• PlayStation US Boss: PSVR’s Change In 10 Years ‘Will Be Dramatic’
    PlayStation US Boss: PSVR’s Change In 10 Years ‘Will Be Dramatic’

    PlayStation’s Shawn Layden has us hopeful that PSVR 2 will happen. And maybe even PSVR 3 and 4, for that matter.

    In a recent interview with Game Informer, Layden, who heads up Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) US, said that PSVR’s change over the next 10 years will be “dramatic”. Talking about the future for the platform, he compared its growth to that of smartphones. He reasoned that it’s hard to see how current phones had evolved from their predecessors.

    “By the same token, you look at PSVR right now, none of us are going to be able to imagine what it will look like 10 years from now, but the change will be that dramatic,” Layden said. “You can’t get to 5.0 until you do 1.0. It’s just the nature of the thing.”

    His words seem call for patience on the PSVR 2 front. We’re just reassured to hear high-level Sony executives talk as if a follow-up headset is a possibility.

    With over three million units sold, PSVR is thought to be the most successful major headset on the market right now. Layden himself later stated: “I think we’re the biggest VR platform in the world.” But this is just a fraction of 91.6+ million units PS4 itself has sold. There’s no guarantee that Sony will push on with the medium until it definitively says so itself.

    That said, we have seen a lot of patents pointing towards potential PSVR improvements over the past few years. Just yesterday we reported on new documents that give us a closer look at what could be new PlayStation Move controllers. At this point, PSVR 2 would likely debut on PS5, a console that’s also yet to be announced.

    We wouldn’t hold our breath for any PSVR 2 news this year, then.

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  • Fresh Evasion Update Lets You Get Competitive With Friends
    Fresh Evasion Update Lets You Get Competitive With Friends

    VR bullet hell shooter Evasion is getting a new update today. It adds a competitive twist to the co-op gameplay.

    The Killstreak Update, as it’s called, goes live today at 10am PT on Rift, Vive and PSVR. Chief among the additions is a new scoring system. Every level in the game now features leaderboards to compete in, each of which is tuned to different difficulty modes. It’ll put your skills to the limit as you aim to shoot down enemies as quickly as possible while avoiding an incoming barrage of bullets.

    Check it out in action below. It’s basically ‘Evasion: Now With Numbers!’

    To celebrate the launch, developer Archiact is hosting a Weekend Challenge event. From 4pm PT February to 6pm February 17th you’ll be able to shoot your way to the top. Unspecified prizes (the best kind) will be available for the winners.

    We’re quite fond of Evasion here at UploadVR. It’s a frantic shooter that’s a lot of fun to dive into with friends. “There isn’t as much progression across the game in terms of class abilities and leveling up as I’d have liked, but the core gameplay, boss fights, and level design are so strong I didn’t mind as much,” we said in our review. “Playing solo is a bit rough, so with a friend by your side Evasion not only becomes one of VR’s best shooters, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other VR game that’s as purely fun on a moment-to-moment basis.”

    Better warm up the shooting arm, then.

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  • VR LBE Specialist Dark Slope Exits Stealth, Announces First Title Scarygirl Mission Maybee Bookings are now being taken to play the VR adventure.
  • Asgard’s Wrath Gameplay Video Has Swords And Frog-Men
    Asgard’s Wrath Gameplay Video Has Swords And Frog-Men

    Asgard’s Wrath’s cinematic intro trailer was great, but it left us with plenty of questions. This single-player fantasy role-playing game (RPG) promises 30+ hours of action, but how does it actually play? This new gameplay video gives us some idea.

    Oculus Studios Executive Producer Mike Doran posted the clip on Vimeo over the weekend. It’s got nearly two minutes of footage that showcase various gameplay elements, from combat to item gathering.

    Asgard’s Wrath 2-11 from Mike Doran on Vimeo.

    The game’s combat looks similar to what’s come before. Here we see a sword wielder take down a few zombies, with a brief look at the dismemberment system too. It looks functional for sure but we’re looking forward to seeing how it holds up with more advanced enemies. There’s a lot of other VR staples in here; health is regained by eating food and chests and doors are all opened with realistic interactions.

    Surely the highlight of the footage, though, is the sudden appearance of your frog-man ally. He leaps into action to steal a key for you with his tongue (!). Asgard’s Wrath will let you transform animals into companions like this that will join you in battle. It looks like one of the game’s more unique elements and we can’t wait to test it out for ourselves.

