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    The glitch-electronica pioneers turn their latest album into a psychedelic immersive experience with the help of TheWaveVR. Since first emerging back in 2006, American electronic group The Glitch Mob have gone on to become one of the most influential musical acts of the last decade. The creative trio of skilled music producers have developed a

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  • E3 2018: Transference Is A Haunting Psychological Experience
    E3 2018: Transference Is A Haunting Psychological Experience

    Transference is shaping up to be a powerful and haunting psychological trip from Ubisoft Montreal and Spectrevision.

    I don’t know how Games Editor David Jagneaux played through all of Resident Evil 7 with a VR headset on, but accomplishing that terrifying task and then describing Transference as an “intense and unsettling thriller” planted seeds of fear back at E3 2017. This year, those seeds sprouted. David needed to walk over Nazis in a giant mech at the same time as a panel for Transference. So it fell to me to attend the panel, experience Transference and put a few questions in front of Ubisoft’s game’s director Benoit Richer, Spectrevision’s Elijah Wood and others involved in its creation.

    What Is Transference?

    Transference is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC as well as Rift, VR and PSVR this fall. The official site offers the following description:

    Enter a corrupted digital simulation created by a brilliant but troubled scientist, Raymond Hayes. Transference is a world built from the collective brian data of Raymond, his wife Katherine and their son Benjamin. Recover a fragmented family as you shift back and forth between each individual’s perspective and piece together the mystery of their lives.

    The basic framework for “an escape room set in a deranged mind” involves entering various rooms, looking for objects and hitting the light switch to see a room from a different perspective. I used analog sticks to walk around a creepy house, hand controls to pick up objects I found and I was also faced with a basic environmental puzzle which could be solved by switching back and forth between these perspectives.

    At various points, Transference draws out empathy with the cries of a child and piques curiosity as reality itself flickers to reveal objects hidden in another version of the room. It also commands fear with dark corners in tight hallways and shadowy figures ready to rush you at any moment. The sound design alone is almost overwhelming. I tuned a radio at one point to a station and heard a child fearfully ask for a parent to tell them whether they are experiencing reality. As a father who works in VR and watches far too much science fiction, I found this moment particularly distressing.

    The narrative in Transference is awfully close to a few episodes of Black Mirror, except the power of VR is used to make the story feel more pressing and intimate. In less than 20 minutes with Transference I felt two chills run down my neck. Different emotions were in competition to drive my actions, and though I found the mystery of this family intriguing enough to want to want to unlock the whole story when it releases late this year  — I’m not entirely sure whether I will want to finish the rest of this story inside or outside VR. It might be too much for me. The game’s director, Richer, said in an interview he believes it is easier to connect with the characters in the story when you are face-to-face

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    Explore every step of seafood production in Daydream Impact’s latest VR documentary. More than a third of the global harvested seafood is lost or wasted on its journey to your dinner table. In the U.S. it is closer to half, with most fish being wasted by consumers. Ocean to Plate: A Journey into the Seafood Supply

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  • Budget Cuts Gets New June 14 Release Date
    Budget Cuts Gets New June 14 Release Date

    Highly anticipated VR game Budget Cuts just received a new release date.

    The game by Neat Corporation is now slated for launch this week on Thursday June 14 at 10 am Pacific. The game has been in development for more than two years by an extremely small studio. It t was last going to release at the end of May but some significant bugs blocked progression in the game. A day before release last month Neat announced one more delay to fix those bugs.

    We’re finally releasing #BudgetCutsVR! Thursday the 14th of June, 2018 at 10 am, PST.

    — Neat Corporation (@NeatCorp) June 13, 2018

    Who is excited to finally play Budget Cuts?

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  • E3 2018: PlayStation Confirms Dreams Will Support PSVR Day One
    E3 2018: PlayStation Confirms Dreams Will Support PSVR Day One

    We just got our first officially official confirmation that Media Molecule’s Dreams is going to support PSVR from day one.

    The PlayStation Access team, which is a part of Sony itself, confirmed as much in a hands-on video from this year’s E3. A few weeks back we heard as much from a third-party report, but this is the first time we’ve heard PlayStation itself confirm it.

    The team also noted that VR support would include both “playing and creating”, meaning you can make entire games and assets inside the headset and then go through them too. Sadly we’re still not being shown the game running in PSVR at this year’s show, but it’s definitely exciting to hear it’s coming.

    We’re very, very excited about Dreams’ PSVR support. In fact we said it could be the headset’s most important game so far, allowing an entire community to make their own VR experiences.

    A beta for Dreams will be out this year. As for official launch, we’re not sure yet.

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