• Scope AR Comment On The Consumer Technology Association’s First AR/VR Standard Co-founder and CEO Scott Montgomerie shares his insight.
  • This Week In VR Sports: Tabletop Football And ESports Deals Plus a special broadcast featuring AR World Cup Heroes.
  • Facebook Are Testing Augmented Reality Adverts In The News Feed New tools released to help advertisers build mobile-first content as well.
  • Gaze Coin Is Selling Virtual Real Estate On Mars A new model for funding videogame development using cryptocurrency.
  • Concept3D Introduces Tour Builder for User-Created VR Tour Experiences Tour Builder aims to give SMBs and enterprise companies the ability to create new leads.
  • The Biggest Rift, Vive And Windows VR Releases Of The Week 07/08/18
    The Biggest Rift, Vive And Windows VR Releases Of The Week 07/08/18

    Again, there’s isn’t a lot to talk about this week, but what is there is definitely interesting. Shooter and horror fans will be well-served.

    Seeking Dawn, from Multiverse
    Price: (Rift, Vive, Windows)

    Seeking Dawn is an expansive new shooter with gorgeous visuals and co-op support. You touch down on an alien planet and fight off its inhabitants whilst mining for resources. We love how much content it offers and how detailed its world is, but we also think there’s too much micromanagement in the crafting that holds the game back.

    Stifled, from Gattai Games
    Price: $19.99 (Rift, Vive, currently discounted)

    Finally making the jump from PSVR, Stifled is a unique VR horror game in which the player as to make sound through their headset’s microphone in order to see the world around them. The problem is that this also alerts enemies to your locations, resulting in a chilling game of cat and mouse. It’s definitely an interesting take on the genre.

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  • Rémy Martin Promotes Latest Cognac Release With AR Art Tour

    The French cognac producers team with abstract artist Matt. W. Moore for an international augmented marketing campaign. As AR advertising continues to capture the attentions of various companies looking for more engaging forms of brand awareness, we’re beginning to see the creative possibilities AR technology can bring to conventional marketing. Rémy Martin, one of the

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  • Seattle Zoo Look To Virtual Reality To Offer Visitors A Closer Look At Their Rhinos The Woodland Park Zoo hopes to offer viewing experiences like never before.
  • The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 07/08/18
    The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 07/08/18

    All’s quiet in PSVR land this week. We’ve got just one truly new game to check out. Hope you like tennis!

    Dream Match Tennis, from Bimboosoft
    Price: $14.99

    I’m excited about this. Not because I’m a fan of tennis in any meaningful way, but because this particular take on the sport is made by none other than Bimboosoft. That’s rift, the guys that made Rollercoaster Dreams, arguably the worst PSVR game of all time. Judging by the trailer for this one, it looks like Bimboosoft may have upped their game a little since then, but they still managed to produce hilarious trailers.

    Code51: Mecha Arena, from Smelly River
    Price: $19.99 (European release)

    Finally an EU release for this intriguing mech shooter. Code51 has you taking part in multiplayer battles from the seat of a powerful war machine. Charge around arenas, firing rockets, grabbing powerups and just generally making as big an explosion as you possibly can. If you need a Rigs fix, this is a good place to go.

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  • MinorityVR Release New Virtual Reality Travel Experience Taking Users To Finland Explore the beautiful of Finland in a new immersive VR experience, available now.
  • Second Version of Pimax 8K Headset Being Sent To Testers Pimax is said to be sending a revised version of the headset to testers due to reported quality issues.
  • Penrose Studios Raises $10 Million For AR/VR Entertainment
    Penrose Studios Raises $10 Million For AR/VR Entertainment

    Penrose Studios has raised $10 million in a new round of funding for its augmented reality and virtual reality entertainment. That’s a beefy round, considering that part of the company’s market, VR, has fallen out of favor with investors.

    But San Francisco-based Penrose Studios has set itself apart with animated VR films such as Allumette, which aims to bring a more human feel into the technology with personal and emotional stories. Penrose’s founders come from places like Pixar Animation, and they know how to tell a story.

    TransLink Capital led the round. New investors include CEO Marc Benioff, Grammy-award winning artist and VR creator, Korea Telecom, and design studio Co-Made. Returning investors include Sway Ventures, 8VC, and Suffolk Equity. Translink was also an earlier investor.

    The company previously raised a seed round in March 2016. Since then, Penrose Studios launched a new series, Arden’s Wake, which includes two installments, The Prologue and Tide’s Fall. Arden’s Wake: The Prologue premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2017 and received the top Lion award from Venice Film Festival for Best VR.

    The company is building the series with its in-house VR creation tool Maestro.

    “What we are making is a mix of a video game, a movie, and theater,” said Eugene Chung, Penrose Studios founder and CEO, in an interview with VentureBeat. “We’re excited because we haven’t seen such a change in storytelling since the advent of the motion picture.”

    Above: The team at Penrose goes inside VR to create new VR animations.

    Image Credit: Penrose

    “I am excited about our investment in Penrose not only because of amazing storytelling ability captured in the VR medium but also because the rare combination of creativity and business savvy of the CEO, Eugene,” said Jay Eum, managing director of Translink Capital, in an email. “The quality of work out of Penrose (e.g., Rose and I, Allumette, Arden’s Wake) has already been well-recognized in the industry (best VR film at Venice Film Festival). However, most outsiders are not aware that Eugene possesses a unique blend of creativity (formerly head of Oculus Studios and worked at Pixar Animation Studios) and business experience (ex-Warburg Pincus, ex-Morgan Stanley).”

