• Leap Motion Releases Major Update For Tracking Leap Motion's hand tracking gets software updates along with app demos and upgraded developer tools.
  • Leap Motion Improves Its Hand Tracking (Again)
    Leap Motion Improves Its Hand Tracking (Again)

    Leap Motion continues to improve its hand tracking technology with the latest update today.

    Software updates issued over the last few years for Leap Motion’s hand-tracking sensors have steadily improved the hardware’s functionality. Mounted facing outward on a VR headset, Leap Motion’s $80 Controllers allow some developers to build VR software with complex interactions and without using hand-held controllers.

    The fourth generation of Leap Motion’s software is said to include, among other improvements, better “finger dexterity and fidelity” as well as “significantly smoother hand and finger tracking, with motions that look and feel more natural.” The latest “Orion” software update is available as a testing release on Windows.

    Check out some demos Leap Motion prepared to showcase the update alongside a variety of interactions:

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  • Wolfenstein, Prey and The Elder Scrolls: Bethesda Look to Continue VR Games Bull Run in 2018 Bethesda Softworks is aiming to go where no other publishers will.
  • What’s The Story With VR On Xbox One X? Xbox’s Corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra speaks about the reasons why VR still hasn't made it to Xbox.
  • Under Armour Builds Virtual World to Celebrate Stephen Curry’s 3rd NBA World Championship

    Enter Steph VR. While Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors teammates were triumphantly laying it down on the court during the 2018 NBA Finals, a team of digital artists were feverishly at work in anticipation of the team winning their third championship in the past four years. With the Warriors having swept the NBA

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  • Xbox VR Seems Even Further Away As Microsoft Doubles Down On Gaming
    Xbox VR Seems Even Further Away As Microsoft Doubles Down On Gaming

    Microsoft just wrapped up what many are hailing as its strongest E3 in years. Over the course of yesterday’s press conference the company showcased an eclectic range of games set to release in the coming months, from AAA blockbusters like Cyberpunk 2077 to smaller, more intimate experiences such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

    Most exciting, though, was the company’s readiness to talk about the future.

    Perhaps the most shocking announcements of the show weren’t for the games coming in the next year but instead for the deals and plans that will be setting up titles releasing as we enter the next decade. A new Halo was teased with a revamped engine, for example, but even bigger than that were five studio acquisitions and, most importantly, a tease about the next Xbox consoles. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer closed out yesterday’s show with a bold statement reaffirming Microsoft’s commitment to gaming, saying that hardware teams were busy working on what comes next. Few expected this to come from the mouth of an Xbox executive in 2018.

    But there were two simple letters than never left Spencer’s lips. Can you guess which ones?

    Two years ago, Spencer stood on the Xbox E3 stage and announced Project Scorpio, now known as Xbox One X. In a similarly confident speech, he proudly proclaimed the enhanced console would be capable of “high fidelity VR”. It looked like the gauntlet had been thrown to Sony’s PSVR, but last year’s X reveal came and went without mention of a compatible VR headset, and reference to VR was also removed from the console’s website. Microsoft had said they would bring “mixed reality experiences” to the console in 2018, but halfway into the year and the major E3 showcase down and we haven’t heard any mention of it.

    Simply put, Xbox VR is looking further away than ever.

    It’s disappointing for sure, though it’s also hard to blame Microsoft for backtracking on those plans. An expensive roll out of a VR initiative probably isn’t a high priority when the competition has manged to shift two million units in 14 or so months and you’re still playing catch up elsewhere. We also haven’t seen the company’s PC-based Windows Mixed Reality devices make a huge impact, only taking up around 5% of the Steam VR usage every month and some devices being discounted to less than half price.

    Microsoft simply has bigger things to worry about, like trying to rival Sony’s impressive first-party games line-up, which is what made the studio acquisition announcements so welcome this year.

    But all hope is not lost. In the past, Spencer has said that he believes console VR needs to be wireless in order to be viable, and it’s very possible the company is still working on its own solution that it will share when it’s good and ready. If Xbox can deliver a quality VR experience on an inside-out tracked headset that’s streaming images to a nearby console within the next few years then we’ll quickly forgive the mishaps

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  • Germany’s First VR Art Festival, VRHAM! Opens With Award Ceremony Hamburg plays host to a showcase of virtual reality and arts experiences.
  • Oculus, Force Field Partner For VR Experience Paying Tribute To Anne Frank
    Oculus, Force Field Partner For VR Experience Paying Tribute To Anne Frank

    Today is the 89th birthday of Anne Frank and Oculus is teaming with Force Field VR and a major charity to mark the occasion in a unique way.

    Releasing on Oculus Go today, Anne Frank House VR will give you a chance to tour the house in which Franke hid during Nazi occupation of Amsterdam from 1942 to 1944. Lasting 25 minutes, you’ll explore every room in the house, which now serves as a museum open to the public. VR support will give you a fully immersive look inside

    The piece is being launched as part of a ceremony being held at the house today.

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  • E3 2018 – Firewall: Zero Hour Launching ‘Very Soon’ With Nine Maps
    E3 2018 – Firewall: Zero Hour Launching ‘Very Soon’ With Nine Maps

    During a YouTube Live at E3 interview today, Geoff Keighley spoke to Adam Orth from First Contact about his studio’s big upcoming PSVR-exclusive shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour. Orth discussed the design inspirations for the game, how it played with both the PS Aim Controller and DualShock 4, as well as the game’s content.

    Reportedly, Firewall will launch with a total of nine maps. We’ve only seen two during demo sessions (a house in a large field and a shipping warehouse) so we’re eager to find out what the remaining seven locations are like. Those nine maps will be spread across three geographical regions, ranging from the Soviet Union and Great Britain to the Middle East.

    Additionally, there will be 12 different contractors to pick from that each have a wide range of abilities to level up and customize. Orth also alludes to “tons” of guns and gear customization options.

    Finally, near the end of the interview, Keighley asks Orth when Firewall is releasing and after a pause, Orth simply replies “very soon” without adding more. Hopefully that means a release coming this summer. Or if we’re lucky, maybe it will launch this week during E3.

    What do you think? Let us know down in the comments below!

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