• How QuiVr Sold 35,000 Copies In Early Access
    How QuiVr Sold 35,000 Copies In Early Access

    Archery game QuiVr recently emerged from Early Access after more than two years of development. During that time, the game sold roughly 35,000 copies on Steam.

    Sole programmer Jonathan Schenker and business partner Aaron Stanton say the game, selling at $20 per copy, generated around $700,000 in gross sales before Valve took a 30 percent cut for the Steam store. Stanton assisted with the design, business development and marketing of the game and the two split a $30,000 investment in the project to get original art made for QuiVr.

    The game failed to achieve the same sales milestones as other indie VR games like H3VR and Beat Saber, each selling 100,000 copies at the same price as QuiVr. H3VR is an experimental shooting game which achieved that milestone between 2016 and 2018. Rhythm slashing title Beat Saber achieved the same milestone in just one month of 2018. There are also a lot of developers who have struggled with their first generation titles selling well below QuiVr. I hope to talk with more developers to tell those stories too. For now, I’m sharing what Schenker and Stanton explained over email about how they achieved a “reasonably profitable” approach with QuiVr.

    ‘A Hobby I Thought Was Cool’

    According to Schenker, in May 2016 he was finishing up a computer science degree which he got “by convincing professors to let me use Unity to complete projects.” He also participated in hackathons and game jams during his free time. Schenker tried the HTC Vive at GDC and watched early development videos put together by H3VR developer Anton Hand. Schenker used to be into real-life archery and didn’t know Valve’s The Lab had its own archery game when he started prototyping another one in the Unity game engine.

    “Before Aaron joined QuiVr was really just a hobby that I thought was cool,” Schenker wrote. “I had a full time job as a web developer and was happy just working on my archery game on the side with some feedback from the VR early adopters on Reddit and Steam.”

    The first time Stanton played the game “you could download the demo, launch it, shoot one guy walking across the screen… and then you would have to quit the game, and restart it, because there was no respawn mechanic.”

    “Without Aaron’s push toward tackling development with more of my time and effort, I’m sure that QuiVr would have spent much more time in Alpha before going into Early Access,” Schenker wrote. “I really just like making cool stuff and sharing it with others, Aaron’s involvement played a key role in convincing me that it was really worth pursuing as my primary focus.”

    Stanton also suggested they get “help with outsourcing art.” That step was critical in turning QuiVr “from a generic fantasy game into a game with its own story to tell,” according to Schenker.

    Stanton reached out to arcades as well by offering a licensed version of the game to deploy in locations around the world, adding more revenue to their effort. Stanton previously founded a startup

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  • Rift, Vive Barely Move In July’s Steam Hardware Survey
    Rift, Vive Barely Move In July’s Steam Hardware Survey

    The share of VR usage on Steam barely shifted in July 2018.

    Last month’s charts showed Oculus Rift pull slightly ahead of the HTC Vive with 46.26% of the overall usage compared to the latter’s 44.56%. The difference this month is minimal; Rift comes in at 46.18% whereas Vive also drops to 44.35%. Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets were the only devices to enjoy a slight rise, moving the needle from 6.25% in June to 6.41% this month. Rift’s DK2 is still (!) hanging in there with 1.25% of the chart.

    As always, we’ll remind you that this isn’t a definitive way of measuring the actual market share of PC VR as it’s an optional survey that requires participants to have their headsets plugged into their machines. Still, seeing as Oculus and HTC haven’t revealed any kind of official sales figures, it’s the best we’ve got at trying to gauge the market right now. Will we ever know how much these devices have really sold?

    It’s not surprising to see such little activity in these charts given how quiet things have been on the VR front of late. We’ll be interested to see if this month’s release of Oculus Rift exclusive, Marvel: Powers United VR, and its headset bundle package will do anything to help out the Facebook-backed kit over the course of August, but other than that there’s not much to suggest there’ll be a big shift in numbers any time soon.

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  • Apex Construct’s North American Retail Launch Delayed Less than four weeks to wait until it arrives on retailers shelves.
  • Resolution Games Brings Wonderglade and Bait! To Viveport HTC Vive Focus users in China will now be able to enjoy Bait! and Wonderglade.
  • Vive, Google, Microsoft And More To Talk At VRX 2018
    Vive, Google, Microsoft And More To Talk At VRX 2018

    Big speakers are being lined up for December’s VRX conference and expo in San Francisco.

    The first batch of speakers, revealed this week, include Vinay Narayan; Vice President of Product and Operations at HTC Vive, Steven Kan; Head of Global Strategy for AR and VR at Google and Mike Pell; Envisioneer at Microsoft Garage. They’ll feature across two days of talks, panels and workshops that cover the entire immersive industry, including both commercial and enterprise VR and AR.

