• The Nun’s Terrifying Escape The Abbey 3D 360 Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Jump
    The Nun’s Terrifying Escape The Abbey 3D 360 Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Jump

    I’ve ended up pushing my heart rate to the absolute limit this week. After livestreaming The Exorcist VR not once, but twice, then reviewing the game, I then decided to close out the week by watching The Nun: Escape the Abbey, a terrifying 3D 360-video that’s basically just three straight minutes of suspenseful atmosphere building up to a massive jump scare at the end. It’s a promotional video for The Nun, which hits theaters on September 7th.

    We went ahead and embedded the full 3D 360-video right here (rendered in 8K!) but we recommend watching it in a headset and not just on your phone or PC screen:

    The Nun is an upcoming horror film set in the same universe as Annabelle and The Conjuring, the series is often lauded as the modern-day Exorcist in terms of tone and setting and I definitely agree. I’m absolutely planning on going to see the film in theaters as an adrenaline junkie and this 360-video got my blood-pumping big time.

    If you’d rather watch it some other way then you can find a full list of formats over the on the 360-videos official website. I just watched it on the Oculus Go using the internal browser via YouTube. Honestly, it’s my go-to headset for any type of 360 video because of the accessibility and wireless nature.

    Typically I’m not a big fan of 360-video, but when watched inside of a headset it’s better. And when the content is horror-themed, it feels like the best use of the medium.

    Let us know what you think if you give the full video a watch!

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  • The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 08/19/18
    The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 08/19/18

    I think we’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of next week a little too much to pay much attention to this week’s releases, but there are still some things you should definitely check out. Most notably there’s a free taster of Ubisoft’s next VR game on offer, and more experiments in the realm of VR music.

    Transference: The Walter Test Case, from SpectreVision
    Price: Free

    Normally we wouldn’t include a demo on this list, but Transference’s early showcase actually includes unique content that’s a prequel to the full game. Get an early taste of this psychological thriller exclusively on PSVR and get a feel for how the game’s mix of real-time and CG content is going to work. The full thing launches next month.

    Track Lab, from Little Chicken Game Company
    Price: $19.99

    Another musical VR experience, this time allowing you to create your own music by arranging beats and notes. Puzzle-like challenges will teach you the basics of the game before you’re let loose to create and mix your own tunes. We weren’t super keen on the game, though perhaps music fans will find it to be a fitting complement to Electronauts.

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  • Celebrate International Dog Day With Dex, Your AR Best Friend
    Celebrate International Dog Day With Dex, Your AR Best Friend

    International Dog Day is this weekend on August 26th, 2018, so what better way to celebrate than with an AR best friend of your very own? Meet Dex: the AR dog created by the appropriately named VR/AR development studio, Labrodex. They’re the same team behind upcoming VR shooter, Scraper.

    This AR app featuring their company mascot is usually $1.99, but until August 29th it’s free to download for all iOS and Android users with AR-capable devices. The promotion is to help raise awareness for “charitable causes such as the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs” according to a company representative.

    Fans of the popular Nintendogs series on the Nintendo DS or even old-school Tamagotchi devices will know what to expect. It’s a simple app with basic functionality like being able to level up Dex’s skill by teaching him tricks like sit, rollover, and speak. He has needs as well, such as needing food and play time to stay happy.

    There is even a “follow” and “stop” command so you can bring him with you while you’re out on walks, or sniff out coins in the world for rewards. In the future they plan to add new mini-games, more accessories, a little doggy house, and more authentic training commands.

    Dex is far from being the only immersive pet app out there. We’ve  covered other similar apps in the past like CurioPets, RoVR, and a cute little guy named Waba.

    Check out AR doggy Dex right now for free until August 29th. And if you want more dogs in  your life, here’s a picture of the best dog ever, my pembroke welsh corgi, Luna.

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  • Gamescom 2018: Telefrag Is An Unreal Tournament-Inspired Shooter For Iron Stomachs
    Gamescom 2018: Telefrag Is An Unreal Tournament-Inspired Shooter For Iron Stomachs

    Most developers do their best to avoid discomfort in VR but Anshar Studios seems to relish in it. Few games have shown such reckless disregard for sending players into a dizzy haze than last year’s Detached, a fact its makers flaunted in a hilarious trailer for its PSVR launch. And why not own it? With a community that’s becoming increasingly (and needlessly) hostile to games that don’t include smooth locomotion and turning, why not coax players into a masochistic competition to hold in your vomit. It’s essentially the VR equivalent of a dare.

