• Huawei and China Mobile Fujian Team up for Operator Cloud VR A new Cloud V services launches in China alongside new optical broadband upgrades.
  • Here’s how to Kick Ass and Have a Marvelous Time VRFocus demoed Captain Marvel from the upcoming Oculus Rift exclusive.
  • AR Brings Soccer Team Cave Rescue to Life The New York Times shows the difficult conditions of the Thai cave rescue by using augmented reality.
  • Mr. Mercedes VR Escape Room Hits Comic-Con

    The interactive pop-up shop included both a VR and AR game. For the upcoming season 2 premiere of Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes original series, AT&T let Comic-Con fans enter a VR escape room inside Brady’s lair. Located just blocks away from Comic-Con, The Mr. Mercedes Immersive Experience couldn’t be missed from the street. The black

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  • The Persistence Pre-Release Livestream: VR Survival Horror Roguelike
    The Persistence Pre-Release Livestream: VR Survival Horror Roguelike


    The Persistence is an upcoming PSVR-exclusive survival-horror-meets-sci-fi-roguelike that’s designed to keep your heart rate up with its relentless enemies and pulse-pounding combat. Each time you die (and you will die) the entire map reshuffles itself with a new layout, new enemies, new loot, and more.

    We’ve been playing a lot of The Persistence for the past week and we’re excited for everyone else to get a chance to dive in with it starting tomorrow when it releases on PSVR July 24th.

    For today, we’ll be livestreaming The Persistence on PSVR using an El Gato HD60 S and monitoring chat on a nearby PC later today. The official embargo for reviews is 9PM PT, but Sony has permitted us to do an early preview livestream that’s limited to the first deck of the ship as long as we do not discuss our final score and provide preview impressions only. But we’ll be happy to answer your burning questions!

    Tune in for the livestream today at approximately 2:00PM PT — we’re aiming to last for about an hour or so. We’ll be livestreaming directly to the UploadVR Facebook page. You can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up:

    Embedded livestream coming soon

    You can see our archived streams all in this one handy Livestream playlist over on the official UploadVR YouTube channel (which you should totally subscribe to by the way) and the UploadVR Gaming Facebook page, which you should Follow and set notifications for by clicking the little bell icon!

    Let us know which games you want us to livestream next and what you want to see us do, specifically, in Onward or other VR games. Comment with feedback down below!

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  • Llamasoft Reveal Plans for New VR Title and Polybius PC Port Jeff Minter is promising all Llamasoft titles will be VR compatible in future.
  • Capcom Confirms No VR Support for Resident Evil 2 Remake An interview with Capcom producers reveals there are no plans to add VR to Resident Evil 2 remake.
  • Unknightly Looks Like The Thief VR Game We’ve Been Waiting For
    Unknightly Looks Like The Thief VR Game We’ve Been Waiting For

    Little known fact; legendary stealth series, Thief, once had a VR demo, but it never materialized into a full game. Hopefully Unknightly can fill the void the series has left behind.

    It’s fitting that this experience from Portal Studios is a stealth game, because it slipped right by us when it launched in Steam Early Access late last year. Still, it’s just received its fifth major update so that warrants another look.

    Set in medieval times, Unknightly casts you as the former member of the Knight’s Order who was betrayed and locked away. You set out on a revenge mission, looking to learn who turned you in and then to get even with them. That’s done by sneaking around levels, distracting guards with noises and staying hidden in the shadows.

    With its latest update, Unknightly gets even closer to the original Thief, though. For starters, it introduces a bow and arrow. That’s a staple of a lot of VR games, but here it can be used for silent takedowns and even to take out lights with a water arrow. You can see it in action in the trailer above.

    Sticking with light manipulation, you’re now able to snuff out other lights, too. We’re particularly fond of the ability to snuff candles by waving your hand over the flame to create some much-needed cover.

    Elsewhere, this update introduces loot, a manual save and load system, and a bunch of smaller tweaks including changes to guard design and performance optimization.

    Unknightly is available for $19.99 on Rift and Vive via Early Access, though there’s no word on when the full version will be launching just yet.

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  • I Am The Very Model of a Modern VR Cycle Sales of VR hardware are contracting, but there is a good reason for that.
  • Marvel: Powers United VR Will Get Free DLC Post-Launch
    Marvel: Powers United VR Will Get Free DLC Post-Launch

    This week’s the week! Marvel: Powers United VR is launching in just a few short days on July 26th, bringing some of the biggest comic book characters into VR for the first time. But developer Sanzaru Games won’t be stopping at launch; work on DLC has already begun.

    Publisher Oculus confirmed as much on Reddit last week, stating that not only is the team working on DLC, but that it would be free too.

    What Oculus didn’t say is what type of DLC was being worked on, though it didn’t rule out the possibility of new characters being added into the game. Powers United VR will launch with 18 playable heroes, including the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Deadpool, but the roster is still missing some of Marvel’s biggest names including Iron Man, Daredevil and a whole heap of others. We’d love to see them get added to the game later down the line.

