demand from the wider industry for skilled virtual reality experts, which is why it’s so exciting to open these two dedicated courses at London College of Communication,” course leader Ana-Despina Tudor said in a prepared statement. “In just a few years, these graduates will gain the skills and understanding to incorporate this emerging technology across various industries, including in technical careers and roles that are entirely new.”

    As Tudor says, VR’s applications stretch far and wide right now. A course in the tech could help prepare you for a career in anything to game creation to marketing or filmmaking, then. The course kicks off next month and has places available still.

    The MA degree launch precedes the launch of a BA (Hons) course next year.

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  • Google’s VR Labs Provide STEM Students With Hands-On Experience

    Google teams up with Labster to develop 30 immersive lab experiences for the Daydream platform. STEM students engaged in scientific disciplines, such as biochemistry and neuroscience, are often required by their respective degrees to spend a certain amount of time engaged in an official laboratory environment. Unfortunately, crowded universities and the rise of online education

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  • New Escape The Abbey VR Experience Released For Upcoming Horror Film, The Nun Follow her deeper into the depths of The Abbey and the darkness that awaits within.
  • Mozilla’s VR Hubs Can Now Share Web, Clipboard, And Uploaded Content
    Mozilla’s VR Hubs Can Now Share Web, Clipboard, And Uploaded Content

    Mozilla’s shared virtual reality app Hubs launched back in April as a WebVR “experiment” — a basic 3D environment for cross-platform immersive social experiences. The organization has now announced the “first big feature update” to Hubs: You can now import content into a shared Hubs room just by pasting a web link or dragging and dropping.

    What kind of content, you might ask? From the web, you can import documents, images, videos, and 3D models from various sites, including PDFs and content from Imgur, Giphy, YouTube, Sketchfab, Poly, and GLTF. Additionally, you can now upload files directly from your phone or computer to Hubs, or share the clipboard from your current Hubs-accessing device for group perusing.

    If that list isn’t enough for your collaborative VR sharing needs, Mozilla promises to keep “adding more and more supported content types and methods for bringing more media into Hubs.”

    Since there’s potential for shared content to get into the wrong hands, Mozilla says that it encrypts what goes into the room — notably on the server rather than end-to-end — and uses tokens to restrict access to people who were in the room when the content was shared. Content is stored for 48 hours after the last access time, then automatically deleted.

    By design, Hubs works across “any VR device on the market,” as well as phones and PCs. You can try it out for yourself through Mozilla’s Hubs site here, and view the open source code here.

    This post by Jeremy Horwitz originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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