    Talks at this year’s show include a deep dive on VR’s performance in 2018, combining VR and AI for true immersion, social VR and a look at ethics and privacy in the industry. There’s also set to be an expo hall where new experiences will be on display.

    Other speakers at the event will be representing companies like Paramount, Survios, Superdata, HP, Audi and nDreams. Limited early-bird tickets, starting at $999, are available now. Start-ups can also apply for a $399 one-day pass for specific tracks.

    Overall VRX is set to feature over 90 speakers from the world or VR and AR. It’s running at the Hitlon Union Square on December 6th + 7th.

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  • Samsung Trademarks ‘Perfect Reality’, ‘Odyssey Z’ Ahead Of Note 9 Reveal
    Samsung Trademarks ‘Perfect Reality’, ‘Odyssey Z’ Ahead Of Note 9 Reveal

    It’s that time of year again; Samsung is getting ready to reveal its next enlarged smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9, at an Unpacked event on August 9th. But recent trademarks from the company suggest there might be some interesting VR news coming down the line, too.

    In the last week of July the tech giant put in trademark filings for both ‘Perfect Reality‘ and ‘Odyssey Z‘ at the European trademark office. Both filings have ‘virtual reality headsets’ tagged in their goods and services description.

    Odyssey Z might sound exciting initially, but it’s not likely to amount to much. Though Samsung has a (very good) Windows VR headset named the Odyssey, the company also revealed the Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z earlier this year, and this trademark almost certainly refers to its European release. It does at least suggest that the gaming-focused device could support VR, though.

    Perfect Reality sounds much more interesting, perhaps tying into a new marketing push for Samsung’s VR efforts. Back in July we reported that the company had also trademarked an ‘Anti-Screen Door Effect’ AMOLED display (which is likely the display we saw at SID Display Week) and we also know that it’s working on its own standalone VR headset with 4K resolution, inside-out tracking and eye-tracking. That sounds pretty perfect to us.

    We don’t know when Samsung will reveal these trademarks officially, but the thought of a Note 9 with a refined display has us excited about jumping back in Gear VR. We’ll have to see what the company has in store next week.

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  • London’s Barbican to Present Highlights From Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities Exhibition The exhibition starts later this month.
  • Mind Labyrinth Is An Idyllic New Fantasy Adventure Coming Soon
    Mind Labyrinth Is An Idyllic New Fantasy Adventure Coming Soon

    Update: Well it took a little longer than expected, but we now know that Mind will be touching down on PSVR, Rift and Vive at some point this month.

    Fans of Xing: The Land Beyond and other fantastical VR games might want to keep an eye on Mind Labyrinth VR.

    Announced last week by developer Frost Earth Studio, not much is known about Mind Labyrinth right now save for what you can see in the trailer below. This looks like the kind of VR experience that focuses on place and immersion more than it does action; you wander through several impossible landscapes, occasionally solving puzzles and interacting with the world around you. It looks almost meditative; encouraging phrases appear around you as you venture into the world.

    It looks like a nice antidote for those that are growing tired of all the shooting to be done in VR right now and are looking for something a little more calming.

    Mind Labyrinth will be arriving on “the most popular VR headsets” next month.

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  • HTC Vive Debuts New VR Apps, McLaren Shadow Project At ChinaJoy 2018
    HTC Vive Debuts New VR Apps, McLaren Shadow Project At ChinaJoy 2018

    ChinaJoy 2018 is in full swing, and HTC is there with a heck of a lot to showcase on its various Vive headsets.

    For starters, the company launched the McLaren Shadow Project at the show. Announced last month, this unique VR racing competition puts players in the seat of a McLaren F1 car using the Vive Pro headset. ChinaJoy attendees will be challenged to score the best lap times, the winner of which will take part in the finals at the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK next January. The overall victor will then be given a spot on McLaren’s eSports team.

    Elsewhere, HTC is showcasing new titles for both the Vive and the standalone Vive Focus at the show. For starters, former PSVR exclusive, Salary Man Escape, is on display ahead of a Viveport launch on August 28th. Resolution Games’ VR theme park, Wonderglade, is also being shown off on the Focus, as is a new Vive Studios game developed by Chesstar called Flashing Beat. It’s a music game that sees you using a cardboard guitar peripheral to hit notes to a beat.

    Online gaming company Netease, meanwhile, confirmed it would be launching a multiplayer open-world VR game on Viveport next year. Finally on the PC side, Ubisoft’s Space Junkies is being shown on Vive Pro at the show.

    Over on the arcade side of things, HTC is showcasing Viveport Arcade exclusive, Invaders, and a title for the Vive Focus Location Based Entertainment scheme called Infinity Racer.

    There’s a lot of stuff on the way to Viveport then, though we don’t know which if any of this content will land on Steam. As for Vive Focus, we’re still expecting a global launch for the headset at some point later this year.

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