• David Bowie Exhibition Goes Virtual Traveling Exhibition 'David Bowie Is' will be getting an AR and VR experience.
  • Evasion: The Story Behind Archiact’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Co-Op VR Shooter
    Evasion: The Story Behind Archiact’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Co-Op VR Shooter

    Editor’s Note: This post was written by Evasion developer Archiact’s Lead Writer, Peter Boychuk, and is being published here as a guest developer blog.

    Evasion is a sci-fi bullet hell shooter for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you haven’t already, check out the latest trailer for a glimpse into the pulse-pounding action we’ve got in store for you later this year.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to do a deep dive into Evasion’s characters, locations and story.

    Humanity Takes to the Stars

    Evasion is set in the early 23rd Century. Humans have colonized the spaceways thanks to FTL drives that run on a fuel called chloragen, which has become the galaxy’s most precious commodity.

    The richest source of chloragen is found in space claimed by the Optera, a highly advanced and fiercely xenophobic race. When humans attempted to mine one of their worlds, a terrible war erupted. Millions of lives were lost on both sides before a fragile truce was declared. As a concession, humans were permitted to colonize one of the Optera’s moons. That moon, which the humans christened ‘Faro Colony’, became the galaxy’s largest exporter of chloragen.

    Peace is Shattered

    Now, decades later, the Optera have suddenly and unexpectedly launched an attack on Faro Colony. Your mission is to find out what happened on Faro Colony, and unearth what motivated the Optera to reopen a conflict that nearly brought both species to the brink of extinction. The lives of the over twelve thousand colonists, not to mention the rest of humanity, hang in the balance. Along the way, you’ll liberate outposts, travel deep into a chloragen mine, explore a town built into a crater, and face off against legions of Optera.

    Enter the Vanguard

    You play as a member of the Vanguard, an elite special ops team that specialize in breach reconnaissance. Like Navy SEALs of yore, the Vanguard are sent into galactic ‘hot spots’ to reconnoiter and deter threats. The Vanguard have four different classes — Striker, Surgeon, Warden and Engineer — each of which have a unique arsenal of weapons and abilities. You will learn more about each of these ‘hero classes’ and their capabilities in future blog posts.

    A Lethal Enemy

    No human has ever set foot on the Optera homeworld, so little is known about the Optera’s true origins. Did they evolve from insects, as their physiology would suggest? Are their exoskeletal structures some kind of cybernetic armor or a robotic vehicle? Their technology is highly advanced: they wield deadly energy weapons, can instantly teleport troops, and are able to launch highly coordinated attacks that don’t seem to rely on verbal communication. But what they want, and why they are so zealous about guarding their territory, remains a mystery to be solved.

    You will encounter dozens of different kind of Optera as you travel through Faro Colony. From the ubiquitous Paragord to the elusive Skimmer to the fearsome Megatoma, they each pose a unique challenge that will force you to use every weapon and ability in your arsenal to survive.

    Into the Storm


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  • Charming Puzzler GNOG now Supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift KO_OP has added an all new VR mode.
  • Villains Madama Hydra and Scientist Supreme Join Marvel Powers United VR There's still time to pre-order your copy.
  • It Looks Like Thanos Is In Oculus Rift Exclusive Marvel: Powers United VR
    It Looks Like Thanos Is In Oculus Rift Exclusive Marvel: Powers United VR

    Two lesser-known villains (and one big baddie) are joining the cast of Marvel: Powers United VR today.

    Publisher Oculus has announced that Madame Hydra and Scientist Supreme will both appear as bosses in the VR action game. You won’t get to play as them, but you will be able to face off with them in the middle of levels.

    Though you might not have heard of the characters, you’ll probably recognize the groups they represent. Madame Hydra is, obviously, one of the heads of Hydra, an evil organization bent on world domination that Captain America often finds himself butting heads with. Scientist Supreme, meanwhile, has had many incarnations but operates under the banner of A.I.M., another group of baddies that uses technological smarts to overcome their foes.

