• Get $200 off the Full HTC Vive Pro Kit for Black Friday Or there's $100 off the HTC Vive Pro headset.
  • HTC Shaving $200 Off Of Vive Pro Full Kit For Black Friday 2018
    HTC Shaving $200 Off Of Vive Pro Full Kit For Black Friday 2018

    HTC is shaving $200 off of the price of its most expensive VR headset for this Black Friday weekend.

    The company today announced that the Vive Pro Full Kit, which includes news new PC-based VR headset with enhanced resolution as well as two controllers and two SteamVR 2.0 base stations, will cost $1199 from November 23rd – November 26th. Still a pretty penny, then, but you do get a two-month Viveport subscription thrown in, which itself comes with some pretty ridiculous deals on great VR software starting tomorrow.

    There’s also $100 off of the Vive Pro by itself, bringing the price back down to $699 for a limited time. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be any deals on the regular Vive, which is still the cheapest PC VR option at $499, nor the recently-launched standalone VR headset, Vive Focus.

    Meanwhile, a full Viveport sale will feature big discounts on other games and experiences, whilst subscribers will also be sent $10 in Viveport credit.

    Black Friday week is just warming up, so check back for more deals soon.

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  • HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’ VR Equipment
    HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’ VR Equipment

    HTC may finally be rolling out its Vive Focus standalone headset to businesses this month, but a new trademark filing has us wondering what else the company is working on.

    The Taiwanese smartphone maker recently filed a trademark at the EUIPO (first spotted by Dutch site Mobielkopen) for something called ‘Vive Cosmos’. There’s no exact description of what the name refers to, but the listing does state it’s related to a ‘head mounted display for computer simulated reality’ amongst other things like ‘eye pieces for head mounted displays’ and ‘handheld controllers for use in computer simulated reality environment’. That all sounds like VR to us.

    These terms do have us wondering if the trademark might be referring to a new VR headset from HTC such as a successor to the Vive Pro or perhaps a new name for the Vive Focus once it gets those promising six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controllers we saw earlier this month. This is complete speculation on our part but we wonder if the company could be planning a new PC-based Vive that takes advantage of HTC’s new inside-out tracking tech, much like the newly rumored Oculus Rift S. Or maybe it’s just something that will accommodate Valve’s new SteamVR tech like the Knuckles controllers.

    Interestingly the trademark also notes that the listing is related to ‘computer peripherals for mobile devices for remotely accessing and transmitting data’, which suggests that whatever this new product is it could be linked to wireless VR. Perhaps a new Vive could come with the tech from HTC’s recently released Vive wireless adapter (which some Ryzen owners are having to return) embedded?

    Either way, the listing’s appearance online has us hoping that whatever HTC’s planning will be showing up in the New Year. The company used CES 2018 to announce the Vive Pro headset, so perhaps we could see something there.

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  • Oculus Rift Is $340 At B&H Right Now – 15% Off
    Oculus Rift Is $340 At B&H Right Now – 15% Off

    B&H Photo Video are currently offering $60 off the Oculus Rift+Touch bundle, bringing the price from $399.99 to $339.99. The company has not stated how long the deal will last other than to say that there is “limited supply at this price”.

    B&H Photo Video are one the most recent store to start officially selling the Oculus Rift, which could indicate B&H are taking a greater interest in the VR market.

    While this is undeniably a great deal, Samsung are currently going even further with their Odyssey+ headset, offering $200 off the regular price (bringing it to $299). The Odyssey+ has higher resolution than the Rift, but the controller tracking is generally more limited due to the “inside-out” tracking system.

    The B&H Rift package contains the headset, Touch controllers, 2 sensors, and relevant cables. It should be noted however that this does not contain Marvel Powers United VR, which is currently bundled with the Rift from many retailers (at $399). Since the game is worth $40, this deal still works out as better value, but only by $20. If you aren’t interested in that game though, you still save $60.

