• Marvel Powers United VR Character Roster Hits 10, Hawkeye and Black Widow Added The videogame is scheduled to launch on 26th July, pre-orders are available.
  • Avengers Black Widow And Hawkeye Are In Marvel Powers United VR
    Avengers Black Widow And Hawkeye Are In Marvel Powers United VR

    Hawkeye may have been suspiciously absent from this Summer’s Avengers: Infinity War, but he’ll be saving the day in Marvel Powers United VR this month.

    Both the archer Avenger and his partner in alien-murdering, Black Widow, will be playable characters in the Oculus Rift exclusive. The characters wrap up this week’s announcements for the game, which also included villains Venom and Ultron as well as locations Wakanda and Sakaar.

    Hawkeye and Widow both make perfect sense for Powers United. For the former, bow and arrow-based gameplay is one of the most popular mechanics in VR gaming, and we can’t wait to see the Marvel twist on the idea. Hawkeye is best known for an inventive array of arrowheads, so hopefully the game can get pretty imaginative.

    Widow, meanwhile, is usually about guns and melee combat, which should also both work pretty well with Touch controllers.

    Powers United VR is launching on July 26th, which means we’ve got another three weeks to find out who else is in the game. We’re still missing classic characters like Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man.

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  • Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Strange Unofficial VR-Like Headset
    Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Strange Unofficial VR-Like Headset

    Nintendo’s Switch console isn’t likely to ever get VR support, but this strange new peripheral for the kit does at least look the part.

    Japanese company Thanko is selling this bizarre ‘Eye Theater’ for the hybrid device. It’s a small head-mounted display that the company says will give you a 120-inch virtual screen to play your games on. It plugs into the console’s bottom port. Basically, it’s just like the cinematic mode for traditional content you can see in a lot of other VR headsets, then.

    The device itself looks like a miniature version of Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR). It’s releasing in September for ¥22,780 ($206/£156) and you can also use it with your smartphone (so long as that’s USB Type C too). We wouldn’t hold our breath for a western release.

    Sadly, though it does look the part, this not true VR, and it still feels like it will be a while before Nintendo commits to the tech in any kind of way. There are numerous statements from executives claiming that the company isn’t looking into VR right now, even if certain patents and other quotes suggest that it is.

    As we learned this week, we can at least play fan remakes of some of the best Zelda bosses in VR, though.

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  • The American Dream Gets ‘High Fidelity American Mode’ For July 4th
    The American Dream Gets ‘High Fidelity American Mode’ For July 4th

    Okay I realize we’re getting to this one a day late, but the update is still there, so cut us some slack.

    Samurai Punks’ excellent satirical VR adventure, The American Punk, just got an update to celebrate America’s independence. The game, which puts players in a world in which all of life’s daily problems and chores are solved with the help of guns, now features what the developer describes as a “high fidelity American mode”.

    Based on the trailer above, we’re pretty sure all this mode does is replace every texture in the game with the American flag and swap out all the dialogue for just getting people to say “America” over and over again. Seems fitting, no?

    Elsewhere the patch addresses some more minor fixes. We still absolutely recommend picking up The American Dream. “The humor won’t land for everyone and the message will likely get misinterpreted or lost by some, but The American Dream raises questions that are absolutely worth discussing regardless of your stance on gun laws,” we said in our review. “This VR experience, despite the quirky visual style, is not for the faint of heart.”

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  • Budget Cuts, Beat Saber, Skyrim Among SteamVR’s ‘Top-Selling’ Games Of 2018 So Far
    Budget Cuts, Beat Saber, Skyrim Among SteamVR’s ‘Top-Selling’ Games Of 2018 So Far

    As part of its Summer Sale, Valve has published a list of the top-selling VR games of 2018 thus far, and there are some new faces included.

    As with the list shared at the end of 2017, games are split into four brackets: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. However, Valve stated that the previous list was ‘measured by gross revenue’. This list apparently consists of the ‘top-sellers, most played and new releases’, so it’s not actually clear if all the games in a certain bracket had similar sales. We’ve reached out to the company for clarification.

    For the Platinum section, new faces like Beat Saber, Budget Cuts, OrbusVR and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR are included. We do know that Beat Saber managed to sell over 100,000 copies in less than a month of its Early Access launch. The rest of the Platinum section is filled with the usual suspects: Pavlov VR, Job Simulator, Arizona Sunshine, Fallout 4, Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Onward, Superhot VR and Gorn.

    There are some worthy games in there. Like everyone else, we adore Beat Saber and Skyrim VR. We weren’t hugely keen on Budget Cuts, though it’s still good to see a developer that bet it all on VR having success.

    Survios’ Sprint Vector and Mixed Realms’ Sairento VR are the only truly new titles in the Gold section, which also includes the likes of Tilt Brush, Rick and Morty, I Expect You To Die and The Talos Principle. Silver, meanwhile, features critical darling, Moss, which only launched a few weeks back. It’s joined by The Mage’s Tale, In Death and a number of other familiar faces like Doom VFR and LA Noire.

    There are some notable inclusions in the Bronze section, too, like excellent Early Access shooter, Compound, and the promising Primordian. Oddly enough The Mage’s Tale is included in this section too, which we’ve also asked Valve to clarify.

    We’ve still got another six months left of 2018 and lots of big games we’re still looking forward to. What releases will be able to climb into these lists by the end of the year?

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