• Google, HTC and SuperData to Discuss Current State of VR & AR in Free Webinar The webinar will take place next week.
  • Brie Larson Narrates Latest ‘Space Explorers’ VR Series

    Episode two now available on the Oculus Store. Before Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson blasts off in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel feature film, she’ll take us on a VR journey into how us Earthlings are exploring and colonizing space. Narrated by Larson, Space Explorers: Taking Flight is the second episode in a multi-part VR

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  • Dell’s new Precision 3000 Workstations to Offer Better Performance in a Reduced Footprint Both are available from today.
  • Why Virtual-Virtual Reality Remains A VR Experience You Must Play
    Why Virtual-Virtual Reality Remains A VR Experience You Must Play

    It’s a secret shame of mine that we’ve never done a proper review of Tender Claws’ Virtual-Virtual Reality (VVR). In my defense, it’s not exactly a ‘game’ in the conventional sense, and we’ve haven’t really figured out how to handle impressions for these types of apps yet. How do you put a score on something as brilliantly bizarre as this surrealist story of VR gone too far?

    But, with the recent release on Oculus Rift, I can at least right that wrong a little and tell you why you need to play VVR.

    In this vision of a reality gone weird, you take on the role of a new worker at Activitude, an Aperture Science-esque facility that provides services to AI clients. With the limitless possibilities of VR at your finger-tips, these chores are anything but mundane; sentient butter fetishizes about having perfectly-toasted bread lavishly slapped onto its sides, while a Texan tumbleweed longs to roam free in a runner-style minigame. You warp between realities by putting on virtual VR headsets with the aid of Activitude’s head-of-madness, Chaz.

    VVR initially revels in the inherent silly side of VR to glorious effect. You bounce between realities with giddy curiosity, always wondering what ridiculous situation you’re going to find yourself in next. It’s Accounting with a little more nuance, replacing Rick and Morty’s volume for the mild-mannered antics of Portal’s Wheatley. As you go, your performance will be rated by sometimes satisfied but mostly unhappy customers. Suffice to say you’ll probably end up making some mistakes that you didn’t see coming.

    But all is not what it seems; it’s not long before you peel back the thin layer of Activitude’s surface and begin to uncover a deeper meaning to both the dystopian corporation and the wider game. Are you really serving AI constructs? Or is there a bigger story behind the gravely-voiced pinwheel that takes such pleasure in watching you water his garden? What about the VR we as headset owners experience now? Where does that reality go when we switch it off?

    It’s here where VVR starts to touch on something a little more profound. As you dig deeper into Activitude’s past you start to piece together a puzzle that begins in a society not too far off from where we are now. What initially seems like slapstick mockery starts to feel increasingly plausible, especially if you’re the type that likes to follow along with the confident CEO keynote speeches at Silicon Valley developer cons. In fact, it’s so believable done that I’m even a little surprised the Zuckerberg-owned Oculus picked the studio up to work on its next title. VVR ends up feeling as much as a warning as it is a rollercoaster ride through VR’s future.

    Admittedly it does take a little too much of your time getting to the conclusion. If VVR has issues, it’s the moments of uncertainty in which you’re left wondering what to do, or the handful of monologues that drift on a little too long. Though Tender Claws has some brilliantly

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  • Help or Hinder as The Persistence Will get a Companion App The horror title launches for PlayStation VR in couple of weeks.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord And Gamora Are In Marvel VR
    Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord And Gamora Are In Marvel VR

    Another two stars of this summer’s Avengers: Infinity War and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are playable in Marvel Powers United VR.

    Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord and deadly green-skinned warrior, Gamora, are the two new heroes announced for the game this week. Quill brings sci-fi gadgets into battle to give him the edge over his enemies, while Gamora has a cosmic blade known as the Godslayer. They’re sure to make a pretty deadly pairing.

    Based on the portrait above, Gamora is much closer to her comic-book look than her movie costumer, while Quill is pretty much identical to his big screen appearance.

    Quill and Gamora aren’t the first Guardians to be confirmed for the game; we also know that Rocket Raccoon is playable and, yesterday, we also announced that you’ll be able to do battle at the team’s local watering hole, Knowhere. Still, that leaves us with another big question: no Groot?

    Only time will tell who else is playable in the game, though there isn’t much left until release. Currently, we know that the likes of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Thor and The Hulk are included, though big Marvel characters like Iron Man and Captain America are still missing in action.

    Powers United is launching exclusively on the Oculus Rift on July 26th for $39.99.

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  • Marvel Powers United Welcomes Gamora and Star Lord to the Roster More Guardians of the Galaxy join the fray as release date draws ever closer.
  • A Showcase for Hyper Arena VR and Regenesis Arcade Hyperbook Studios talk about VR projects and what's next for the company.
  • Fight the Undead in Your Neighbourhood With The Walking Dead: Our World Today The videogame is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Hands-On: The Walking Dead AR: Our World Is More Than Just Pokemon Go With Zombies
    Hands-On: The Walking Dead AR: Our World Is More Than Just Pokemon Go With Zombies

    Few entertainment properties are as ubiquitous as The Walking Dead. Everyone knows about the show, most of us have seen at least a few seasons, and the absolutely immense popularity of zombies across the world owes a lot to AMC’s hit series based on Robert Kirkman’s iconic comic book series.

