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  • Experience The Extraordinary Life Of Nelson Mandela In VR

    Celebrate the 100th birthday of one history’s most influential figures in this immersive VR experience for the Oculus Go. Philanthropist. Revolutionary. President. Very few individuals have managed to live a life as influential and accomplished as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. Throughout his many years fighting against apartheid in South Africa, the legendary humanitarian has suffered

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  • Become A Super Hero With Marvel Powers United VR Retail Bundle As release date draws closer, new trailer is revealed and new Oculus Rift bundles goes on pre-order.
  • New Oculus Rift Bundle Featuring Marvel: Powers United VR Revealed
    New Oculus Rift Bundle Featuring Marvel: Powers United VR Revealed

    Clearly, Oculus is hoping that its upcoming superhero action game, Marvel: Powers United VR, will be big enough to sell a few Rifts. To that end, it’s introducing a new bundle for anyone that hasn’t picked the VR headset up yet.

    The Marvel: Powers United VR bundle, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con today, comes with the Rift, a pair of Touch controllers that are required to play the game, and a copy of the experience. We’re particularly fond of the box art, which features just-announced characters like Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man as well as already-confirmed heroes like The Hulk, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. We took the above photo of it at an event this week.

    While we call this a bundle, it’s more just a case that everyone that buys a Rift from next week could get Marvel for free; the pack costs the same price as the normal Rift package at $399.99.

    In the game, you team up with up to four friends and visit a range of locations across the Marvel universe, including Wakanda, Asgard and New York. Each level has a series of objectives you have to complete while fending off swarms of enemies. Classic Marvel villains like Venom, Ultron and Loki will try and put a stop to you before you’re given a shot at taking down Avengers: Infinity War villain, Thanos himself.

    The game’s set to launch on July 26th for $39.99. We’ll have a full review for you in the coming days.

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  • Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer
    Spider-Man and Wolverine Confirmed In Marvel: Powers United VR Trailer

    Today at San Diego Comic-Con Oculus and Marvel have revealed the final Marvel Powers United VR trailer, which includes six brand new never-before-revealed characters. Fan favorites that felt like glaring omissions until now include Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America, along with Doctor Strange, Storm, and Ice Man rounding out the roster. Those final two aren’t shown in the footage, but you can see their names in the reel of heroes at the end. The trailer also confirms Thanos is the end boss, but we already figured that one out on our own.

    These six iconic heroes brings the total cast up to 18. That’s a lot of superheroes. Each of them play differently with their own powers and abilities, in addition to various levels and potential bosses, meaning there’s a whole lot of content on offer here.

    In the trailer above the marketing team are preying on our nostalgia a little bit. It opens with kids playing dress-up as Cap, Spidey, Wolverine, and others, only to be disappointed by their costumes not quite living up to expectations. Then it fast-forwards to modern day as each child, not a grown up adult, dons an Oculus Rift to become their favorite hero.

    There is a particularly effective scene in which a woman is sliding the Rift down over her face and it slowly transforms into Spider-Man’s mask. Nice touch.

    For more on Marvel Powers United VR, you can check out our previous two hands-on impressions (here and here) as well as our information round-up article with everything you need to know. We’ll have a full review and character guides live on the site next week for the game’s launch on July 26th.

    Let us know what you think of it so far down in the comments below!

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  • Stand Out: VR Battle Royale Livestream – It’s Basically PUBG Meets VR
    Stand Out: VR Battle Royale Livestream – It’s Basically PUBG Meets VR

    Stand Out: VR Battle Royale is an Early Access VR shooter on Steam that’s gained a lot of traction over the last few months. The concept is simple: offer a bare bones battle royale experience with 20-30 players on an ever-shrinking map, similar to PUBG or Fortnite, but with the flair of experiencing it from within the immersive realm of VR. And even though it’s unpolished with a ton of heavy inspiration from PUBG, it’s just a downright blast to play.

    Mechanically it’s similar to a lot of other modern-themed VR shooters like Onward and Pavlov since you’ve got to physically manipulate the gun, reload magazines manually, etc. However, gameplay is nice and fast with all of the typical battle royale trappings. We’re not exactly veterans at this game just yet, but we’ll be doing our best to grab a chicken dinner on today’s livestream nevertheless.

    We’ll be livestreaming Stand Out: VR Battle Royale on PC today using an Oculus Rift with Touch starting very soon as of the time this is being published (which means we’ll start at approximately 1:30PM PT) and aim to last for about an hour or so. Instead of using Restream today like usual to hit both YouTube and Twitch at the same time, we’ll instead be livestreaming directly to only the UploadVR Facebook page. You can see the full stream embedded right here down below once it’s up:

    Embedded livestream coming soon

    You can see our archived streams all in this one handy Livestream playlist over on the official UploadVR YouTube channel (which you should totally subscribe to by the way). We’re also using our Twitch channel more too. Starting soon we will even also begin using Mixer as well.