    We’re not quite sure when Asgard’s Wrath will be launching right now, but we do know it’ll be exclusive to Rift. We’re going to play the game at GDC next month, so we’ll let you know how it’s shaping up.

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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Scoops Steam’s Game of the Year Four other VR titles managed to get close.
  • Intruders: Hide And Seek Review: Surprisingly Creepy Home Invasion
    Intruders: Hide And Seek Review: Surprisingly Creepy Home Invasion

    There were plenty of chances for Intruders to mess up. It could have been in the heavy focus on stealth, a genre that’s difficult to balance especially in VR. It could have succumbed to the repetition of retracing your steps over one tiny environment across a whole game. But indie team Tessera Studios handles these elements with measured caution. Intruders is a game that knows its boundaries and, whilst far from groundbreaking, it’s all the better for it.

    This is a surprisingly effective little home invasion game. Three brutish baddies storm the halls of your house in search of you as you try to rescue your captive parents and hidden sister. It’s a more morbid take on Home Alone; Joe Pesci is swapped out for a lanky leader that adorns a deer skull and he’s backed up by a hulking mass of muscles and a thugish hacker. The darkened corridors and continuous clash of lightning establish a palpable creepiness if never venturing too far into true terror. It’s a game of cat and mouse with all the heart skips and near misses that come with it.

    Intruders thrives on its simplicity and manageability. Sneaking sticks to the basics; take cover behind furniture, crouch to reduce noise and hide in cupboards when things get tight. The trio of enemies patrol the house on interchanging routes that are pretty simple to learn and avoid.

    While never especially challenging, stealth does have some nice touches. Intruders is a game about playing on your home turf; it expects you to learn the lay of the land and put it to your advantage. The house is small enough to memorize quickly and get around efficiently. If you get spotted, enemies will give chase. Dread starts to flood your brain as you desperately scramble to get away (an often futile effort). It’s deliciously hopeless.

    Most notably, though, it’s refreshing not to be bogged down by a set of unknown parameters and technicalities that can make the stealth genre so frustrating. Intruders is a clean-cut affair that will rarely leave you feeling poorly treated. Its two-hour run time makes it a perfectly innocent bit of snackable sneaking that avoids potential pitfalls.

    Well, for the most part at least. Crouch-walking is an unwieldy process, sometimes attracting attention from the other side of the room but later letting you crawl past an enemy’s legs undetected. Intruders’ yard posts for success seem to shift by the scene, which can make it an inconsistent experience. In one objective in which I had to follow one specific kidnapper, the other two seemed to completely disappear from the house. It was a good time to go and snag the game’s scattered collectibles, at least.

    It mainly stumbles where its ambitions grow beyond its capabilities. Tessera takes a decent stab at telling a good story. There are twists and turns but it’s all betrayed by woefully stilted dialogue. The pacey plot beats move everything along with welcome urgency, but it’s a little tough to take any of it seriously.

    Final Score: 6.5/10

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  • Angry Birds VR Now Available On Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

    Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the Blues face-off against their piggy nemeses in VR for the first-time. So many green pigs, so little time… Rovio and Resolution Games’  fully immersive version of their popular Angry Birds franchise is now available on the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift. Players have access to over 50 levels of exploding

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  • PlayStation VR Exclusive Ghost Giant to Arrive This Spring It'll get a physical and digital release.
  • Fitness Startup YUR Introduces VR Calorie Tracker

    The future of fitness could be virtual thanks to companies such as YUR. YUR, short for “why you are,” wants to make fitness more entertaining and accessible, starting with their first product — the YURfit Plug-in, which will track the calories you burn while playing in VR. The product uses tracking data to monitor the

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  • DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed for Summer 2019 Launch on Oculus Rift The headset looks to have an exclusive.
  • Demo Oculus Quest at GDC 2019, Oculus to Return to E3 The company will also be heading to PAX East.
  • Oculus To Reveal Zelda-Esque VR Game From Left 4 Dead Dev At GDC
    Oculus To Reveal Zelda-Esque VR Game From Left 4 Dead Dev At GDC

    Left4Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios has yet another Oculus Rift game in development. This one sounds like it takes inspiration from one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.

    Head of VR Nate Mitchell teased the game in an Oculus Blog post today. “I’ve been getting some time in with the games we’re bringing to GDC and PAX East, like the latest from Turtle Rock Studios,” Mitchell wrote. “It reminds me of playing Zelda back when I was a kid — that sense of awe and wonder and larger-than-life adventure.”

