• The Walking Dead: Our World Mobile AR Game Releasing This July
    The Walking Dead: Our World Mobile AR Game Releasing This July

    Pokemon Go ignited a fiery passion for staring at phone screens while walking around outside so it was only a matter of time before more brands latched onto the concept. The Walking Dead: Our World is an upcoming mobile AR game created in partnership between Next Games and AMC. It’s due out for release on July 12th for both iOS and Android mobile device.

    Here’s the release date announcement trailer:

    In The Walking Dead: Our World you’ll walk around and explore the real world, kill zombies, rescue survivors, and level up your characters and gear in this real-world meets zombie-world mashup.

    An opportunity existed to integrate some survival horror elements into the experience as well, like Night Terrors does, but it seems like they’ve gone the accessible first-person shooter route instead. It doesn’t seem like zombies will be much of a threat in this one.

    You can see some actual gameplay here:

    Do you intend on slaying zombies with friends in AR when this releases in just a couple of weeks? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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  • New VR Games Awarded Funds In Epic’s $1 Million Unreal Engine Dev Grant
    New VR Games Awarded Funds In Epic’s $1 Million Unreal Engine Dev Grant

    Epic Games’ latest batch of developer grants have been revealed and several VR companies are included in the list.

    The grants, which collectively total $1 million, are awarded to developers using the company’s Unreal Engine for their upcoming games and apps. Among the 37 teams securing money in the range of $5,000 to $50,000 today are Blacksmith Studios, New Reality Co. and VitaeVR, all of which are working on VR projects.

    Blacksmith is working on an intriguing puzzle game called Desolate Sands, in which players aim to dig deep by moving obstacles and using levers. VitaeVR, meanwhile, has a similarly interesting product in VStore, which is hoping to become a full VR supermarket that can be used to screen for early indicators of dementia. The game asks players to search a supermarket for certain items then pay for their items with the correct amount. Their performance is then measured and scores are delivered to clinicians.

    Finally, New Reality Co. is working on an unannounced VR project that focused on storytelling and art. The studio is headed up by Milica Zec and Windslow Porter, who both worked on VR experiences that appear at festivals like Tree.

    Another recipient in this round of grants is Mundfish, which is working on strange shooter Atomic Heart and released VR shooter Soviet Lunapark earlier this year. The latter title is in Early Access so hopefully some of the funding will go towards making that a bigger and better experience, too.

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  • Epic Games Announces No-Strings Funding For Unreal Developers The last round on Unreal Dev Grants heads out to 37 creative teams.
  • Need a 3D Model? The Sketchfab Store is now Officially Open for Business View and buy tens of thousands of 3D models.
  • Team-Based PlayStation VR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour Dated for August Release First Contact Entertainment has unveiled a new gameplay trailer to mark the occasion.
  • Multiplayer VR FPS Firewall: Zero Hour Finally Gets PSVR Release Date
    Multiplayer VR FPS Firewall: Zero Hour Finally Gets PSVR Release Date

    Developer First Contact wasn’t kidding when it said the release of anticipated multiplayer PSVR shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour, was nearing.

    The game will launch exclusively on Sony’s headset on August 28th 2018 in the US an August 29th in the EU, the developer confirmed today via the PlayStation Blog. A new trailer accompanied the news, which you can see below. The game will get both a digital and physical release as well as a bundle that includes Sony’s PlayStation VR Aim controller.

    Prices for these different editions haven’t been announced, but we do know that pre-ordering the game will net you some exclusive extras including extra camo skins and a double XP 24 hour head start. You’ll also Unlock a special character, Texas, who takes less bullet damage.

    Firewall is a 4v4 multiplayer tactical first-person shooter (FPS). Using either the Aim controller or a standard DualShock 4, players compete in matches where one team defends an objective while another team attacks it. There’s also a single-player training mode.

    We went hands-on with the game yet again just a few weeks back and it remains one of our most anticipated titles on PSVR.

