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  • Loco Dojo Dev Secures Investment To Expand Operations
    Loco Dojo Dev Secures Investment To Expand Operations

    Make Real, the developer of madcap VR party game, Loco Dojo, has secured equity investment to expand its operations in VR.

    The company declined to reveal exactly how much funding it raised in a round led by M&A Advisory, but did note that it would use the money to expand its R&D team to build prototypes and develop creative products. More money will also go to marketing & PR for the company as well as exploring more applications in the education industry.

    Make Real develops and publishes games like Loco Dojo along with working with well-known brands like McDonalds, providing interactive, promotional VR experiences for them.

    A few months back we reported that Make Real was now working on its next game, Pastime for Pirates, which is a swashbuckling-themed social hub for playing minigames and chatting with friends. At the time we noted the game was seeking funding. Speaking to UploadVR, Sam Watts, Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real, noted that the investment the company secured today was unrelated to Pirates as it’s an “in-house” effort.

    “However it does mean with the creation of the R&D / rapid prototyping / own-IP development team, we are able to continue working into the vertical slice of PfP to bring it to a state that is more likely to receive publisher interest,” Watts added. “It should be noted that PfP is just one of many own-IP prototypes Make Real has created, within the consumer gaming and enterprise training spaces, either for internal development or external funding opportunities, more details of which will be made available in the coming months.”

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  • Make Real Secures Investments for Immersive Technology Learning UK company plans to use investment funding to expand R&D and hire new talent.
  • Somnium Space Looks To Raise Funding For Cross-Platform VR World Somnium Space looks to equity crowd-funding site SeedingVR to raise funds.
  • Snowy Adventure Game Kona Gets A Surprise VR Release On PSVR
    Snowy Adventure Game Kona Gets A Surprise VR Release On PSVR

    Let me take you on a bit of a history trip here. Nearly four years ago now, indie developer Parabole ran a Kickstarter campaign for an episodic mystery game named Kona. Set in snowy Quebec, it had players investigating the strange disappearance of an entire group of people. The campaign raised $44,271 CAD and promised VR support.

    Fast forward to 2018 and Kona has been released across a range of platforms, but no VR headsets. That is until today.

    A VR version of Kona has popped up on the EU PlayStation Store with PSVR support for £15.99. It’s a bundle that includes the full game and VR upgrade DLC. The DLC is available separately for £4.99. A trailer seems to confirm that this is the full original game played inside PSVR with two Move controllers.

    This is a pretty big deal for PSVR fans that have been waiting on a full game to play; Kona offers a massive environment to explore with survival mechanics and a deep story along with drivable vehicles. It’s isolated frozen wastes seem like the perfect environment to explore in VR, so we can’t wait to dive in.

    What we don’t know is if this VR support will also find its way to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive any time soon, though we’ve reached out to both Parabole and publisher Deep Silver to ask.

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  • SharePoint Spaces Brings Mixed Reality To Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft wants to make collaborative immersive experiences accessible to everyone. With 135M Office 365 monthly active users and 400K organizations currently using SharePoint, Microsoft is now investing in AI and immersive experiences to enhance the collaborative functions of the platform. “As new generations that have grown up with technology are entering the workforce, bringing new

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