    But the description Oculus provided for the two characters also seems to confirm another big Marvel baddie that you may just have heard of is in the game. Scientist Supreme’s bio — also available on the official website — reads: “Utilizing A.I.M. technology with the support of ground forces from Hydra, the Kree, and Ultron for the mighty Thanos, she is determined to decimate anyone who stands in their path.”

    Yup, that Thanos. The one that does the thing in a certain blockbuster Avengers movie. We’d long suspected he would be in the game given his newfound status as the big bad of the entire Marvel universe, but now it seems confirmed we’ll get to square off with him in VR. From the looks of it, he’ll be behind the game’s larger story; we wonder if he’ll be wielding a certain gauntlet?

    This announcement also seems to confirm that we’ll also be squaring off with the larger Hydra and Ultron factions in the game. So far we’ve only seen our heroes go up against armies of Kree warriors, so it will definitely be nice to get some variety amongst the cannon fodder.

    Marvel: Powers United VR is releasing on July 26th exclusively on the Oculus Rift. We’ll hear more about the game at a comic-con panel this week.

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  • David Bowie VR/AR Exhibition Will Let You Try On Iconic Outfits
    David Bowie VR/AR Exhibition Will Let You Try On Iconic Outfits

    Even after his passing, David Bowie is still helping to change the world.

    For the past six years, a touring exhibition named ‘David Bowie is’ has been celebrating the work of the legendary singer/songwriter. Running through the final years of his life and continuing on past his death in 2016, it takes a look back at his career, his eccentric style and offers an unprecedented look at items from the archives. Now, though, that exhibition has come to an end, but it will live on virtually with the help of VR and AR.

    The official David Bowie is website confirms that a digital recreation of the exhibition is coming to AR-compatible smartphones this fall, developed by Sony Music Entertainment in collaboration with the David Bowie Archive, Planeta, and V&A.

    Following the AR release, a VR version of the experience will debut in spring 2019. The digital versions promise to bring “add unprecedented depth and intimacy” to the experience. You’ll discover audio-visual spaces and interact with faithfully recreated 3D scans of objects from Bowie’s history. You’ll even be able to try on some of the artist’s iconic outfits worn over the years. Now there’s a filter Snapchat must be jealous of.

    The VR portion of the experience will come to all major VR headsets, though specifics haven’t been confirmed. It will be a premium app, but a portion of the profits will go towards the V&A and the Brooklyn Museum.

    This sounds like the perfect way to celebrate not just the work of the exhibition but also the larger life of an extraordinary man, and could set the standard for maintaining touring exhibitions long after their lifespan going forward.

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  • Archangel: Hellfire Brings Multiplayer Mech Warfare to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift The update is free if you own the original title.
  • Archangel: Hellfire Review – The Best VR Mech Combat Game Yet
    Archangel: Hellfire Review – The Best VR Mech Combat Game Yet

    Piloting a giant mech has been a fantasy for sci-fi lovers around the world for decades. From popular anime like Gundam and TV shows such as Power Rangers, to modern interpretations in Pacific Rim and more, we’ve become accustomed to seeing giant robots marvelously realized in our favorite works of fiction. And while Archangel: Hellfire is just a VR game and not the real deal, it feels like the closest we’ve gotten yet.

    When Archangel originally released last year, it was met with mixed results. The core ideas and gameplay were solid enough to carry it to a decent score with us, but the on-rails movement and lackluster narrative left a bit to be desired. If we’re being honest, most people want to play mech games to fight other mechs in glorious battles, but an on-rails movement system hampered that ideal.

    Archangel: Hellfire sets out to fix all of that and introduce multiplayer into the equation.

    The core player-vs-player mode that makes up Archangel: Hellfire’s release today is actually available (mostly for free) in the “Enlist Free” edition, but to get access to the aforementioned single player campaign and a brand new co-op arena mode, plus additional optional skins, you need to buy the full version of the game. For clarity, this review only covers the new PvP and co-op content, not the single player. Here is our review of the single player campaign.

    In Hellfire there’s team deathmatch in both 1v1 or 2v2 varieties across three total maps, with one more coming soon, and three different mech classes (Light, Medium, and Heavy). There’s quite a bit of variety across all of the available maps, each of which feature large open areas, lots of obstacles for cover (some of which are destructible) and a good deal of verticality. It would have been nice to have at least one small, tightly-designed map that could shine as a good 1v1 battleground, but as it stands all of them are really best played in full 2v2 matches.