    Eum added, “It is clear that the VR industry has yet to mature enough to generate substantial revenue for the content creators. However, by focusing on creating VR content which audiences of all ages, genders and nationalities can experience and appreciate, Penrose is building their reputation as one of the top VR content studios in the industry. By raising capital and efficiently managing the operations, Eugene is executing their strategy to sustain themselves until the VR industry can financially support leading content creators.”

    The second piece in the series, Arden’s Wake: Tide’s Fall, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in April and features Academy Award-winning actress Alicia Vikander and actor Richard Armitage. In addition to bringing Hollywood closer to VR, the studio team also actively participates in technology and film innovation and VR industry events around the world.

    “VR continues to be a breakthrough form of entertainment for all ages,” said Chung. “As we participate in taking this new form of storytelling to the next level, we’re proud

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  • Preview: Crooked Waters – Nautical Warfare That’s Lacking Some Rum An interesting idea that’ll take time to develop.
  • Watch Amazon’s VR Kiosks Transform The Future Of Shopping
    Watch Amazon’s VR Kiosks Transform The Future Of Shopping

    Amazon announced that it has opened virtual reality kiosks in 10 shopping malls to promote its Prime Day shopping event. Now you can see the Amazon VR experience for yourself. Prepare to be impressed: It’s significantly more elaborate than expected, and shows how a top retailer is transforming the future of shopping.

    Rather than taking the obvious retail angle and depositing you in a computer-generated facsimile of a brick-and-mortar space, Amazon instead transports the shopper into a city filled with Prime Day products — beginning with the fun of a hot air balloon ride. Viewed through an Oculus Rift with full head tracking, the ride lets the shopper briefly see some of the brands and promotions Amazon is featuring before landing in a serene park.

    Shoppers can then walk through rooms that reflect current Amazon store sections, including Bath & Beauty, Kitchen & Dining, Fashion, and Prime Video, as well as a technology-focused Living Room and toy-focused Kids Room. Each of the rooms has its own theme and sense of physical space, with the Living Room resembling one that would be found in a nice home, and the Fashion shop looking like a slightly futuristic brick-and-mortar store.

    Using Oculus Touch controllers, customers can handle any product in full 3D, including clothing that can be placed on holographic people to determine fit and smartphones that can be examined from all angles with pop-up specification windows. The video shows people peering inside a refrigerator and a washing machine, handling Nerf Zombie Survival System toys, and checking out breakfast cereal boxes that look just like what you’d find in a supermarket.

    Beyond providing a clear look at the future of retail, Amazon’s VR kiosks represent an ingenious business plan. Pioneered by Amazon India, they popped up out of nowhere in 10 popular malls throughout the country and could either disappear by next week or remain in place — serving as continued enticements to convert brick-and-mortar customers into Amazon Prime members. Amazon India executives have said that they’ll evaluate feedback provided during this week to determine whether to keep the VR kiosks going.

    This post by Jeremy Horwitz originally appeared on VentureBeat.

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  • Seeking Dawn: 5 Essential Tips For Surviving The Harsh Alien World
    Seeking Dawn: 5 Essential Tips For Surviving The Harsh Alien World

    Seeking Dawn is a surprisingly large and ambitious VR game from the developers at Multiverse. While w had some mixed feelings about it in our review that went live earlier this week, there are some really strong positives to this shooter that will resonate with a lot of people. For starters, it offers a heft campaign with solid co-op gameplay and lots of areas to explore while gunning down dangerous aliens.

    It’s also a pretty tough game with intricate crafting and survival systems. So now that Seeking Dawn is finally out into the wild that means thousands of intrepid space marines are about to embark on their journey. But it’s dangerous out there, so take this list of tips!

    There Are Lots of Options In The Settings

    Once you get through all of the intro calibration steps you can open up the full Settings menu and really dig into the options. In addition to offering both full trackpad/joystick locomotion there’s a teleport system as well. You can tweak your rotation settings (incremental or smooth) as well as the rotation and movement speed.

    On top of movement options you can customize the HUD opacity (a lot of people found it intrusive or claustrophobic, but I personally liked having the helmet in my FOV because it was more immersive.) The point is that it’s a pretty customizable experience and you can really tweak it to be good for your tastes.

    It’s Better With Friends

    Like most things, Seeking Dawn is better with some friends. The title supports up to four players in co-op and has a really great drop-in, drop-out system so that you can leave your game lobby open while you play and let people join you at-will. Plus, when you pick a save file, you can choose to either load it in single player or multiplayer, which means all of your progress carries over in your game between modes.

    The in-game animations for your co-op buddies need some work in terms of tracking arms and legs and not having players look like distorted aliens, but at least the netcode and gameplay is good. Certainly helps make the more tedious parts of the game (and there are plenty) feel less monotonous.

    Stockpile Resources

    Within the first hour or so of Seeking Dawn you’ll find two resource gathering tools — one that lets you break up rocks for ore and one that lets you chew up trees for wood. As soon as you get these, if you have the patience, I’d recommend immediately backtracking through all of the zones you’ve explored already and grabbing as many resources as you can.

    The reason I say that is because eventually you’ll hit a point where you need something particular and if you don’t happen to have it already, it’s a huge pain to find specific resources. There is no map system to tell you where resources spawn at all or which zones to search in, so it can be frustrating if you didn’t preemptively stockpile.

    Stay Mobile During Combat

    Combat in Seeking Dawn can get pretty

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