• HTC Vive Libraries Program Will Bring VR Headsets To Over 100 Libraries
    HTC Vive Libraries Program Will Bring VR Headsets To Over 100 Libraries

    Almost a year ago to the date Oculus announced an initiative to bring VR headsets to 90 different California libraries. Now, HTC has announced the Vive Libraries Program, which is set to bring VR headsets to 110 different libraries in California and Nevada.

    It’s hard to know how similar the programs are beyond the obvious, but it’s great to see more commitment to democratizing VR for uses other than gaming.

    For selected content, HTC has curated a list of “over 35 of the most immersive educational and experiential VR apps” to use in the library settings, so don’t expect much zombie killing to happen inside these headsets. Instead, users can take virtual field trips to places like the Berlin Wall or International Space Station, go swimming with sharks and build virtual models for 3D printing, or even meditate.

    This really could end up being the beginning of a revolution for how information is stored and communicated at public places like libraries. I’m reminded of Halliday’s Archive from the Ready Player One film, in which attendees watch playbacks of memories as if they’re happening right before them. Libraries could use VR to adopt a similar model for filed trips and other types of educational reenactments.

    Elementary school David would have died to experience the modern day equivalent of the Magic School Bus.

    What do you think of the news? Let us know down in the comments below!

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  • Hands-On — The VOID’s Nicodemus: Demon Of Evanishment Will Terrify This Halloween
    Hands-On — The VOID’s Nicodemus: Demon Of Evanishment Will Terrify This Halloween

    I jumped in surprise within 30 seconds of entering The VOID in Las Vegas. I was cowering in fear just a few minutes later.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw something rush toward me. I heard it coming closer as I pointed my head down and closed my eyes. I waited for it to pass.

    Then I felt something dig into my shoulder.

    A powerful chill moved down my spine and throughout my body. I crossed my arms to rub the goosebumps and tried to laugh off the feeling something had grabbed me. I remembered earlier, when I was getting strapped into the headset, I was looking down at my vest and reading the word “Rapture” upside down. Of course — it was The VOID’s haptic vest.

    When The VOID upgraded to Rift-level visuals last year I drove out to Utah to experience it. I was impressed with their walk-around system and environmental effects, though both Ghostbusters and Star Wars experiences from The VOID invite comparisons to forms of 2D entertainment. Is around $33 per person in The VOID worth the price in comparison to $15-20 per person for a two-hour movie? Or $60 for a new video game with 10 or more hours of content to play?

    The VOID’s first public VR experiences draw people to venues with the promise of stepping into a world made famous on the big screen. In places where there are VOID locations like Downtown Disney and The Venetian there’s a built-in audience of people ready to pay some money to visit another world for a bit. And, in each of the first public VOID attractions, you hold a gun in your hands to defend yourself. It is a bit of security in Ghostbusters, for example, when spirits are ready to rush at you. These guns, though, tend to limit interaction while inviting comparisons to first-person shooter games.

    It is much harder to make comparisons to 2D forms of entertainment with Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment when you naturally use your hands to interact with the world while exploring a haunted building. The only comparison I can make to a video game is the setting in the late 1800s at an abandoned world’s fair is a bit like stepping into Rapture or Columbia from Bioshock. According to The VOID, co-founder Curtis Hickman helped develop the story for Nicodemus and found inspiration in a love for haunted houses.

    These are the characters people can become inside Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

    I want to describe a specific moment in my recent trip to The VOID that would be a major spoiler, so skip to the next paragraph to avoid. In one of the rooms there are three dioramas without power. At the first diorama on the left side of the room I spotted something glowing. Sitting on a shelf at the front of the diorama there was an outline of a hand glowing in red. Since it was just me alone — I laughed a bit and put my hand on the shelf. A little

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  • Déraciné Is A Return To From Software’s Pre-Dark Souls Roots
    Déraciné Is A Return To From Software’s Pre-Dark Souls Roots

    One of the most surprising VR reveals from E3 last week was Déraciné, a new PlayStation VR (PSVR) exclusive from Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer, From Software. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game is very different from the two action series he’s best known for, but that doesn’t mean Déraciné is unlike anything the team has done before.

    Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, Miyazaki revealed that the game was partly born from a desire to get back to the studio’s roots making adventure games. “As we were starting to wrap up Bloodborne and Dark Souls III we were obviously looking at what might come next, but at the same time we were looking at what we’d done in the past,” the developer said.

    Miyazaki then referenced one of From’s older games, Echo Night, speaking to the heritage the developer holds in the genre. “So that gave us the opportunity to start having an internal conversation about what we could do within that genre, while at the same time looking at VR – and the two ideas meshed well,” he explained.

    Not only that but the developer believes it’s time to try something different and perhaps even stranger than his recent games. “”I think occasional surprises are enticing to our fans,” Miyazaki noted. “This is exactly that. It’s unexpected and doesn’t follow on from any of our recent titles – hopefully it appeals to our audience by being something new and fresh. It felt like the right time to do that.”

    We couldn’t agree more. Déraciné looks like a game that really understands VR, rather than simply trying to translate the thrills of a Souls game into headsets. We went hands-on with the game at E3 and came away intrigued by its strange beauty.

    Look for Déraciné to arrive on PSVR later this year.

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