    At first glance that doesn’t seem like a ton of content, but with how different each mech plays it more than makes up for it. All three mechs are controlled using the left thumbstick or trackpad for movement and you aim each arm independently using your motion controllers. Turning your head lets you look around inside the cockpit while staying stationary, whereas the right stick rotates your mech to either side. Grip buttons on each hand pull up shields, which deactivate whichever hand’s weapon you’re using for the shield.

    For mobility there isn’t a sprint feature or dash of any kind, but instead you click in the stick to boost upwards into the air to do a slowly descending hover at a quickened pace. If you’re a slow-moving Heavy mech, this is a good way to cover distances, but it leaves you exposed in the air.

    All three mechs come equipped with standard machine guns on each arm as the default weapons. These barely do any damage and I only ever really used

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  • Sports Title Racket: Nx Leaving Early Access Today Get competitive across HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.
  • Experience Oculus Rift & HTC Vive with a Single Cable A new standard called VirtualLink will let next-gen VR devices use the same type of cable.
  • VirtualLink Is A New Standard For VR PC Connection Backed By Oculus, Valve And More
    VirtualLink Is A New Standard For VR PC Connection Backed By Oculus, Valve And More

    A new VR standard backed by some of the industry’s biggest players is looking to make fiddling about with multiple headset wires a thing of the past.

    VirtualLink is designed to make the next generation of PC VR headsets much faster and more accessible to get into. It uses a single USB Type-C connector to replace the range of leads that are connected to current headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The standard is already being supported by Oculus, Valve, Nvidia, AMD and Microsoft, the latter of which has been backing it since the start of its work in VR.

    The standard is an Alternate Mode of USB-C. It includes support for four lanes of HBR3 DisplayPort for high-resolution displays, USB3.1 Gen2 SuperSpeed for headset cameras and sensors, and up to 27 Watts of power delivery. Not only does this make setup easier on current PCs, but it will also mean future VR headsets will be compatible with a wider range of devices that don’t meet the current connection requirements of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

    You can view the standard’s documents for yourself here.

    “A consolidated connection point is critical in removing barriers to experiencing high-powered PC VR”, Oculus’ VP of Product Nate Mitchell said in a prepared statement. “With the adoption of VirtualLink technology, purpose-built for VR, we look forward to helping push the industry forward into the next phase of VR.”

    Rather than a separate product you’d buy for your existing VR headsets, then, VirtualLink will likely be a technology that will come integrated into next-generation PC VR headsets, though no devices have officially announced support for it thus far.

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  • VR vs. It’s Coming Home Then again, maybe not yet.
  • Onward Is Getting A Free Weekend This Week, New Map Soon
    Onward Is Getting A Free Weekend This Week, New Map Soon

    Hey PC VR owners, envious about upcoming PSVR-exclusive shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour? There’s no need to be; Rift and Vive have a perfectly excellent military shooter of their own that you can try for free this weekend.

    Downpour Interactive’s Onward will be free to play from July 19th to 22nd via Steam. The entire game (which is still in Early Access) will be free to jump into. It will give you the chance to experience the latest version of the game, which adds in controllers tailored to the Oculus Touch controllers (instead of just emulating the Vive controls as before) and the ability to catch and then throw back grenades, which must happen in real war all the time.

    Elsewhere, yet more updates are coming to the game, including improved, more realistic player animations and a brand new map named Abandoned. You can also expect to equip weapons with bipods for greater accuracy and use a new stun gun.

    Onward is a multiplayer military shooter that focuses on realism and has made a name for itself as one of the best competitive VR games out there right now.

    Still no word on a full and final release yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

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  • Join VRFocus For A Post Gamescom XR Review This September VRFocus has teamed up with Realities Centre to give you an extra chance to see and discuss VR and AR items from Gamescom.
  • Vuzix Sees Order Numbers for Smart Glasses Rise A pilot scheme from AMA XpertEye is converted into a full rollout, seeing a surge in order numbers for Vuzix.