• Vacation Simulator Release Date Finally Announced (For PC)
    Vacation Simulator Release Date Finally Announced (For PC)

    Summer starts a little early this year. So do winter and spring, for that matter. The Vacation Simulator release date has just been revealed and you won’t have to wait long to play it.

    Owlchemy Labs’ follow-up to Job Simulator hits PC VR on April 9th. It was originally scheduled to come out late last year but suffered a last-minute delay. The previously-confirmed PSVR version will follow later on in the summer. It’s set to cost $29.99 at launch. Check out the game’s various locations in the trailer below.

    Set in the year 2060, Vacation Simulator sees robots attempt to replicate the ancient art of the human vacation. As with Job Simulator, though, don’t expect everything about the world to be entirely accurate. These games are about experimenting with virtual worlds and pushing the limits of interactivity. Job Simulator’s lovable brainless bots are also back, and this time more interactive. You can simply wave to them to start connecting with them.

    “You don’t need a button, you immediately go to wave and it just feels natural,” said Andrew Eiche, Chief Technology Owl and Cable Slinger at Owlchemy Labs in a prepared statement. “It’s a simple, powerful interaction that allows players to interact with characters and connect with the VR world in a very personal way.”

    As the trailer reveals, Vacation Simulator is comprised of four destinations. The previously-seen Beach area lets you build sandcastles and head underwater, whereas a new Forest locale allows for bird-watching and fishing. There’s also a new Winter world where you can throw snowballs and chill in a hot tub. Finally, there’s a resort hub world. As previously revealed, you can explore these locations as your own personalized avatar, too.

    In a prepared statement, Owlchemy Labs CEO Devin Reimer called the game “bigger than anything we’ve ever done”.

    Vacation Simulator is Owlchemy’s first major release since it was acquired by Google in May 2017.

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  • Soundscape VR is Reaching for the Stars With Multiplayer Expansion Soundscape Universe There's a bunch of new features to heighten the user experience.
  • Stephen Hawking VR Experience Takes You On A Tour Of The Universe
    Stephen Hawking VR Atlantic Productions

    A new VR experience will take users on a tour of the universe with none other than Professor Stephen Hawking.

    UK-based Atlantic Productions announced Stephen Hawking’s Black Holes Immersive Experience last week. The production company had been working on the piece with the physicist himself before his death in March 2018. It’s a location-based VR experience that will include narration from Hawking himself. It’s due for release in early 2020 alongside a new theatrical documentary recounting Hawking’s life.

    That’s about all we know for now. We don’t know where the piece will be hosted nor which headset it will use.

    “We are especially pleased as our father always searched for innovative ways to explain science to the widest audience possible and was fascinated by the potential of new technologies to enthral his audience,” Lucy Hawking, Professor Hawking’s daughter, said in a prepared statement. “This project, which began in his office in Cambridge two years ago, will now take viewers on a stunning cosmic journey to reveal our father’s vision of the universe.”

    We can’t wait to see more of this project. Experiences like Spheres prove that VR is the perfect medium for space exploration. Combining that sense of immersion with Professor Hawking’s passion for and knowledge of the universe could make for amazing VR.

    Atlantic Productions is no stranger to VR. The studio’s immersive offshoot, Alchemy VR, has worked on experiences starring Sir David Attenborough, Tim Peake Dame Judi Dench and many more. The company’s Space Descent VR with Tim Peake piece is currently showing at the Science Museum in London.

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  • Enjoy Unlimited Gaming for a Month With Viveport Infinity’s Latest Offer Viveport Infinity launches 2nd April.
  • Massive PC VR Savings To Be Had In Humble Bundle VR Sale
    Massive PC VR Savings To Be Had In Humble Bundle VR Sale

    Humble Bundle’s latest sale is all about VR, and it’s got some frankly brilliant bargains.

    Let’s start with 50% off of Budget Cuts, shall we? Neat Corp’s stealth ’em up might not have been entirely to our liking but it’s grown a hearty fanbase. The same can be said for Bethesda’s Doom VFR, which is all 50% off. Killing Floor: Incursion, L.A. Noire, To The Top and Sprint Vector also get the half price treatment.

    But let’s talk about some really excellent deals. Stuff that you might not have played before? We’ll kick off with 66% off of Torn, taking it to $10.19. This is a visually-rich and thematically interesting little adventure with some great puzzles. At this price you’d be mad to miss it.

    If it’s some more substantial VR puzzling you’re looking for then you have to pick up The Talos Principle VR. Croteam’s superb existential brain teaser is not only a pitch-perfect port but it offers the entire DLC too. For 85% off (!), you can’t miss this at $5.99. Oh, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew at 70% off ($11.99) is a steal too.