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  • Mogi Creator Mathieu Castelli Joins Resolution Games as CCO Castelli isn't the only new addition to the team.
  • Damages Amount Halved in Oculus vs ZeniMax Case The virtual reality case rumbles on as US Court cuts the amount of damages.
  • VRFocus Talk With Cybershoes About Their Upcoming Product Experience the freedom to walk within virtual reality.
  • Compound Dev Goes Full Time As New Map Added
    Compound Dev Goes Full Time As New Map Added

    Released in Early Access last month, Bevan McKechnie’s Compound is already one of our favorite VR shooters of the year, and it sounds like there are more good things to come.

    Compound received one of its first big updates this week. McKechnie added a new map type to the roguelike shooter named Chemical Processing. It doesn’t change much; it’s still filled with the same enemies you see in the game’s existing environments, but the developer does say that new enemies will be added into the area in future updates. There’s a new music track too, but that’s pretty much it for the updates.

    Perhaps the bigger story, though, is that McKechnie is now working on Compound full time. The developer had previously been working on the game in his spare time while keeping up a normal job, but recently handed in his resignation.

    “A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased the early access version of COMPOUND and allowed me to realize my childhood dream of being a real game developer,” the developer wrote. “Thank you so much! The long delay since the last update was due to the fact I had a lot of extra IRL work preparing things for my replacement. I still have to work for about another month, but once the hand-over is complete COMPOUND development should get a huge boost.”

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  • Lucid Offers Depth Perception For VR Capture VR camera makers Lucid are offering a purely software solution for multi-camera devices that allows almost human levels of depth perception.
  • MelodyVR Adds New Artists and New Territories Users in Europe will now be able to access MelodyVR and enjoy work of newly added artists.
  • Facebook’s ZeniMax Lawsuit Payout Halved To $250 Million
    Facebook’s ZeniMax Lawsuit Payout Halved To $250 Million

    The $500 million a court ordered Oculus owner Facebook to pay ZeniMax Media last year has been halved to $250 million in a new ruling.

    A US judge also this week rejected ZeniMax’s request to have sales of the Oculus Rift banned, Bloomberg reports.

    ZeniMax, parent company of videogame publisher and developer Bethesda, took Facebook to court last year over an alleged theft of technology. The company claimed that Oculus CTO John Carmack had used Bethesda’s resources when collaborating with Rift inventor Palmer Luckey in the early days of Oculus and stolen technology when he moved to the VR company from Bethesda-owned id Software in 2013. id was the first developer to work with Oculus, showcasing a VR version of Doom 3 running on a very early prototype of the Rift at E3 2012. ZeniMax filed the lawsuit after Facebook bought Oculus for what’s thought to be around $3 billion in 2014.

    After a lengthy court battle, which saw Carmack, Luckey and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg take the stand, a judge ordered Facebook to pay Bethesda $500 million. Carmack later took to Facebook to argue that the internet would have “viciously mocked” the analysis given in court.

    Facebook vowed to appeal the decision at the time and, this Wednesday, 16 months on from the ruling, U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade wiped out $250 million from the ruling, including damages leveled at Luckey and Oculus co-founder and former CEO, Brendan Iribe.

    But Facebook isn’t stopping there; Vice President Paul Grewal confirmed to Bloomberg that the company still intends to appeal the remaining $250 million, adding: “We’ve said from day one the ZeniMax case is deeply flawed, and today the court agreed. Our commitment to Oculus is unwavering and we will continue to invest in building the future of VR.”

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  • VR Documentary Explores The Horrors Of War From A Soldier’s Perspective

    See the effects of PTSD first-hand in this hand-illustrated recollection of one Iraq War veteran’s haunting memories. Over the past couple of years post-traumatic stress disorder among military personnel has gained more national attention than ever before. After all, just because a soldier is home, doesn’t mean their fight is over.  With roughly 12.5 percent

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  • Experts Consider if VR Is A Solution to Chronic Pain A Californian startup is investigating if VR can aid patients suffering chronic pain.