    Over on another blog post, Oculus confirmed the project was an adventure game. Could Turtle Rock be working on a true Zelda VR competitor? Platforms weren’t announced, though we’d expect this to either be an Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest game if not both.

    Turtle Rock has quite an extensive history with VR and Oculus at this point. The team developed Face Your Fears, which has proven to be one of the most popular apps on Gear VR and Oculus Go. It also developed a gorgeous dungeon crawling RPG named The Well. Right now the studio is working on a sequel to Face Your Fears on Quest, too.

    GDC 2019 kicks off on March 18th and runs through to March 22nd. PAX East, meanwhile, runs from March 28th to March 31st. We’re expecting lots of news out of Oculus at upcoming shows like these considering Quest’s spring 2019 release window is starting to approach. We’re also expecting the announcement of the rumored Oculus Rift S upgrade in the near future.

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  • Facebook’s Head Of VR Product: ‘New Tech’ Soon For Rift, ‘Surprises’ At GDC
    Facebook’s Head Of VR Product: ‘New Tech’ Soon For Rift, ‘Surprises’ At GDC

    A blog post from Oculus co-founder and Head Of VR Product Nate Mitchell promises big reveals in the coming months.

    We reported last week references to a “Rift S” listed in Oculus code with on-board cameras and software-based adjustment for tuning the headset to each user’s eyeballs. Rift S might be priced lower than the original PC-powered Rift. The Rift dropped in price from $600 to $350 over the last three years. As Microsoft showed, though, lower cost PC-powered headsets are possible.

    Rift S is still unconfirmed. Meanwhile, Facebook is in the final weeks of preparation for the launch of its standalone $400 Oculus Quest VR system. We expect Quest to be the focus of Facebook’s reveals at the Game Developers Conference from March 18-22.

    Mitchell, however, promises “some surprises in store” as well.

    The post mentions “we continue to ship software improvements to Rift on a steady basis, incorporating your feedback to level up our existing hardware while developing new tech (more on that soon).”

    The “new tech” is a particularly interesting tease of what might be to come from Facebook’s VR efforts.

    “Oculus Quest is just another milestone on our long journey to bring VR to everyone,” Mitchell wrote. “We’re looking to make true breakthroughs—from optics and displays to haptics and more.”

    The post also says that “87% of Oculus Go owners are new to the Oculus ecosystem.” The future of Oculus Go is unclear as the low cost $200 standalone system lacks 6DoF controller tracking critical to many of the best VR games to emerge over the last few years. Nonetheless, it is a highly accessible system that works well in seated conditions. Any advancements on the system could open up the headset to a larger market at the low end.

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  • Community Download: Do You Use Viveport?
    Community Download: Do You Use Viveport?

    There are more places than ever before for PC gamers to buy their games and HTC is pushing Viveport a lot more now. Do you use it?

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  • Oculus Returns To E3 2019 With ‘The Latest From Studios’
    Oculus Returns To E3 2019 With ‘The Latest From Studios’

    Oculus confirmed today that it’s returning to E3 for the first time in two years.

    E3 is one of the biggest events on the gaming calendar, bringing together major publishers and developers to make announcements. Oculus itself introduced the consumer version of the Rift to the world at the show’s 2015 iteration. For the past two years, however, the VR company has skipped out on E3.

    In a post on the Oculus Blog, though, the company today confirmed it will return for E3 2019. Detailed specifics weren’t shared, though Oculus did promise hands-on time with “the latest from Oculus Studios.” In the post, Oculus linked to last week’s reveal of its latest studios title, Asgard’s Wrath.

    The show runs from June 11th – 13th.

    Asgard’s Wrath likely isn’t the only thing Oculus will have to talk about at E3, though. Current upcoming Studios titles include Insomniac’s Stormland, Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo II and Respawn’s Rift-exclusive shooter. Not to mention that, by E3, we expect Oculus to have launched its Quest standalone headset. That’s sure to bring about a raft of new VR titles to talk about too.

    2019 is an interesting year for E3 in general. It’ll be the third year in a row that the show will be open to the public. More importantly, though, we know Sony has no plans to attend this year’s show. With no PSVR announcements at E3, it could be Oculus’ show to lose on the VR front. But what do HTC and/or Valve have in-store?

    We’ll be at E3 to cover the very latest in VR. It’s sure to be a big show.

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