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  • Toyota Looks To Improve Their Kaizen Philosophy With Microsoft HoloLens

    Toyota expands the use of AR technology within its design and production departments. In business, a “kaizen” philosophy is the practice where all employees – from CEO to new employees – work together proactively for the continued improvement of how an organization is run from top to bottom in every function of the business. This

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  • The VR Job Hub: It’s all About Japan Time for something a little further away from home.
  • Get Samsung Odyssey+ For Just $299 Starting Today – 40% Off Black Friday Sale
    Get Samsung Odyssey+ For Just $299 Starting Today –  40% Off Black Friday Sale

    UPDATE: Microsoft Store USA is now price matching this deal

    Samsung is offering an incredible early Black Friday deal starting today — its Odyssey+ high end PC VR headset for just $299. This saves $200 (40%) from the regular $499 price. The deal applies only to customers in the United States.

    The Odyssey+ is a new refreshed version of the original Odyssey, which was Samsung’s first PC VR headset released in November of last year. The Odyssey+ launched last month, adding a new “anti screen door effect” technology to the OLED diplays, as well as ergonomic and weight improvements.

    The Odyssey+ is a PC VR headset that leverages Microsoft’s Windows MR platform built into Windows 10. This platform is the default experience for the headset and the Microsoft Store is the default store, but it also works with SteamVR by using Microsoft’s SteamVR drivers.

    The Odyssey+ has the same resolution as HTC Vive Pro, yet is significantly cheaper. The Vive Pro with base stations and controllers starts at $1,098. The main difference in these two headsets is the positional tracking technology. The HTC Vive Pro uses the SteamVR “Lighthouse” tracking system, whereas the Odyssey+ uses the two cameras on the front of the headset for “inside-out” tracking. Lighthouse generally provides better tracking quality with more tracked range for controller motion, but the Odyssey and Odyssey+ tracking requires no external hardware setup, making it less hassle and more portable.

    When we reviewed last year’s Odyssey we we impressed, concluding that it sits among the best VR headsets on the market. By some reports, the Odyssey+ is even better and at $299 it’s a steal. Remember, this headset can play most VR games on Steam.

    We haven’t seen a VR headset with this resolution ever reach a price this low. Samsung has not said when the offer will end.

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  • Something for the Weekend: PlayStation VR Black Friday EU Savings PlayStation Store started a week early on the discounts.
  • VR Can Help You Learn How to Drum

    The evolving role of VR in streaming, music, and the craft of percussion. It may seem like no surprise that music—in the form of creation tools, rhythm games, mind-bending visualizations, and virtual performance venues—have intersected with virtual reality (VR) in a large way. Rhythm game titles like Beat Saber and Audio Shield have adherents that

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  • Feed an Emotional Fish in Tender Claws’ First AR Game Tendar It's all about feeding a fish facial expressions - sort of.
  • Cyan Ventures Will Publish VR Narrative Game Zed
    Cyan Ventures Will Publish VR Narrative Game Zed

    Myst and Riven publisher Cyan has shifted into virtual reality games, and it is moving further in that direction as the publisher of an externally produced VR game dubbed Zed.

    The Spokane, Washington-based Cyan has started a new publishing label, Cyan Ventures, to launch games that can foster creative narratives in VR and publish new titles by indie developers. The game is targeted for the PC as well as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets in the spring of 2019

    The move is part of Cyan’s ambition to exploit the new medium of VR to make storytelling games more interactive and immersive.

    “Like with Myst, we know we are on the edge of something,” said Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, in an interview with GamesBeat. “VR has a magical feel, where it takes you to another place. It still feels like we need to push it forward. We are saying let’s take the ball and help define this medium.”

    Above: Zed is gathering memories for Charlotte.

    Image Credit: Eagre/Cyan

    Zed is from Eagre Games, which Chuck Carter leads. He is one of the world-building artists who contributed to Cyan’s early games, The Manhole and Myst. He was at Cyan in the early 1990s. He left to work at various publishers such as Activision and Electronic Arts.