    Rounding things off, an early 10% sale for the excellent A Fisherman’s Tale is appreciated. The excellent The Exorcist: Legion VR is also offering its entire five-part series for 20% off ($19.96).

    If you’ve just picked up a PC VR headset then this sale is a great place to start. And, if you’re planning to get a Vive Cosmos or the rumored Rift S this year, you might want to consider some early purchases too.

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  • Japan’s New VR Ninja Dojo Actually Trains You To Be An Assassin
    vr ninja dojo japan

    Leave it to Japan to take location-based VR to the next level. As if Mario Kart and Dragonball VR experiences weren’t enough, you can soon train to be a ninja in VR. Really.

    The VR Ninja Dojo isn’t just some flashy wave-based VR arcade game. Well, it isn’t just that at least. It’s a full theatrical experience. Launching in Tokyo later this month, you’ll dress up at a ninja and undergo rigorous training. Throw ninja stars, learn how to wield a sword, maybe slit a throat or two (not really). Lessons are conducted in English. I’m not entirely convinced ancient ninja lessons would have been in English too, but there we go. Check out the flashy trailer below.

    Once the training’s over, you’ll adorn an HTC Vive headset. You’ll then be outfitted with a range of Vive Trackers fitted to your arms and a sword handle. Now it’s time for the wave-based game. The VR game consists of fending off ancient monsters both big and small. You’ll slice them up with your blade but also hurl ninja stars because everyone wants to do that. Massive boss encounters top things off. You can see footage of it below.

    If you think that gameplay looks familiar that’s because it is. This is a new experience from Five for, the developer of Circle of Saviors. That was a VR app that went viral a few years ago thanks to one ass-kicking player showing everyone how it’s done.

    The VR Ninja Dojo opens On March 18th and is taking bookings now. Entry price at the door is 8,000 yen, which equates to about $71 dollars (yikes). The experience lasts around 75 – 90 minutes and also includes a VR photo.

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  • AR Firm Biba Recognized As One Of The Top 10 Most Innovative Gaming Companies

    The developers behind AR-powered smart playgrounds Child obesity rates in the United States have soared since 1970. Nearly one in five school-age kids in the U.S. currently have the disease, and parents can blame—in part—kids’ increasing desire to sit on the couch. While a number of factors influence children’s inactivity, video games in particular rank

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  • Community Download: What’s Your Dream VR Game?
    .hack//sign mmo vr game world anime

    Sit back and really think about this one for me: what is your dream VR game? Like, your ultimate fantasy.

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  • VR Game Releases For March 2019
    march 2019 vr game releases

    Here is your full break down of all the new VR games coming out in March 2019 for Rift, Vive, Windows VR, PSVR, and mobile.

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  • ESL & Oculus Go Big For VR League Season 3

    VR League doubles-down with new games, more broadcasts, and bigger prizes. VR League, the first officially-recognized VR esports organizer, has once again returned for another round of pro-level competitive VR gaming. Last year’s tournament culminated in a thrilling battle between Onward most talented players as teams battled till the very last second for the title

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  • Virtual reality adds to tourism through touch, smell and real people’s experiences Virtual reality can be more than a mirror that gives you a realistic simulation of the current world: it can bring the past into the present.
  • Beat Sabers First Music Pack Arrives in 10 Days There's a nice new UI to enjoy to.
  • Beat Saber DLC Release Date Finally Revealed
    Beat Saber DLC Release Date Finally Revealed

    After months of waiting, the first Beat Saber DLC release date has finally been revealed. You don’t have long to wait.

    Developer Beat Games just confirmed that the first Music Pack lands on March 14th. That should be for all platforms including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows VR and PSVR. The pack will add ten new tracks to the rhythm action game. Beat Games didn’t reveal song names just yet. We don’t know how much it’s going to cost, either.

    🚨 WE HAVE THE DATE! 🚨 Our first Music Pack lands in Beat Saber on March 14th!

    See a little sneak peek to our updated UI so you can easily browse OSTs and upcoming Music Packs.

    — Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) March 4, 2019

    In the tweet above, Beat Games did reveal a UI change for the game. It’s designed to let players easily access the different track lists for the game without interfering with those that don’t pick the DLC up. OST Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are in plain sight along with extra like the recent League of Legends collaboration. A third tile has been blocked out. Any guesses for which new artists will join this pack?

    Beat Games is planning three premium packs in total. Beat Games previously pledged that new packs would be released much faster now that the development process is down. Elsewhere, the studio is working with Subpac to allow death players to play the game.

    With the Beat Saber DLC release date now out in the open, we move straight onto our next question: Quest version?

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  • Zero Caliber VR has the Oculus Store in its Sights This Month The tactical shooter will come with the latest Steam updates.