    Telefrag, the studio’s next game, follows in those shaky footsteps.

    We have not been sent any assets yet, so this muted video is the only footage we could find

    I considered myself to be a fairly hardened VR user that can count the number of times he’s fallen sick inside a headset on one hand, but I could physically feel my stomach lurch as the camera shifted on this new gravity-manipulating online shooter, which the team likens to Unreal Tournament. In 1 v 1 matches, you dash around maps, occasionally ascending the walls on special grav ramps to turn the arena-style levels into full 360 degree battlefields, much like in Enthusiast Games’ single-player NeverBound.

    Control-wise, the game’s closer to Doom VFR than Epic’s classic series, with quick dashes assigned to a flick of an Oculus Touch stick and a teleport function that can be used to smash into your opponent and cause them to burst like a bag full of blood. That’s called telefragging (hence the title), which is the same named coined by Doom itself. Guess that term’s sticking, then.

    In its current state the game has a solid foundation that its developers need to build upon. You begin each match by choosing one of three loadouts — more will be available in the final game — including a fast-firing pulse rifle, rocket launcher, and dependable laser pistol. Each feels great to fire, though it’s a little hard to judge how easy aiming is when you know the developer you’re playing against is probably going a little easy on you. When you did, you’ll have to choose another weapon loadout, though power-ups on the map give you the chance to even the odds if you’re not using a favorite.

    Matches are punchy and entertaining. Chasing a player on the back-foot as they dart backward in intermittent bursts feels like a VR game of cat and mouse, and the ability to walk on any wall brings a heightened sense of exposure to the start of levels where you hunt for the enemy. Another arena-based shooter might not necessarily be what VR needs right now, but the low player count certainly makes it a viable option for two friends that need a place to shoot each other on weeknights.

    While the gravity shifting is undoubtedly going to limit who can play Telefrag, you can try your best to avoid it. Teleporting can instantly move you to other surfaces including the ceiling for example,

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  • Hands-On: Twilight Path Is The Next Enthralling VR Puzzle Game By The Creators Of Form
    Hands-On: Twilight Path Is The Next Enthralling VR Puzzle Game By The Creators Of Form

    Twilight Path from Charm Games has a strong sense of identity from its opening moments. The very second that it begins you immediately feel like you’re inside of a fully-realized virtual world, even if all you’re really doing is teleporting around while solving puzzles.

    This is the follow-up to 2017’s Form, an exquisite, but extremely short, sci-fi themed puzzle game, and the feeling that these were made by the same people and perhaps even somehow exist in the same universe is palpable. Charm clearly has a strong identity and could become a go-to developer of VR puzzle games just like Owlchemy is a go-to developer of silly interaction games.

    Similar to Form, Twilight Path has beautiful environments that you feel compelled to gawk at, but you won’t be running around with any artificial locomotion at all. This is just a stand in place and teleport a bit type of game, which is perfectly fine for this type of experience.

    The brief demo I tried featured two primary “powers” that I used to solve puzzles: a tiny little magical orb and a telekinesis grabbing power. When I held the orb up and gazed through it, similar to the Lens of Truth in Ocarina of Time, it revealed secrets in the world. I get the feeling that this orb and the “Twilight” theme are going to play major parts in this puzzle adventure.

    Obviously the biggest difference between Twilight Path and Form is just the actual setting. Whereas Form was a staunchly sci-fi game full of esoteric monuments, bright cascading lights, and floating platforms, Twilight Path feels much more grounded, even if still highly fantastical. It’s equally as gorgeous visually, just in a different style. Stylistically it actually gave me some vibes similar to The Gallery from Cloudhead, or obviously Myst.

    When playing a non-VR puzzle game, I have a bad habit of getting frustrated very easily after trying a few solutions at random when I get stuck, but that doesn’t seem to happen as much in VR. Games like Twilight Path instead invite me to tinker until I found the solution. Similar to Form it didn’t feel overly difficult, but hopefully that’s just because this was only a small section of the game.

    The devs clearly have a handle on how to make engaging puzzles in VR, but hopefully they can flex their narrative muscles a bit more this time around. The ancient, mystical, and mysterious world of Twilight Path is seeping with character and it’d be a shame to see that go to waste for just a thematically similar collection of puzzles. Since the demo was only a short 30-minute slice, maybe the full game dives into the world and story a bit more.

    We don’t have a firm release date for Twilight Path at this time, but the website still says Summer 2018 and we expect to see it land on Rift, Vive, and Windows VR. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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