    Let us know which games you want us to livestream next and what you want to see us do, specifically, in Stand Out or other VR games. Comment with feedback down below!

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  • Switch Seamlessly from 360 to VR180 With Vuze XR Dual Camera Upcoming new camera has dual-mode technology to easily switch from VR180 to 360-degree capture.
  • Justin Roiland’s Squanch Launches Space Heroes On Daydream Next Week
    Justin Roiland’s Squanch Launches Space Heroes On Daydream Next Week

    Justin Roiland’s next VR project from Squanch Games debuts Monday on Daydream.

    Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes is the first project to emerge from a partnership between Google and Squanch Games to build a series of small, experimental VR titles exclusively for Daydream. In typical Squanch fashion, the announcement includes a comic and trailer giving people a sense of where Roiland is going his humor here.

    Here’s the comic, which describes the game as a “stupid dumb p.o.s.”

    We’ll have to wait to go hands to get a good grasp of what kind of game this is. The good news we only have to wait till July 23 to find out.

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  • One Small Step for Samsung VR Samsung launches 'A Moon for All Mankind' VR experience at its Samsung 837 store in New York.
  • Beat Saber Update Adds Hidden Exclusive Song
    Beat Saber’s First Update Adds Hidden Song

    An update for Beat Saber promises the first “exclusive” song hidden as an Easter Egg.

    The update is live now on Steam and Oculus with the following hint posted to help people unlock the song:

    Go to the place where your journey should have started.
    Maybe something is meant to be otherwise than stated.

    I’m away from my PC right now but if you figure out how to unlock it, please share in the comments.

    Other changes to Beat Saber include:

    Settings for how in-game menu can be triggered added (instantly or long press).
    Volume settings added
    Swap Colors settings added
    Static Lights gameplay options added
    No Obstacles gameplay options added
    “Cut in any direction” tutorial voiceover and text added
    Fixed simultaneous vibration of both Oculus Touch controllers (only with -vrmode oculus)
    Fixed calculation of maximum possible score
    Fixed bug where you can spawn too far from the platform
    Legendary Hardcore Flying Car!

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  • Thor Brings The Hammer Down In 9 Minutes Of Marvel Powers United VR Gameplay You want him to bring the hammer down?
  • Spell-slinging PvP Gets New Character with Latest Update Wands introduces new magic-wielding samurai in latest update.
  • Hands-On: Conjure Strike Is A Team-Based VR Hero Shooter With MOBA Elements
    Hands-On: Conjure Strike Is A Team-Based VR Hero Shooter With MOBA Elements

    When I played Megalith at E3, it was a little bit of a revelation for me. Intuitively I knew that hero shooter style games, or rather action games that pit players against each other in an arena and let them pick from a host of characters each with vastly different powers, would be a good fit for VR, but I’d never tried one. Now with Conjure Strike, another team-based VR shooter with objective-based game modes, I’m convinced this style of VR game is here to stay.

    The small development team at The Strike Force have down a great job of boiling down the core principles of what makes games like Overwatch and even MOBAs such as League of Legends so fun and popular and then doubled down on those ideas for Conjure Strike.

    You can see a full match I recorded while playing with the developers yesterday right here:

    Right now the game has three modes, each of which are played on a map dedicated to that mode only, four classes, and four different powers per class. All of the matches are played out in 2v2 settings and offer a lot of really fast-paced action. The two game modes I tried were an assault/defend mode similar to Overwatch’s payload or Echo Combat, as well as a King of the Hill mode that felt more like a MOBA with minion turrets auto-spawning and each team controlling a base.

    Personally, I enjoyed the assault/defend mode a lot more (which is shown in the gameplay video above). The map was much larger and more elaborate with various different elevations and points of cover, whereas the king of the hill map felt very claustrophobic and was extremely difficult to win on if you didn’t capture the initial point at the very start.

    I tried out a few of the different classes, such as the newly introduced melee-based class that requires you to actually punch with the Oculus Touch controllers to attack, or the range-based hunter class that shoots a rifle-style gun and gets a powerful sword slash ultimate ability.

    Those were all fine and dandy, but I absolutely wreaked havoc as the Elementalist. That class’ default attack is an orb that explodes on contact for AoE damage and it also gets a powerful channel beam and an ice orb that freezes enemies. As someone that enjoys playing as Pharah in Overwatch, I’m a sucker for a good, fun AoE-focused ranged character.

    The art style doesn’t really do much for me, but its simplicity likely means that it’s easy for the developers to rapidly create new content in the future. I vastly prefer the more detailed style of Megalith, to cite another VR game, or any other hero shooter I’ve tried honestly. It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t feel as polished and articulated as it could. Luckily the exciting gameplay and tense team dynamics more than make up for it.

    With over two months left to go until launch, most of the work going on right now is play-testing and balancing. When

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  • George Takei Launches New Political AR App House of Cats pokes fun at the US government by using interactive and AR elements.