    Carter worked on games such as Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm, Emperor: Battle for Dune, Command and Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge and Red Alert 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Snoopy Vs. Red Baron, and Pac-Man World Rally.

    About four years ago, he started his own company. He pivoted through some ideas and then began working on Zed. Eagre partnered with Sky Map Games in New Hampshire on Zed.

    “It is very much designed to work in VR, and the expertise we are getting from Cyan is a good fit,” said Carter, in an interview. “The journey has been a bit long. I tried with others, but felt Cyan was a much better fit and I am thrilled to be working with Rand again.”

    Miller said the experimental nature of Zed, and Carter’s focus on building an immersive 3D world, was interesting. The game will work on Windows PCs, but it is very much designed for VR, Carter said.

    “This is more than an indie game experience,” Miller said. “I love making worlds. This is what we do.”

    Above: Can you repair a crumbling memory in Zed?

    Image Credit: Eagre Games/Cyan

    Zed is the story of a man dying of dementia, desperately trying to reconnect broken memories to make a children’s book to leave behind for his yet unborn granddaughter, Charlotte. The experience is a blend of adventure game, narrative storytelling, moving sentiment, and fanciful world exploration.

    Zed will put the user into the jumbled geography of a man’s crumbling memory in hopes of assembling enough meaningful images to create a book as a loving memento and final legacy to be remembered by. (Eagre is creating an actual children’s book to go with the game).

    “We are trying to put you into the world and the mind of this man,” Carter said. “I don’t think we have seen anything like this in

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  • Sony Won’t Have a PlayStation Stand at E3 2019 This may have a heavy effect on VR at the event.
  • HTC Accepting Vive Wireless Adapter Returns From AMD Ryzen Owners
    HTC Accepting Vive Wireless Adapter Returns From AMD Rhyzen Owners

    A note from the HTC Vive team says the company will begin accepting returns for the Vive Wireless Adapter for “Ryzen-related” reasons.

    That means if you are a buyer who is experiencing problems with the adapter using it with AMD Ryzen processor inside their PC, you should probably check out the “customer return process” on the Vive website. Here’s the note:

    We have seen and are actively looking into multiple reports of Ryzen incompatibility with Vive Wireless Adapter. Our current data shows this is occurring with a subset of Ryzen-based PCs. Our investigation will take time as we are working with multiple component manufacturers to identify the root cause.

    We will update the community as we learn more.

    In the near term, we are updating our specifications to show that certain Ryzen PCs have a compatibility issue.

    In addition, starting, 11/19, our customer service agents will honor Ryzen-related returns from our retail partners and outside of typical return windows.


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  • Magic Leap Details Grant Program For Indie App Developers
    Magic Leap Details Grant Program For Indie App Developers

    Magic Leap outed its Magic Leap One Creator Edition augmented reality glasses in a big way last month at its Magic Leap L.E.A.P. conference in Los Angeles, and today the company is announcing details of its independent creator funding program.

    Rio Caraeff, chief content officer at Plantation, Florida-based Magic Leap, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the global Magic Leap Independent Creator Program will focus on independent developers who head teams that are less than 10 or 20 people.

    These individual creators can apply for project grants ranging in size from $20,000 to $500,000 per team during the next 30 days. Magic Leap will screen the applications and decide how much to give in terms of hardware, financial support, marketing, or development and engineering assistance.

    Above: Rio Caraeff is chief content officer at Magic Leap.

    Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

    “We are not asking for any exclusivity at all,” Caraeff said, echoing the theme that the company wants its platform to be diverse and open. “The only obligation is that they ship something to the Magic Leap World Store within a certain time frame.”

    Caraeff said he is not saying an exact number for how much the company will spend overall on the program. When pressed, he said it will be more than eight figures, or more than $10 million, on the cash contribution part of the program itself. That doesn’t include the other in-kind contributions.