    Today, The Walking Dead: Our World releases on iOS and Android as the latest endeavor for the brand, but this time it’s something a bit different. Our World is a location-based mobile AR game a lot like Pokemon Go that tasks players with roaming the real world, completing events, collecting items, and ultimately taking down zombies. Using your phone’s camera it can even superimpose them onto your surrounding environment quite convincingly.

    Next Games is a mobile game-focused developer that’s most well-known for previously collaborating with AMC on this same property to release The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a tactical RPG with tens of millions of downloads. Now the studio has been tasked with capitalizing on the mobile AR-hype, primarily fueled by Pokemon Go’s and Niantic’s continued success.

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors

    If you’re reading this right now then there is a high chance that you have, to some degree, pondered what it would be like if there really was a zombie apocalypse. Would all those hours of Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty or your expert marksmanship in Arizona Sunshine help you at all? Does watching Zombieland and reading The Zombie Survival Handbook actually prepare you for the unthinkable?

    The answer to all of those questions is almost certainly no, but if you don’t take things too seriously and think it’s fun to gamify all aspects of life, then The Walking Dead: Our World could be just for you.

    Similar to Pokemon Go, The Walking Dead AR is powered by Google Maps to display a map of the real world in real-time on your phone screen. You can see your avatar as you physically walk around and explore your environment and it moves in unison based on your phone’s GPS tracking.

    You have to physically go out and explore to find missions to complete and play the game itself, which involves killing lots of zombies. From what I’ve seen so far missions include basic “Encounters” in which you clear out a single screen’s worth of walkers, usually five or six, in a matter of seconds. This is the bread and butter of the game and typically rewards some basic cards.

    Combat in The Walking Dead AR is simple: you tap where you want to shoot. Try and get as many headshots as possible to take down zombies more quickly, but that’s about it. Your companion will jump in and fight as well and you can even toss out grenades Pokemon Go style by flicking your finger upwards on the screen.


    Other mission types include Infestations, which are multiple wave split into separate instances. When you clear the final wave, you get a big reward with a higher chance of scoring rare cards (more on that later.) Then there

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  • PR Firm IDEA Communication Announces Partnership with VR Company Plex-VR Strategic partnership will help roll-out Plex-VR educational technology in China and Singapore.
  • The Pico Neo: The Oft Forgotten Other Stand-Alone HMD Bourbon Street VR's John Bourbonais gives his impressions of Pico's headset.
  • AR Video Company Octi Secures $7.5m Funding, Enters Partnership with NFL Players Association The deal will allow fans to create videos where they interact with NFL player avatars.
  • Horseback Shooter Hopalong: The Badlands Gets PSVR Release Date
    Horseback Shooter Hopalong: The Badlands Gets PSVR Release Date

    From the Future’s hilarious spin on the VR shooter, Hopalong: The Badlands, is releasing on PSVR very, very soon.

    The studio announced today that the game will launch on PSVR on July 17th. Hopalong isn’t like most other VR shooters; it’s a western-style shooter that sees you jump on the back of a toy horse and imitate riding it with one controller to move around the map. In the other hand you hold a gun which, well, you know what that’s for. It’s essentially taking the cowboy games you used to play as a kid and injecting them with a little VR goodness. Check out the trailer for the game below.

    Not exactly your average wave shooter, right? The game’s set to include three campaigns, so hopefully, there’s plenty of content ready and waiting.

    It’s been out on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for a little while now.

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  • PSVR’s The Persistence Shows Off Couch Co-Op In New Trailer
    PSVR’s The Persistence Shows Off Couch Co-Op In New Trailer

    One of the most anticipated PSVR games of the year, The Persistence, is just over a week away from release, but we still haven’t seen much of one of its biggest features – co-op. This new trailer, however, tells us a little bit more.

    The Persistence doesn’t have traditional four-player co-op. Instead, its multiplayer looks a little closer to something like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes; one player puts on the VR headset while three others grab a smartphone or tablet and download a companion app called Solex. They can use this app to see a view of the player’s world, complete with points of interest like items and enemies.

    It’s up to non-VR players what they then do with this information. You could choose to help; highlighting health kits, opening doors or freezing enemies. Or, if you’re in a particularly mean mood, you could instead turn off lights and even lead the bad guys right to an unsuspecting player. We’ll be very interested to learn what motivates players to act either way.

    If you’re not a fan of multiplayer don’t worry; the entire game can be played on your own, and that way there’s no need to worry about unexpected surprises. The Persistence looks a little like Dead Space in VR, with players creeping around a ship overridden with zombies, using tools to defeat them. We’re really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    The game launches as a PSVR exclusive on July 24th.

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