• 2018 VR and AR Conference, Festival and Expo Schedule
    2018 VR and AR Conference, Festival and Expo Schedule

    Over the last few years a busy conference circuit has emerged for creators and enthusiasts interested in VR and AR technology, and 2018 is full of events throughout the year.

    We’ll update this list of VR and AR-related events from time to time as more dates are announced. If we’ve missed a big one, please email with information about the conference or event and we’ll periodically update this post.

    Unite Berlin // June 19 – 21

    Berlin, Germany

    Registration: Attendee

    San Diego Comic-Con // July 18-22

    San Diego, United States

    Registration: Exhibitor | Attendee Badges (Sold Out)

    SIGGRAPH // August 12-16

    Vancouver, Canada

    Registration: Attendee

    Gamescom // August 21-25

    Cologne, Germany

    Registration: Exhibitor | Attendee

    Oculus Connect 5 // September 26-27

    San Jose, United States

    Registration:  TBD

    Unite Los Angeles // October 23 – 25

    Los Angeles, United States

    Registration: Attendee

    XRDC // October 29 – 30

    San Francisco, United States

    Registration: Attendee

    VRX 2018 // Dec. 6-7 

    San Francisco, United States

    Registration: TBD

    VR Events In The First Half Of 2018
    Mobile World Congress // Feb 26 – March 1

    Barcelona, Spain

    SXSW // March 9 – 18

    Austin, United States

    IEEEVR 2018 // March 18 – 22

    Reutlingen, Germany

    GDC/VRDC // March 19 – 23

    San Francisco, United States

    Laval Virtual // April 4 – 8

    Laval, France

    NAB // April 7 – 12

    Las Vegas, United States

    Tribeca Film Festival // April 18 – 29

    New York, United States

    F8 // May 1 – 2

    San Jose, United States

    Unite Seoul // May 2 – 4

    Seoul, South Korea

    VRLA // May 4 – 5

    Los Angeles, United States

    Unite Tokyo // May 7 – 9

    Tokyo, Japan

    Google IO // May 8 – 10

    Mountain View, United States

    Unite Beijing // May 11 – 13

    Beijing, China

    Future Of Immersive Leisure // May 16 – 17

    Las Vegas, United States

    VR World // May 22 – 23

    London, England

    Augmented World Expo // May 30 – June 1

    Santa Clara, United States

    E3 // June 12-14

    Los Angeles, United States

    VRTO // June 16-18

    Toronto, Canada

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  • WITHIN Uses WebVR For Distribution Platform Filmmaking company WITHIN turns to open source WebVR to create new distribution platform.
  • Someone Ported A Game Boy Emulator To Oculus Go
    Someone Ported A Game Boy Emulator To Oculus Go

    Nintendo’s Game Boy was one of the first all-in-one portable gaming systems in the world, and now you can play its huge line-up of games on one of the first all-in-one portable VR systems in the world.

    Reddit user CidVonHighwind has ported Gearboy, a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator, to the new Oculus Go headset. The app projects a giant virtual screen into a darkened environment where you can play classics like Pokemon Blue (or Red, if you’re on the wrong side of history), Super Mario Land 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and much more. The images above from the developer show you how it all looks, though you’ll need to connect a gamepad to your Go in order to play.

    You can download the emulator via GitHub and then follow these instructions for sideloading apps onto Oculus Go. Once you’re ready you can load in ROMs and be on your way.

    This is a great way to experience some old classics in an entirely new way. In fact, it reminds us a little of the VR NES emulator for Rift/Vive which actually uses an algorithm to turn 2D games into 3D experiences to enjoy in VR.

    Also of note: someone in the comments noted that they’re working on a SNES Emulator, too. Super Metroid inside VR, please.

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  • Red Rover Is A Mars Driving Sim Using Real Life Imagery
    Red Rover Is A Mars Driving Sim Using Real Life Imagery

    There are lots of VR experiences that take us to Mars, but Red Rover from indie developer Alan Chan is using real-world imagery of the red planet to deliver a surprisingly authentic experience.

    Set to release tomorrow with optional Oculus Rift support, Red Rover is a Mars driving simulator. You control a land rover on the surface of the planet, driving across terrain that’s rendered from images from NASA’s HiRISE Mars orbiter. Chan himself has already been using the app for years as a personal project that allowed him to explore Mars, but now he’s bringing it to Steam with a VR mode that brings you even closer to the distant planet.

    Red Rover will give you nine areas, each with about 5km x 5km of terrain to drive around in. There’s not much ‘game’ here; you’ll largely be driving around to take in the sights in the knowledge that this is what Mars actually looks like. And it’s not all just barren red desert, with sites including the Becquerel Crater, Western Cerberus and South Olympus.

    There are some neat features, though, like a controllable day/night cycle that can make the scenery look pretty dramatic. Your Rover is also fitted with jump jets, Mass Effect style. Chan also hopes to add more maps over time as more datasets are released.

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  • New Screenshots Released For Gungrave VR Intense 2002 action returns.
  • PlayStation VR Worlds Back In UK Charts This Week, Suggests Good PSVR Sales
    PlayStation VR Worlds Back In UK Charts This Week, Suggests Good PSVR Sales

    It looks like Sony’s Days of Play sale is having a positive impact on its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset.

    PlayStation VR Worlds, the PSVR launch title from Sony’s London Studio, ranked in fifth place in this week’s UK games software charts from GFK. That means in the space of this week it even managed to outsell titans like Gran Theft Auto V, Mario Kart 8, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Call of Duty: WWII. The game costs only around £10 during Sony’s current promotion, which ends later this week.

    There might be a big reason the game has sold so well, though. Copies of PSVR Worlds are bundled inside pretty much every PSVR unit sold in the UK right now, which will have boosted its sales somewhat. That might seem like cheating, though it actually suggests PSVR itself might have moved a healthy number of units over the course of the promotion. The headset’s starter pack also costs about £200 during the event.

    Last we heard, PSVR had sold two million units worldwide. That said, we didn’t get an update on sales at E3 last week, which might suggest Sony hasn’t managed to pass the three million mark just yet.

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    With the industry growing hungry for female influence, women in VR has never been more important. In the early nineties, a TV studio took a risk. Executives were casting for a character named Dana Scully: a supporting role, they envisioned, being played by a woman with the same physical attributes as Pamela Anderson. Despite that

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  • Moviebill Brings AR Dinosaurs From Jurassic Park To Life Visitors to the Regal chain of theaters will be able to pick up an AR-enhanced copy of Moviebill for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
  • HTC Vive Introduce Spatial Audio SDK HTC Vive offer developers a new software development kit to make developing immersive audio easier.
  • Jupiter & Mars Looks Stunning In New E3 2018 Screenshots The PlayStation VR title keeps looking beautiful in latest screenshots.
  • Oculus Release 5K Version Of Henry For Oculus Go And Gear VR Now available in 5k resolution at 60 frames-per second.