    Developers have to articulate their pitch for an app that makes use of the uniqueness of the Magic Leap glasses, which can overlay digital animations and imagery on top of the real world.

    Above: Mica is a digital human demo for the Magic Leap One.

    Image Credit: Magic Leap

    “The criteria for being selected varies,” Caraeff said. “It’s about those ideas that emphasize what is unique about the platform. Factors will include originality, diversity, make up of the team, different industries and categories. We’d love to see game ideas but it’s about everything.”

    An internal review team will look at the pitches and decide. The first deadline is December 15, but Caraeff said they will hold subsequent “classes” for developers who aren’t in the first batch of approved projects.

    Above: Sennheiser and Magic Leap One

    Image Credit: Sennheiser

    Magic Leap needs the creativity of small developers and lone creators to come up with the new ways of using spatial computing that the bigger companies might never dream about.

    He said that games would be important to the platform, as they are on every successful new technology. Magic Leap created demos like the digital human, MICA, to inspire developers to shoot high. But it also wants to take in the feedback and designs that those developers can offer.

    This post by Dean Takahashi originally appeared on VentureBeat. 

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  • The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week Of 11/11/18
    The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week Of 11/11/18

    November, as a whole, is really shaping up to be a big month for new VR releases. There have been some solid new games and plenty of surprising new experience apps to try.

    If you’re playing catch up, you can check out last week’s list here and our full list of everything dropping in November right here.

    Crow: The Legend, from Baobab
    Price: Free (Rift, Go, Gear VR)

    Synopsis from our review:

    A lot of people talk about how VR is an empathy machine, but when the snow comes and you just made life harder for a bunch of cute little animals it can force you to feel not just for them but the seasons themselves. I found it so much fun to change the seasons, do you think that’s why the seasons change? I felt that question while wearing the headset, but it wasn’t until writing this article I figured out how to put it into words.

    Therein is the true magic of Crow: The Legend.

    Runes: The Forgotten Path, from StormBorn Studio
    Price: $24.99 (Rift, Vive, Windows VR)

    Were a fan of The Wizards? Then you’re probably gonna dig Runes: The Forgotten Path. Similarly, it’s a single-player magical action adventure game. One thing that sets Runes apart from other games of this type though is that it’s more heavily based on hand movements creating “runes” than others.

    You can read our old preview from mid-last year here.

    Age of Sail, from Google Spotlight Stories
    Price: Free (Rift, Vive)

    Synopsis from our review:

    Directed by Oscar-winner, John Kahrs, Age of Sail is a 12 minute VR short that you can see as a 2D movie or inside a mobile VR headset, but it’s best viewed via a Steam download on Rift and Vive. It’s a piece about the changing of the guard and finding a place for yourself in the new world, two topics that it explores with an on-the-nose metaphor and a touch of warming affection.

    Megalith Beta, from Disruptive Games
    Price: Free (PSVR)

    Megalith is now available for free in Open Beta for everyone with a PSVR. You can download it right now from the PSN Store. The beta period is expected to last for “a couple months” and will contain access to two of the five planned “Titans” or hero characters. Every week the rotation of access will change so that all Open Beta players have access to the same assortment at any given time.

    Read more in our our preview.

    Echo VR, from Ready at Dawn
    Price: $9.99 (Rift)

    Echo Combat provides a new twist on the zero-gravity gameplay first seen in Echo Arena and Lone Echo. You’ll take part in online battles in which you’ll seek to gun down other players as you throw yourself across arenas, protecting objectives and looking to destroy enemy targets.

    The game’s going to launch with an assortment of new maps and weapons. Oculus also revealed that it’s bumping team sizes from 3v3 to 4v4 and confirmed that the game will feature a new progression system in which you’ll gain experience in public matches to unlock new cosmetic customization options. Oculus says Ready At Dawn will continue to support the game

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