    It’s also possible that DLC could bring us to new locations (Hell’s Kitchen, Atlantis and Latveria all come to mind) or add new villains (Doc Ock? Dr. Doom?).

    Powers United is an Oculus Rift exclusive in which up to four players pick a hero each and then take part in missions that tour the Marvel universe. As you fight off armies of Ultron robots and Hydra soldiers you’ll also take on boss characters like Loki and Venom as you collect shards that will allow you to take on Thanos himself.

    No word yet on when the DLC will launch but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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  • PlayStation VR Platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission Dated for October Release Pre-orders will be available starting today.
  • Do Or Die Is An Action-Packed VR Battle Royale Game With Lots Of Weapon Attachments
    Do Or Die Is An Action-Packed VR Battle Royale Game With Lots Of Weapon Attachments

    Do or Die is an ambitious, upcoming VR battle royale game in development for Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets.

    While it shares the core ruleset of most battle royale games in that players must battle to be the last man standing, it has a few unique ideas that the developers are hoping can help it stick out from the pack.

    For starters, you can actually reach up and control the parachute’s trajectory at the start of the match, adding an extra layer of realism. They claim to have a “unique” driving system and, perhaps most notably, is an intricate weapon mod mechanic via attachments. Similar to non-VR battle royale games like PUBG, you can clip on and remove things like scopes from guns and even store them in an inventory for other weapons.

    Visually it’s pretty rough, but that’s understandable given the small team and early state it’s in. In the trailer you can see lots of combat and driving, which bodes well for the amount of action, but it’s unclear how many players are on the map or how large it is.

    Also in a move similar to PUBG, players will be able to purchase in-game cosmetic items and via real money microtransactions, or leave your fate up to the RNG Gods via loot boxes, which is a bit rare for most VR games.  There are NPC units that come onto the map as well during a game. If you kill one of them, you can nab some high-tier loot, so it’s sort of a like a mercenary system that replaces loot crate drops.

    Finally, the victory conditions are a bit different. The main goal isn’t to necessarily kill everyone, but to be the first one that escapes on the helicopter at the end. From there, everyone else is ranked.

    The two current most-played VR battle royale titles are Rec Room’s free Rec Royale mode and Stand Out: VR Battle Royale. You can watch livestreams of both games here and here, respectively. Prior to that, we’ve also covered Virtual Battlegrounds, a title that no one’s heard any news about for quite some time.

    Obviously battle royale games are at the height of popularity right now between Fortnite and PUBG, so it’s no surprise to see the genre adapted for VR. Hopefully as more developer cut their teeth on the concept the games released are of higher quality and actually become polished final products.

    Let us know what you think of Do or Die from what you’ve seen down in the comments below! For more details, check out the game’s official website here.

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  • Megaton Rainfall Coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in August PlayStation Move will also see support next month.
  • Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Gets PSVR Release Date
    Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Gets PSVR Release Date

    One of PSVR’s most promising upcoming games now has a release date.

    Astro Bot: Rescue Mission from Sony’s Japan Studio will be launching in the US on October 2nd and EU on October 3rd, it was confirmed today. The game is now available to pre-order via the PlayStation Store for $39.99. Pre-order bonuses include four avatars for your PlayStation account, a dynamic theme for your PS4 menu and the entire soundtrack in digital form. The new video below gives you a whats-what of the game.

    Astro Bot was born out of a minigame found in Japan Studio’s PSVR launch-era minigame collection, Playroom VR. Like Oculus Rift exclusive Lucky’s Tale, it’s a third-person platform in which you control a tiny robot on a mission to save his friends. Over the course of several levels, you’ll jump between platforms and take out enemies just like you would in a traditional platformer.

    VR does bring some new ideas to the table, though, including using your DualShock 4 as a way to reach into the game world, throwing ninja stars to create platforms and more. We’re really looking forward to it, as you can tell from our preview earlier this year.

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  • Japan’s New Godzilla VR Game Looks Absolutely Terrifying
    Japan’s New Godzilla VR Game Looks Absolutely Terrifying

    Godzilla is having a pretty good week, which is probably bad news for the rest of humanity. The massive monster made his big screen return at Comic-Con with a new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and now there’s a new VR experience based on the beast on the way, too.

    The footage below is taken from a new arcade experience that’s headed to Namco Bandai’s VR Zone in Osaka. It puts players in a helicopter and tasks them with taking down the legendary behemoth. Using an HTC Vive Pro, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the creature. The VR setup also includes flight sticks, suggesting you’ll actually be able to pilot the chopper yourself.

    Based on the footage, this version of the monster looks like it’s based on the recent Japanese movie, Shin-Godzilla, rather than the blockbuster Hollywood movies. That’s fine by us; he looks absolutely terrifying and the giant laser beams shooting from his back must be a sight to behold.

    Sadly this is a Japan-only attraction for now though, with the news that Mario Kart VR is soon coming to the UK, there’s always hope we get our hands on this too.

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